Norway Needs To Be Given Marching Orders Synonymously With Reading The Riot Act To The LTTE!

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It seems incongruous and shameless that Sri Lanka has asked peacebroker Norway to get the LTTE Tamil rebels to accept new measures to safeguard a ceasefire threatened by the assassination of the Island's Foreign Minister to put into perspective what Sri Lankan official sources are purported as having said yesterday.

These are the very criminals who perpetrated the heinous and dastardly crime which falls into the category of a unpardonable crime against humanity and the Government is already soft pedalling on the responsibility of bringing to justice the criminals and talking about negotiated measures.

Perhaps the direction of the Sri Lankan Government should be to instruct Norwegian Foreign Minister Jan Petersen to collect together his motley band of supportives of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and clear the country for good rather than indulge in the wasteful re-negotiation of the Oslo-brokered truce to the tune of what sounds ludicrous in terminology "to agree to sterner sanctions for ceasefire violations".

It is fair knowledge that the Norwegians in particular have caused more harm than good according to many discerning military and political analysts and are no more than a functioning arm of the LTTE where it would be good riddance to drive them out of the country for good!

There seems a near suicidal tendency involved when aligning one's thoughts to the latest governmental attitude which wants the ceasefire re-negotiated to give more powers to the monitoring mission.

They can impose sanctions when there is always the risk that a pro LTTE biased group such as themselves could easily contribute towards uplifting the morale of the LTTE and sending them the wrong signals rather than despatching them as they rightfully deserve towards oblivion..

The Norwegians being covert supportives of the LTTE cause which any blindfolded imbecile can now visualize given their modus operandi in the past and the many conflicts of interest they are immersed in with respect to the Tamil community domiciled in Norway which by itself is a burning issue with the Norwegians and recently exposed by a representative in the Norwegian Parliament!

In this respect the Government of Sri Lanka exhibits a degree of blinkered apathy when they cling to the insignificant belief that Norway is the ' be all and end all ' towards resolving Sri Lanka's woes relative to the LTTE insurgents. When their pro-LTTE leanings have been openely observed and documented for the past several years and have never induced nor persuaded the LTTE from changing their attitude towards merging into mainstream Sri Lankan society in a perspective conducive towards the well being of the Nation.

It seems apalling that the Government of Sri Lanka fails to perceive the connivances taking place between the dubious minded and forked tongued Anton Balasingham who prevaricates on his dialogue periodically always pointing towards his real objectives of securing a separate state through whatever means available cleverly smokescreened through rhetoric , and Norway's emmissary Petersen and colleagues whose latest round of meetings can only suggest a further wastage of time in getting to the real objective of Sri Lanka being cleansed of its terrorist scourge.

When many outspoken Britishers as high ranking as some in Parliament speak out against the presence of Anton Balasingham and the right to his existence in the UK, being a known collaborator of the terrorists the LTTE and their impure proxy in Parliament the TNA, ironically the Government of Sri Lanka prefers to choose a path which palavers to this criminal and his supportives rather than confronting them in the moist effective manner with intent to drive them out of existence!

The burning question which has to be continuously asked of the Sri Lankan Administration is "To what purpose and objectives are the Norwegians being tolerated and relied upon to the extent they are almost in blind faith when their past track record seems so dubious.

Even dates back to a time when they were in a similar capacity attempting to bring about peace in the Middle East and their bunglings as testimony which have compounded the state of affairs in the Middle East today!

Is there some hidden agenda between the Government of Sri Lanka and Norway unknown to the population of ever trusting Sri Lankans that they don't seem to be able to take the Norwegian bull by the horns and toss it out in hindsight towards finding a more viable alternative ? Could Norway's oil exploratory skills which may have a beneficial fallout down the road for Sri Lanka have something to do with it? Questions which need to be answered honestly perhaps!

Is there any discerning Sri Lankan who sincerely believes that Anton Balasingham was not an indirect party to the killing of the late Foreign Minister through the planning mechanisms set in place by the inner sanctum of the LTTE and that Norway was unaware of if its imminent possibility in which case the two entities have either created the greatest act of deception towards hoodwinking all concerned since the inception of LTTE attrocities.

To the contrary they are a bunch of morons where in either case they are deserving of being incarcerated and banished from any contact with Sri Lanka rather than being further involved in resolving the Nation's problems which are more than likely to escalate should their unwelcome presence be tolerated further!

Almost prophetically and with some consolation! isolated pockets of Governmental wisdom continue to surface which augur well towards the confidences of the Nation.

Its posterity perhaps that amidst the hurried madness of the Government to show a green light to the LTTE friendly peace monitors, Ports Minister Mangala Samaraweera, a close ally of the President has been quoted as saying that " Norway and the Scandinavian truce monitoring team, known as the Sri Lanka Monitoring Mission (SLMM), have 'mollycoddled' the guerrillas the LTTE.

It's high time they read the riot act to the LTTE.” with an addendum "and also give the so called Scandinavian Monitors their marching orders!!

The time for talks is now surely over, no more reviews, in depth investigations and the professing of 'blarney' for decades as was the case in Ireland involving the IRA prior to it all ending.

Albeit there being no comparisons between the IRA and the LTTE, the unwavering resolve to hound the LTTE and drive them into a corner from which they can never retreat should be the imperative priority synonymous with reading the LTTE the riot act which needs also to be implemented.

As former Indian Defence Minister the Hon.Subramaniam Swamy very apty put it, tantamount to 'Hitting the terrorists back in the only manner they will understand through their own terrorist language and means !!



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