Canadian Prime Minister The Hon. Mr.Paul Martin Has Set A Great Example For The rest Of The World Leaders!!

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Sense and sensibility is truly a Canadian hallmark when it comes to International politics and has prevailed as Canadian Prime Minister The Hon. Paul Martin in some hindsight has called off his expressed intention to visit LTTE inhabited areas in the North and East Of Sri Lanka during his forthcoming visit there in order to avoid what many see as the embarrassment involving Sri Lankan Diplomatic pressure and a possible refusal of permission to visit these area. Many in the International Community and the Administration of Sri Lanka representing its majority Sinhalese community together with many other moderates in the ethnic groups represented by Tamils and Muslims etc. of Sri Lanka have breathed a sigh of relief that diplomacy on the part of Canada has prevailed but in retrospect perhaps never in doubt!

Just yesterday in parts of Canada there were angry exhortations by pro LTTE Tamil Leaders bold enough to utter statements over the broadcast media which suggested someahet ludicrously that Canada should waive off courtesies to Political and Diplomatic norms and contradict the will of the Sri Lankan Government if necessary in order to visit LTTE areas and have been deservedly snubbed by Mr. Martin's decision and hopefully would have learned a lesson in International Diplomacy that great leaders from great nations do not necessarily bow down to cheap rhetoric and obtuse reasoning despite the intensity of the pressure applied and there was indeed, truly a great deal of pressure by the Tamil Diaspora in Canada which Mr Martin has stood upto most admirably despite speculations to the contrary.

While the magnanimity of Mr Martin's gesture to visit Sri Lanka is greatly acknowledged when leaders from countries such as the USA, UK, France, Russia and even India and Pakistan have only sent their representatives there are many who wonder about the feasibility of purpose of such a visit especially when it has coincided with incident such as that involving the LTTE but has to be dispelled as coincidental and that his intentions have been based on genuine concern for the Tsunami Victims of Sri Lanka. Much gratitude must be shown to the great nation of Canada whose overall pledges of aid have now reached well over $ 450 million and has even surpassed that of the richest nation in the world described by some critics as stingy and tight fisted where the overall accollades are certainly deserving by Canada!

Somehow the LTTE and their supporters fail to accept and acknowledge the stark reality of the equation which the leaders and analysts of most rational nations seem to recognize where Canada also perhaps needs better cognizance of the reality that the LTTE are a proscribed group of internationally condemned unrelenting terrorists who have not given up their idealogies towards breaking up the Sovereign Democratic Nation of Sri Lanka where even in the midst of the disaster which has befallen most of their areas they are currently reported to be recruiting cadre and rebuilding their war chest. It has been alleged by many discerning investigative sources that their recently formed TRO or Tamil Relief Organization is a front which has been set in place for just this nefarious purpose and circumventing by far the real need for disaster relief for the hard hit and a wretched offering on their part if true! There are disaster affected Tamils who fear returning to their residences and local areas as they believe they could be intimidated, victimised and that their children snatched by the LTTE.There are also accusations that the TNA Tamil National Alliance, the LTTE's Parliamentary proxy is in collusion with the TRO and consequently the LTTE, towards their nefarious means which the Government of Sri Lanka is perfectly justified in thwarting and disrupting.

The excuse by Tamil Tiger supportive spokespersons that aid is being deliberately restricted to Tamil Areas affected by the Tsunami is a mere concoction of the real facts as the President of Sri Lanka together with the Armed Forces and vast multitudes of both national and international staff have worked tirelessly towards the cause and have been acknowledged by many foreign observers and volunteers including the Red Cross who have praised the efforts of the Administration in co-ordinating the relief effort admirably and utilising the Foreign Aid fairly and equitably with no bias, prejudice or restrictions!

Canada's Mr Paul Martin has expressed a desire to see for himself that there is no barrier to the delivery of aid to Tamil-controlled areas together with lending his moral support to all the affected areas and their victims manned by Canadian equipment, funds and manpower which truly is a wonderful gesture on his part and an example which in all probabilities needs to be picked up by the rest of the world leaders who seem to have shrugged off the responsibility while attributing the inability towards greater priorities but what greater priority can there be? one asks, than a world disaster of such proportions where the overall death toll could yet reach half a million people.
Mr Martin in this sense is a giant of magnanimity and Canada's response truly remarkable within the appropriate framework unbending to terrorist wills and ill concieved idealogies and in keeping with free world accords. Perhaps it is time also that Canada recognized the mendacious means of the LTTE officially and joined the rest of the world in full acceptance of this rationale where at present Canada's response is somewhat half hearted and lukewarm!

The LTTE tr must also be remembered were on the brink of returning to aggression and armed insurrection if their pre Tsunami rhetoric was to be taken for face value where at present their resources have been greatly depleted and their leader gone missing! by what is thought by many to be a divine intervention but at a heavy price for the rest of the innocent victims now blessed by Canada's sympathies together with that of a greatly compassionate world !



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