On G.L.Peiris Advising The President About Issues Botched When His Party Was In Power, With No Real Mandate !

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While the concept of all party unity amongst the official political parties is an admirable one, it can only be viewed somewhat circumspectly and with suspicion the main opposition UNP's press release of yesterday expressing willingness to meet President Mahinda Rajapkse and discuss ways of extending its support to resolve the ethnic issue.

UNP frontliner G. L. Pieris, speaking during the debate on the President’s policy statement, in saying that opposition leader Ranil Wickremesinghe was keen to initiate a dialogue with the new president despite losing the November 17 polls sounds rather hollow considering Wickremasinghe’s current status of uncertainty within his own party and the credibilities of Prof.G.L.Peiris considering his track record indicative of his prevaricative and turncoat like mentality despite the high intellect he professes.

According to his recent statement to the media he has stated that quote un quote “The UNP leader made this pledge before the polls and still stands by his commitment,” Prof. Peiris said stressing that the peace process could not be taken forward without third-party mediation.

But perhaps time to say “Thank you very much Professor but no thanks as your involvement in Sri Lanka’s Peace Process and Ceasefire Agreement (unless in collaboration with the Presidents direction ) which was more than compounded and complicated when your consorts together with the former leader of Opposition handled it.

This ended up in a stalemate and entered an impasse which has not augured well for the Nation. Perhaps the new President has a better formula towards dealing with related issues without the constant meddling and negative interference you carry a reputation for together with vivid recollections of the conciliatory stance you and Mr.Wickremasinghe continued to take as far as the LTTE were concerned.

This is probably the main cause of the LTTE atrocities in the North and East!! the demise of one of Sri Lanka's beloved icons the late great Lakshman Kadirgamar and many other precious lost lives as a direct result of tragically and criminally imposed LTTE attrocities. As the latest killings of soldiers in the North of Sri Lanka which need to be stemmed perhaps through more stringent means than nursery rhymes!!

Without admitting to any liability Prof Peiris has boldy said that “We have embarked on a new phase in the conflict. There is no point continuing in the same structure with the process. Several changes have taken place in the South while the mindset of the LTTE has also changed. The international focus on the ethnic conflict has also changed especially after the Tsunami.

The Government must look at the success of peace initiatives around the world and use it as a guiding tool for Sri Lanka,” which the former Constitutional Affairs Minister has been quoted as saying unflinchingly but never seems to have touched on the stark realization that it is his former Prime Minister’s wayward policies with his direct advisories which has paved the path for all this, looking at the statistics and events which has led to the arrogant and mendacious attitude of the LTTE today and continue with impunity.

Peace initiatives around the world it must be said have been accomplished successfully with rational individuals who have laid down arms and trashed their separatist ideologies! not a bunch of murderous terrorists who continue their atrocities albeit presently in denial of responsibility while the world looks on in disbelief knowing fully well who the perpetrators are !

Indeed it would be unrealistic not to amend the ceasefire agreement unilaterally as there appears no question that the original agreement is a worthless document which the LTTE are prepared to tear to shreds judging by the rhetoric of SP Thamilselvam as well as that of Anton Balasingham despite their diverse opinions whch seem to point to a serious split in their rank and file.

Any amendment proposed by the President has to obliterate faulty areas and strengthening undoubtedly while weeding out undesirables such as Norway whose conflicts of interest are fast becoming obvious and those within the Nation who provided all the ammunition whether by way of ignorance or deliberate intent towards the LTTE’s high handed attitude which is continuing to plague the Nation today.

A direct result of the grave errors of the previous UNP Regime which has apparently provided Carte Blance for the LTTE’s unrelenting defiance of today!

What reservations should the government thereby exercise towards seeking alternatives towards correcting the grievous errors of the UNP before doing away with the existing ones ? seems a viable question needing to be asked in deference to Professor Peiris’ suggestion which sounds obtuse and incongruous taking into consideration the leeway the LTTE seem to have towards their continued atrocities in the North and East where 29 Armed Forces personel’s lives have been needlessly sacrificed!

Prof. Pieris, rather than urging the new President “not to be intimidated by labels where the new government should get the stalled peace process back on track. By initiating confidence building measures that meets the urgent needs of the people (Worthtless rhetoric in times of extreme provocation) should focus his attentions in collaboration with his former leader towards finding a more tangible means to quell the LTTE terrorists.

They have provided platforms for which may fall short of direct confrontation considering the implications but a measure the Sri Lankan Administration may have no ultimate choice towards if the LTTE are permitted any further inroads into the justification of their existence as terrorists!

Furthermore Messers. Peiris and Wickremasinghe should also be concerned about their own securities within their own political domain which appears somewhat shaky and unstable and hardly a time to be pontificating to a New President who appears to have more inventive and revolutionary ideas towards resolving Sri Lanka’s woes by comparison with their own botched and feeble attempts which are now being acknowledged even by the LTTE!

It could easily also be misconstrued as a means towards securing their own political futures which seem to be in the balance at the present time!



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