Has The Systematic Elimination Of Terrorism In Sri Lanka Begun In Some Inconceivable And Inadvertent Manner ?

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While the US led war against international terrorism continues unabated in Iraq and Afghanistan ironically the terrorist element in Sri Lanka the LTTE are afforded free passage to and from their hideouts and bunkers in the Wanni with Governnment approval and state modes of transportation also thrown in and continue their existence as though special privileges need to be accorded them whereas in the manner of JVP rationale they need to be sought out and destroyed beyong redemption with no chance to regroup whether idealogically or militarily as after all they are outlawed and proscribed terrorists (in whatever guise some see them as) and no international laws would be violated. In fact the world would be done a great favour by and Sri Lanka would be liberated from the menace which has plagued them for decades.

There is even a report that a 1200 km range light aircraft with bomb jettisoning capability and great manouverable versatility has been acquired by the LTTE and has been detected through infrared photography by Government Intelligence Sources and is grounded near an airstrip in the Killinochchi region, raising questions about not only how this aircraft got past the authoirities to reach its present location whether by land or air, but also whether or not the LTTE are making a mockery of Sri Lanka's defence capabilities if not by tangible means at least through innuendo laced rhetoric and playacting and their usual propaganda.

There are also very convincing speculations about the non-existence of LTTE leader Velupillai Pirapaharan and that there is a created theatrical double cleverly manipulated by the LTTE who is alleged to be doubling for the real leader in carrying out his tasks related to communications with the peace mediators Norway and that the real Pirapaharan is alleged to have been swept away by the Tsunami and if the credibilities of the source of this information, the once high ranking Col. Karuna of the breakaway LTTE are legit, the mainstream LTTE could be tantamount to a rudderless ship with its navigational capabilities in somewhat of a disarray! with greater surprises than this so called 'ambush' perhaps in store as there probably are deadly forces which probably map their every move fully aware that they would be acting in the cause of justice in carrying out the systematic elimination of the LTTE which has nothing to do with the Armed Forces committed and dedicated to their end of the bargain of the Ceasefire and Peace Accord.

So if The so called "well-planned "killing of one of the LTTE's most senior terrorists Kaushalyan has been carried out by whatever source, whether paramilitary or an internecine group of opponents , what would the consequences be to the prevailing ceasefire if the Sri Lankan Armed Forces have not been involved ?(there is no tangible evidence to substantiate their involvement while knowing their disciplined stance towards maintaining the ceasefire and the Leadership of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces has vehemently denied any involvement! his being an acceptable credibility!) There are rumblings from the LTTE camp that "since a Norway-sponsored ceasefire was signed three years ago, ( now in stalemate!) this is the first instance of what they concieve to be a violation of the ceasefire which they say " is bound to have serious consequences on the country's already fragile peace process." This is bold LTTE rhetoric in the face of all the violations of the ceasefire they themselves have openly committed with impunity and their concept of peace more suited to their own means rather than that of a Sovereign Nation.

LTTE's Kausalyan who headed the political wing of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Sri Lanka's Eastern districts of Batticaloa and Amparai has been killed Monday night, gunned down by unkown assailants while on his way in a van from the rebel stronghold Wanni to his own region, Batticaloa. Also killed instantly were two other LTTE members, identified by their nom de guerre Mathimaran and Kumanan. A. Chandra Nehru, a former Tamil MP, was seriously injured and died in a hospital. Two policemen escorting Nehru were wounded. It is reported that the area of Welikanda where this attack took place is an area known to be a hangout of Col. Karuna as the speculations about who might be behind the attack are rife.

The moral of the story however has to be the significance of why terrorism continues unabated in Sri Lanka when it is hounded, sought after and destroyed elsewhere on the planet and whether or not the rationality of eliminating the terrorist element from the face of Sri Lanka is contentious as the logic of it all points towards the merits of systematically eliminating the LTTE which is a fully armed unrelenting, separatist motivated band of dangerous terrorists by every concievable norm and that incidents such as these while exonerating the Armed Forces from involvement seems to be favourable to Sri Lanka and that a certain patriotic perspective must surely be envisaged both from a National and Tamil standpoint.

Hypothetcally at least, the importance of the Karuna factor is worth evaluating as being a Nation friendly entity by comparison with that of the mainstream LTTE, the former whose dispositions towards the Tamil people seems more humane and genteel and its leadership if carried by Karuna certainly meriting the status as their overall leader, particularly if the theorem of Pirapaharan's demise is accurate and a blessing in disguise as many within the Tamil Community also envision it.

There may be a significant turning of the tide towards the liberation of Sri Lanka from its terrorist element which ironically may have been initiated inadvertently or by a Divine Intervention when the Tsunami struck the Mullativu region and destroyed many important LTTE holdings there including, its leadership, bunkers equipment and personnel and if the internecine war between the rival factions of the LTTE aided by paramilitary support as part of this incident which the LTTE term loosely as an 'ambush' are combined contributing factors the LTTE should now start thinking seriously about the futility of further rhetoric or ambitions towards threatened aggression against the State or their aspirations towards an unimpeded existence as terrorists within Sri Lanka.
It certainly makes the more discerning minds wonder whether the systematic elimination of terrorism in Sri Lanka has begun in some in conceivable and inadvertant manner where the law of the jungle and the survival of the fittest may be the ultimate deciding factor !



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