Japanese Special Envoy Akhashi's Comments About The Ceasefire Being 'Poisoned' , Contentious And Unwelcome!

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The Japanese special envoy to Sri Lanka Yashushi Akhashi has been quoted as saying that" Tthe killings this week of a senior rebel leader and his colleagues had 'poisoned' the ceasefire in the island nation and what exactly this statement short of being idle prattle with no relevance to the ceasefire whatsoever unless there is an insinuation of Government involvement appears totally irresponsible where the Japanese envoy should have known better towards controlling what seems to be his personal sentiments against the Government of Sri Lanka rather than an official Japanese viewpoint.How the envoy arrived at a conclusion suggesting the 'poisoning' of the ceasefire due to what has been admitted as a deliberately carried out internecine attack by the LTTE's rival faction led by Col.Karuna seems somewhat difficult to comprehend as the ceasefire is a an agreement between the Government of Sri Lanka and the mainstream terrorists of the LTTE which has held for almost 3 years now and perhaps the Japanese envoy needs a bit of education on the semantics of what the Ceasefire and Peace Process are by definition and who is involved!

Is Japan by some inconceivable perspective attempting to meddle in the internal affairs of Sri Lanka with no invitation to do so asks many discerning political analysts? and what was Japan's urgency to hold talks in Batticaloa with the terrorists of the Prabhakaranless LTTE where there seems to be a resurgence of a familiar pattern once initiated by the Norwegian Peace Monitors who have now receded into the shadows as much as the Tsunami has into the Indian Ocean. Unfortunately for all concerned at a high administrative level this appears to be a unilateral and unwelcome move by Japan at a very inauspicious time where diplomatic protocols appear to have been jettissoned to be replaced by their own misguided barnstorming into Sri Lanka's Peace Process with hardly an official invitation and perhaps viewing their pledges of foreign aid as justification towards their irresponsible dabbling! A contentiousness on the part of Japan which probably needs objections from the Sri Lankan Government or at least a demand for a clarification of what the envoy was realy suggesting! It seems quite a common place scenario that some foreign invitees into Sri often overstep their bounds and objectives of their presence and adopt a high handed attitude which they probably justify as part of their responsibility in trying to help in Sri Lanka's peace whereas in reality they are merely compounding it in providing platforms of encouragement to the internationally outlawed LTTE who in turn take advantage of the indiscretions of their foreign sympathisers by way of their uninvited comments exemplified by nations such as Norway and Japan in attempting to justify their existence beyond their terrorist identity which they have no legal right to from a broader international perspective!

If the Japanese envoy has in any way hinted that the recent killing of LTTE terrorist representative E Kaushalyan and members of his entourage at Welikanda suggests Government backing and involvement, this despite unequivocal statements to the contrary by the Government of Sri Lanka, Mr Akhashi would have been better off defering or re-phrasing his comments that the killing of Kaushalyan has poisoned the ceasefire atmosphere of Sri lanka. Kaushalyan was reputed to have been a man who lived by the gun and was by no means a peaceful emissary who had given up the darker terrorist mentality of the LTTE despite being a 'Political Representative' whatever that amounts to and the comments of the Japanese special envoy hence symbolic of a bi - partisan leaning towards the LTTE with familiar connotations applicable also to Norway who have a notoriety towards comments of a similar nature in sympathy of the LTTE if the interpretations and the reading between the lines are done accordingly!

The world per se while being very much aware of the theatrics of the LTTE and their cooked up protestations about the Sri Lankan Government's neglect and inadequacies of post Tsunami aid distributions towards LTTE inhabited areas in the North and East of Sri Lanka( an exaggeration with much innuendo at best considering the international accolades pouring in on the Government effort) has been suddenly been made more aware of the direction in which nations such as Norway and now Japan by this latest uncalled for comments by the Japanese envoy seem to be headed and somewhat of a slur towards their objectives and motivations which have no place in post Tsunami Sri Lanka.

While they are entitled to their confabs with the LTTE terrorists in the Wanni and temporarily sequestered areas of LTTE control whose future at present seems somewhat bleak given the expected considerations and their disrupted means despite the grand show of pretence currently being staged where it is alleged that even their projected leader is a dupe ! and a theatrical double!.

Nations such as Japan, Norway and any other aspiring LTTE sympathisers should at best realise that their's is a wasted effort if they believe that the path to real peace or whatever their agenda in Sri Lanka might be! is by palavering to the whims and fancies of whatever is left of the mainstream LTTE whose days are probably numbered!



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