Dr. Subramaniam Swamy 's Admonishments To India And Sri Lanka For Soft Pedalling With The LTTE, Praiseworthy!

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It is indeed very gratifying and comforting for the true patriots in Sri Lanka to be aware of individuals such as Dr.Subramaniam Swamy, Janatha Party President and a former Indian Minister of Justice who has had the courage to stand up and blast the Governments of Sri Lanka and India for permitting the killings of Laksman Kadirgamar and Rajiv Gandhi go unpunished.

He urged that the killings have to be retaliated to in the very language the terrorists understand and food for thought surely for the law enforcement agencies of both countries to compensate even in some small measure for the losses even at this late stage by going after the terrorists with no holds barred.

It has become universally known now Sri Lanka’s Foreign Minister Lakshman Kadirgamar was killed because he was perceived as a pro-India and a Tamil who did not care for the threats of the LTTE and that Rajive Gandhi too suffered a similar fate as he did not dance to the tunes of covert LTTE approaches which he rejected and scorned upon.

The fearless eloquence of the Indian Janatha party Leader also stated unequivocally that the perpetrators of these heinous crimes need to be brought to justice by resolve and without ambivalence which sends out a loud and clear message to both India and Sri Lanka that there can be no more dilly dallying on the issue. A message which probably has the cohorts of the LTTE trembling in fear and anticipation as to what fate might await them now!

Coincidentally and somewhat rapidly LTTE spokesperson S.P.Thamilchelvam has responded with an LTTE message which could be interpreted as an aftermath in contrition delivered in a soft pedalling and contrite tone of voice that the LTTE are not looking for a separatist war any longer and whether this is fallout from the LTTE camp in fear of reprisals from a joint Indian -Sri Lankan collaboration to oust them is hard to anticipate.

Although the makings of apprehension seem to accompany Thamilselvam's declaration which however is not a signal which the Authorities can be placated with anymore if Dr. Swamy's words of wisdom have a greater influence emphasizing the issue at hand that the terrorists have to be responded to with their own language and the only one they are bound to understand!! Not with olive branches or betel leaves!

In an admonishment that surprised many Government sources too tongue tied to respond due to the sagacity of Dr. Swamy's evaluation, he critically acclaimed that " It is a shame that the Sri Lankan government has already begun to waver and wobble after some routine condemnation of the assassination of Dr.Kadirgamar.

The Government spokesperson has declared that despite the assassination of Sri Lanka's Foreign Minister, peace talks with the LTTE will continue!”. Consequently Dr. Subramanian Swamy who was highly critical of this statement has questioned with aplomb and in a clinically accurate manner laced in sarcasm whether the Sri Lankans were suffering from "Stockholm Disease" or the "Norway Stupor"?”while reminding the Sri Lankan Authorities that Dr. Kadiragamar was a Minister and a Tamil, and yet the LTTE has killed him.” He asked “What kind of Chamberlainian "peace at hand” capitulation is the Sri Lankan Government thinking of this time ?”

Synonymously endorsing an idealogy not far removed from the truth Dr.Swamy has continued to say in his press release from the USA where he is a visiting professor at Harvard University, Massachussets that It is India which today has a special responsibility to fix for good and permanently the LTTE,” and added, “The LTTE supremo V. Prabhakaran and his deputy Pottu Amman are proclaimed offenders and wanted under Indian criminal law for the murder of Rajiv Gandhi.”

Curiously, these two individuals, it must be noted, have dissapeared from LTTE public performances after the Tsunami! where a theatrical double for the former appears to have surfaced after lavish funeral ceremonies reserved for LTTE dignitaries were observed in Killinochch i and S.P Thamilselvam is now anchoring their propaganda desk!

Furthermore Dr. Subramanian Swamy has cast doubts on the reliability of the Sri Lanka towards the task where he has said compellingly that the capabilities of the Sri Lankan Government towards arresting Prabkaran where incompetent.

He has said that The Indian Government cannot rely on the Sri Lankan government to apprehend Prabhakaran and his gang, since Madame President and her Ministers are in a surrender mode.” Dr. Swamy suggested, perhaps tongue in cheek despite its significance that“India must therefore consult Israel and the US, and send a commando team to search for these LTTE terrorists and bring them to justice.” which despite the satire must bring to bear a degree of credibility towards its effectivity given the incapacities or hesitancies, whatever the case may be of the Sri Lankan authorities to go it alone!

The Nation of Sri Lanka while saluting Dr. Subramaniam Swamy must gain tremendous confidence from the courage of this outspoken Indian leader who has stated his case before a world audience which is unprepared to let international terrorism overcome freedom loving democracies and has perhaps sounded the death knell for the insignificant criminalities of the LTTE which have stirred further condemnation towards their continued existence! It is indeed a much needed shot in the arm for the flagging confidences of anyone who beleives that terrorism cannot be beaten!



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