Former US Ambassador Teresita Schaffer Playing The Role Of LTTE (Terrorist)Sympathiser ?

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The exclusive interview given to Asian Tribune, by the former United States Ambassador to Sri Lanka Teresita Schaffer, presently the Director of the South Asia Program at the Washington think tank, Center for Strategic and International Studies, advocates that Sri Lanka’s Tamil rebel group Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) should be made a legal entity to make it an equal partner with the Government of Sri Lanka to facilitate the re-opening of the stalled peace talks to bring a viable solution to Sri Lankan crisis. In fact it must be pointed out that in case she does not realise it, Mme.Schaffer appears to be talking through her hat while displaying a blatant double standard on terrorism where her own country the USA is hell bent on running down and destroying terrorists all over the globe and here she is, obnoxiously making statements about the merits of giving an equal footing to a group the world's experts on terrorism considers being as dangerous as Al Quaeda so what exactly is the point she is trying to make and where is she coming from?

There seems to be a puerile ring to Schaffer's logic here as she joins the bandwagon of LTTE sympathisers such as Norway and a few other reprobates on the issue of global terrorism and probably needs to be reprimanded and reminded that she is not only taking an irresponsible stand on the said issue but also making a mockery of the USA's policies on global terrorism about an organization whose track record is probably only second to Al Quaeda and Osama Bin Laden as mentioned before, if the matter was put into perspective in a relative sense! Despite the LTTE’s refusal to accept the call of the international community to decommission weapons, abandon its terrorist agenda in order to transform itself into a democratic movement, former ambassador Schaffer has had the affront to symbolise the merits of the LTTE by calling for their recognition on an equal footing with the Government of Sri Lanka in a somewhat apathetic and ignorant display of words typical of American Bourgeoisie at times.

Somewhat ironically this individual, once a former US ambassador to Sri Lanka who even during this capacity of hers could not keep her nose out of Sri Lanka's internal affairs quite in deference to her diplomatic duties far removed from the concept of diplomacy, is described as "someone whose counsel is still sought by senior US State Department officials on volatile issues in South Asia and whose research on South Asia undoubtedly a helping tool for the Department officials to get an in-depth analysis of the region’s trends and developments" indicated at the interview, and perhaps lays bare the reason and the capacityof USA's dismal failure towards truly containing the terrorist element in this region in addition to the botched up operations in Iraq and Afghanistan perhaps ho as far as Vietnam to name a few key areas of mismanaged American Foreign Policy. Leaning towards this individual for advice perhaps a glaring example of the USA utilising the facilitations of what many term blind counselling by a devils advocate towards the resolution of issues beyond their scope and beyond compounding the issue further Mme .Schaffer would be well advised to refrain from dipping paws into a jar of cookies from which she may not be able to retreive them and regret her hastily conceived panacea towards Sri Lanka's woes!

Somewhat in another form of contradictary dialogue Schaffer it reported has pointed out that the Government of Sri Lanka has been engaged in talks with the LTTE because they recognized that this is the only organization that can prevent any solution from happening.What his alleged solution is unclear together with her sentiments expressed that she was also unhappy about leaving other democratic Tamil parties behind in the process seems somewhat confusing towards rationality. Perhaps she needs a bit of educating on the semantics of LTTE dogma which proclaims that they and no other Tamil entities by their decree will be permitted to any administratyive access towards controlling their own destiny and the manner in which the LTTE have forcibly and at times under the threat of death, autocratically coerced the other Tamil parties into intimidation and their acceptance of the LTTE as representation when the fact of the matter is far rmoved from reality and that there are many Tamils who despise their very existence as they somewhat intelligently by comparison with Mme.Schaffer's rhetoric recognize the evils that the LTTE represent!

Mme.Shaffer has expressed a personal opinion that the Tamils of Sri Lanka have had a raw deal to quote her own words but the fact of the matter again is that the Tamils of Sri Lanka have been very well looked after and respected by all the administrations since independence from the British where their sectarian mentality alone has brought about their own chagrin.Many fears of the Tamils who are a visible moinority in Sri Lanka going back to many decades of conflict championed by the LTTE were self created as they did not have the capacity to live harmoniously with the majority Sinhalese after the seeds of dissent were planted in their minds by unscrupulous politicians and power hungry terrorists who eventually had to face the wrath of the Sinhala population as the rebellious Tamils, (rebels without a cause!) tended to be of an overly arrogant and vicious nature in their attempt to to overwhelm the majority Sinhalese who would not stand for it and paid the price of the simple equation majority over minority which is more of a human issue! American Native Indian over the white settlers may be a case in point while not being condoned! nor comparisons made towards the terrorist nature of the LTTE who do not even come close to the decorum and resilience of the native American from whose idealogies towards harmony a leaf may be borrowed towards the posterity of the Tamils in Sri Lanka hypothetically!

Subsequently the related issues became complex beyond measure as the armed insurrections of the LTTE plagued the nation for decades and the exodus of Tamils from their Sri lanka homeland began, an exodus which eventually augmented greater problems for the Sri Lankan Government as Tamil diaspora began further arming and financing their terrorist champions the LTTE in Sri Lanka and the rest is history.
What Mme Schaffer realistically should be calling for is a serious de-commissioning of weapons, the relinquishing of separatist idealogies by the LTTE and the futile propaganda they continue to spew that they are the sole representatives of the Sri Lankan Tamils which is false and unfounded and if she had the nerve to should also take a serious stand on bring the murderers of Indian Prime Minister Rajive Gandhi (the LTTE and their Leaders) to justice, for lack of better things to do in in her capacity as 'Specialist Advisor on volatile issues in South Asia' rather than portraying herself as someone concerned about the well being of the LTTE who are none but a dastardly bunchof terrorists who need to be subjugated, put behind bars , brought to justice or totally eliminated as long as they choose to remain condemned and outlawed terrorists continuing to cause much distress to the Sovereign Nation of Sri lanka! Theirs is an unwelcome presence as the saying goes!

The LTTE have been given more than ample opportunities to come clean over their terrorist image and have rejected them categorically while pretending to go along with a flimsily devised Peace Process and Ceasefire which they have used as a smokescreen to continue their attrocities even surreptitiously which is something Mme Schaffer needs to come to terms with rather than viewing myopically what she terms 'a granting of recognition to the LTTE 'where a call towards dismantling them might be more fortuituous towards her reputation and her responses towards the well being of Sri Lanka which appears to be stretching threadbare in the eyes of many discerning people all over the world as a' terrorist sympathiser!!'

One might wonder if the recently assassinated and much loved Hon. Lakshman Kadirgamar might already be turning in his grave over such irresponsible assertions about the group of killers who took his life!




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