Some Reflections On Canadian Prime Minister's Visit To Sri Lanka

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Undoubtedly Canada has come forward with a magnificient relief effort towards the Tsunami devastations both monetarily and otherwise and Sri Lanka in particular has benefited from all of these although there can be no distractions from the reality that the current visit from the Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin and his entourage which includes the controversial NDP leader Jack Layton could be somewhat circumspect towards motives which might even be deemed ulterior and not condescending towards the well being of the majority Sinhalese.

Both Martin and Layton are suspected to be known Tamil sympathisers, the former having participated in LTTE Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam fronted fund raising events in Toronto Canada while Finance Minister in the John Chretien Cabinet together with cabinet colleague Maria Minna who was later fired from her job and the latter having compared LTTE terrorist leader Velupillai Prabhakaran (Pirapaharan) to South African leader and nobel laureate Nelson Mandela at the Tamil Heroes Day Rally in Toronto in late 2004 and both these individuals need to be viewed with a fair amount of curiosity as to the real purpose of their visit.

Given the fact that there are over 200,000 Tamils residing in Canada today mostly in Toronto and Montreal, all or most of whom are strong Liberal supportives whose political support could be interpreted by the more discerning as vital to the political stability of the Liberal Government already in a minority, and that there has been tremendous pressure on the Prime Minister from the pro LTTE Tamils in Canada towards visiting LTTE areas in Sri Lanka, it leavess neither conjecture nor speculation as to the real intent of the present Canadian visit.To appease Mr.Martin's Tamil constituents perhaps and further fact finding for Jack Layton's adulation of Prabhakaran?

To support this argument there is also the blatant intransigence on Canada's part not to criminalise the LTTE in the manner of the USA, UK , India and other leading nations which have done so unequivocally where Canada has made a mere token gesture in banning LTTE fund raising activities and show leanings of sympathy towards many Tamil individuals in Canada some who have been indicted for criminal activity yet never deported in keeping with Canadian Statutes where sometimes even the immigration statutes are softened to accommodate them on the flimsy grounds that they might be subject to persecution if deported and the sublime unmitigated sympathy constantly extended towards the Tamils of Sri Lanka despite their backgrounds and shady pasts in some cases quite perplexing yet understandable given the motivations attributed by many analysts .

One can but observe in a somewhat humorous perspective also, the manner in which it has been reported that Mr Martin has confronted the Tamil representatives whom he has met already,( not officially subject to Goverment approval despite a tolerance of protocol circumventing perhaps) regarding the many child recruitments and utilising relief aid towards terrorist objectives and has been met with assurances that there are no child conscriptions nor misappropriation of aid taking place which is far removed from the truth as these reports have been authenticated by verifiable sources and any denials unacceptable yet the world at large will probably be compelled to applaud the Canadian Prime Ministers effort which in reality would have been to little avail knowing the hard core mentality of the LTTE as the curtain falls on the visit which has established merely that Canadian Relief Efforts are alive and well in Tamil Areas and not much elsewhere and perhaps not really needed !which nonetheless does not augur well for the sincerity of the effort if it happens to be partisan and filled with bias towards the Tamils which seems to have been the specific objective behind the Tamil Lobby lobby prior to Mr. Martin's departure and now apparently a successful one!

Mr Martin's visit despite anticipated merits and attributes of benevolence has been evaluated in the simplest of terms as reported in the Canadian Globe and Mail by Canadian Conservative Opposition Member of Parliament Kevin Sorenson in Ottawa Canada who has expressed in all wisdom that quote " The Tamil Tigers should be banned in Canada and that Mr. Martin is wrong to meet with the group's allies. If he is meeting with people who are sympathetic to the Tamil Tigers' cause, then it lends credibility to an organization that should be on our terrorist-entity list," Mr. Sorenson said, accusing the group of supporting suicide bombings.The Tamil question is a touchy one for Mr. Martin, given the large number of Tamils who live in Liberal-held ridings in Toronto. He has however rejected an invitation from community members to visit sections of Sri Lanka controlled by Tamils." end quote where the final sentance illustrates perhaps the tokenness of his visit and a pointer towards the realities involved and outlined as follows:

Token presentation 1.
Prime Minister Paul Martin meets today with two Tamil politicians who were refused entry into Canada last year because of a risk they would collect money on behalf of a militant separatist group.
Token presentation2.

Mr. Martin will meet the individuals, part of a Tamil four-person delegation in Sri Lanka's capital today. He wants to grill them over allegations that the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam — known as the Tamil Tigers — are recruiting child survivors from the Asian tsunami to fight in Sri Lanka's civil conflict. He also wants assurances that Tamil groups are not blocking aid for victims.

The Final analysis seems to indicate that as Mr. Martin presses his case, he could find that the Tamils are pushing their own. He will meet with a senior official of the Tamil Rehabilitation Organization that has been lobbying for but hardly unsuccessful in achieving recognition towards charitable status. Canada has indicated that by their contention the group TRO is too close to the Tigers and are a fund raising organization towards their now depleted insurgent means!

So does all of this leave the Canadian visit somewhat of a Royal Canadian Air Farce akin to one of Canada's highly rated comedy programmes?



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