There's Great Wisdom In The Words Of The Ven.Athureliye Rathna Thera.

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There should be no qualms whatsoever for any patriotic minded Sri Lankan to project their admiration and utmost respect towards recognizing the courage, sincerity and stoic determination towards getting a simple home truth across to all Sri Lankan Political Head Honchos by a member of the respected Buddhist Clergy represented in Parliament that the LTTE have neither a mandate nor the wherewithal to demand any rights to recognition in the decisions affecting what has come to be recognized somewhat infamously now with all the related harranguing as the Joint Mechanism For Tsunami relief.

With no mincing of words the Ven. Athuraliye Rathana Thera, leader of the JHU Parliamentary group has forthwith demanded that the LTTE remove all barriers it has placed in the North and East to make it possible for foreign aid workers to carry out Tsunami reconstruction work, so that the LTTE's bonafides can be established towards any legitimacies they may demand towards recognition as part of the Sri Lankan ethnic mosaic . Short of ridiculing the Tamil Tigers (Wanni Edition), he has pellucidated the importance relative to all donor countries and NGO's financing Sri Lanka's Tsunami reconstruction programs, in confronting the LTTE to dismantle all their insurgent operations distasteful to Sovereign Sri Lanka, and end their ambitions towards secession in any form, rather than indulge in their prurient and somewhat futile attempts to intimidate the Sri Lankan Government to consent to a joint mechanism which would cater to their separatist objectives.

One can only respond with great pride borne of a sense of love for one's traditional homeland towards recognizing the realities of the Ven Thera's brilliant deposition as quoted that "The LTTE is a terrorist organisation and that doesn't even begin to describe them. It is an organisation that has absolutely no regard for human rights or for the practice of democracy. In the pursuit of its political objectives, which include the seizure of the traditional homelands of our people, the LTTE has methodically ethnically cleansed the areas under its control of Sinhalese and Muslims. It has massacred even Tamil parties and groups that have dared show dissent. The LTTE, in contravention of all international norms, abducts and forces them into military service." end quote which must surely point towards the hindsight required to resolve the gung ho attitude of the President of Sri Lanka if she continues to entertain the thought of unilaterally waving olive branches at the LTTE in the fervent hope for a lasting peace.

It is an unconcealable reality which has even gained global attentione that despite the signing of a Peace Accord and Ceasefire the LTTE have time and time again violated the conditions governing the signing, at times flagrantly so and seem to view all ceasefire agreements and negotiations as a prop towards their insurgent needs as they surreptitiously fortify their terrorist resources.

Further quoting the Ven. Athureliye Rathna Thera towards endorsing what has been common knowledge by all concerned both in a Military and Administrative capacity, he has emphasized realistically that " The LTTE have violated many times over, the ceasefire agreements currently and purportedly "in force" and has turned their backs on the Oslo Declaration. They have even channelled the assistance provided to areas affected by the Tsunami to their political and military purposes, so much so that they are now in possession of air-strike capacity. Not a day passes without news of one or more unarmed civilians being either harassed, threatened, kidnapped or murdered by the LTTE" end quote and once again the truism of the quote emphatically undeniable.

Unquestionably the argument against the wisdom of entering into a Joint Mechanism with a Terrorist Organization surfaces visibly as perplexingly the LTTE have been given much leeway towards their existence as a terror group by recent Administrations and appear to be the only privileged terror group in the world accorded such a luxury considering their status as terrorists.They are undisputably a terror group which has not renounced terrorism and many comparisons could be made rationally that a deal with the LTTE at this point would be comparable to a deal with Al-Queda terrorist leader Al Sharkawi to rebuild Iraq, as the analogy drawn by the Ven. Thera which needs assimilation as words of wisdom by the minds of those who are probably contemplating the inadvertent provision of an operating platform to the mendacious guiles of the LTTE.

Given all the verifiable statistics and the glaring evidence which points towards the insincerities of the LTTE hell bent on their own survival, it is little wonder that patriotic Sinhala Politicians such as those within the JVP are vehemently opposed to the Joint Mechanism and all praise to the worthy dialogue of the likes of the Ven.Athureliye Rathna Thera whose contribution towards the preservation of Sri Lanka's integrity are immeasurable in value as it expresses the unfettered love for one's home and native land threatened by an insurgency whether active or dormant as the case may be which in all likelihood needs to be erased from the map of any recognition towards the best interests of Sri Lanka!

The dispensations of aid to the Tsunami Victims surely needs no leg up or helping hand by terrorists who would be best advised to transform themselves into law abiding citizens of the land or else face the long arm of justice while those in charge of the distribution of aid need to be facilitated and the unhampered means provided toward alleviating the sufferings of the victims which is the prime responsibility of the Administration post haste!!

It might not necessarily be the path to a lasting peace involving the LTTE whose opportunistic ambitions may further aggravate an already aggravated populace in areas comandeered illegally by them in the North and East of Sri Lanka where palavering to them would only convey to them a false sense of security which they have absolutely no right to in their present guise! But it would certainly render a semblance of hope for the hapless victims of the devastating Tsunami whose very existences have been torn apart and are hardly deserving to be caught in a worthless crossfire of bureaucratic decision making involving the Administration of Sovereign Sri Lanka and a bunch of worthless terrorists!



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