"New Kid On The Block "
Mahinda Rajapakse The Better Choice
For President!

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In a short space of time Sri Lanka will have a newly elected President.The speculations are rife from many quarters about the identity of the new President where objectively and from a Nationalistic and Patriot standpoint it appears the choice would be Mahinda Rajapakse where his opposite number Ranil Wickremasinghe is probably poised to say his last hurrah!

The opinion polls cited towards the highly biased speculation of an unlikely Wickremasinghe win appears to be laced in propaganda and innuendo where no credibility can be given to the so called personal opinions of pro UNP foreign journalists who quote professionals and their impressions based on personal visits to areas of relative importance.They are neither professionally equipped nor qualified statisticians to draw conclusions accurately as to what the final outcome would be especially when the deductions are made on hearesay and individual opinions towards what the more discerning might term cheap sensationalism and rabble rousing! This is a far cry from a professionally conducted opinion poll!!

Quoting one such journalist who says " While surveys done by professional pollsters predict a close fight, if not a win for Ranil Wickremesinghe of the United National Party (UNP), personal visits to the field indicate decisive support for Mahinda Rajapaksa, the candidate of the ruling Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP)" the indications of confusion of this statement appear to be quite clear and no more than conjecture to which no statistical or numerical facts are attached!

The simplest equation involving the terms "Majority Buddhist Community" which dominates Sri Lanka as opposed to" minority communities" such as the Muslims, Christians and Indian Origin Tamils such as the writer himself, play out the end result spontaneously without much brain taxing towards the realisation that it will be the dominant Sinhala Buddhist vote which will eventually project Mahinda Rajapakse into Presidential Power and depose Ranil Wickremasinghe from his political platform perhaps never to surface again!

To those who care to dally with words such as 'Outback" to describe rural Sri Lanka it must be conveyed that their dispensation of terminology borders on simple ignorance as Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Matara and Kurunegala are a far cry from the barren wastes the term outback normally describes as those on the australian sub-continent and there is a sense of derogatory arrogance in the manner this term is used to describe populated and well coordinated communities with their own local governing bodies hence contentious! These are the very areas which will assure an "Apey Mahinda" Rajapakse victory and from a UNP propaganda standpoint the derision indicated by an alienated Ranil Wickremasinghe must be cross referenced towards objectives beyond accomplishment! the all elusive UNP victory perhaps and thei weakness in the past to uphold pledges.

The Nation has seen and constantly been dissapointed with the 'Strong campaigns on 'economic issues' alluded to indicative of pro- UNP propaganda.Strong campains perhaps which have on many occassions resulted in the blatant misappropriation of public funds and the "practical and workable solutions to all problems " an Everest which the UNP has never conquered effectively other than an incongruously delivered Peace Process and ceasefire now botched to the degree of needing concerted recussitation which in their terms cannot be accomplished without signing away the Sovereignity of Sri Lanka towards a secession involving the LTTE terrorists who do not even have recognition of being the overall representation of Sri Lankan Tamils despit the flowery terminology of the pundits who circumvent all definitions relating to Sri Lankan unitarity stemming from the enclaves of the UNP with hidden agendas perhaps!

On this issue alone Ranil Wickremesinghe has lost his credibilities with the Sinhala Buddhist Majority who interpret his moves as Pro - LTTE and says little or nothing by way of condemnation of the daily violations of the Ceasefire Agreement by the LTTE together with their continued attrocities of murder and mayhem now concealed in cowardly underhand guise.The anticipated collusion between Wickremesinghe and the LTTE which prevails in the minds of most alert and discerning Sinhalese opposed to Wickremasinghe's policies in the past seems the focal point in a manner very detrimental towards his chances of victory.

Mahinda Rajapaksa's promises to consider every aspect of public opinion before entering into any deal with the LTTE and his promise to address the LTTE leadership directly, without foreign intermediaries of dubious repute such as Norway appear to have won great admiration, respect and accollades from the general voting public of the Sinhala Nation, a surge which does not seem in any danger of being swayed by the present UNP rhetoric which appears not only monotonous but also conveys a sense of anxiety despite the propaganda machines which depict the contrary!

The common man's hopes, aspirations, fears and concerns very implicitly appear to be beyond the capacity of the UNP to deliver as has been the case for many years now, so what guarantees will there be that a verbally dispensed election manifesto will suddenly accomplish the near impossible, lending much credibility to the "New Kid On The Block" Mahinda Rajapakse who presents himself as a future leader of the Nation with a dedicated sense of Patriotism and an unbending will to preserve Sri Lanka's Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity on which basis the Presidential victory by rights should be his Fait Acompli!



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