Congratulations! Mr.President.

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The Sinhala Nation has finally had a meaningful date with destiny! One which has been long overdue as Sri Lanka salutes and welcomes new President elect the Hon. Mr. Mahinda Rajapaksa under whose leadership it is hoped a new dawn has begun for Sri Lanka which will drive away the darkness of the decades of past oppression for its people in as much as the evil forces which have plagued her. It is a time for great rejoicing that the pretenders to freedom and democracy have been disillussioned and the path paved towards clearing all the debris from the fall out of many disruptive regimes which have all but dogged and hampered the Nations's progress into the 21st century.

The choice of the present President made by the people for the people is a wonderful choice towards which the road was arduous but in the end fortuitous perhaps even through errors of judgement by forces out to destroy the Nation towards their own ends as Mr Rajapakse eventually romped home to that victory which did have its trepidations in the minds of some reactionaries whose conjectured predictions of doom for the Sinhala Nation must now be dispelled through National Unity and the dedication towards Nation Building where the entire Global Community must rally towards the cause in lending support through the various means available to them in this significant chapter of Sri Lankan History!

This is a time for all parties to unite behind the surge towards the development of the Nation for the common good of all its people where it would be morally incorrect to hamper with this surge which must now encompass all Sri Lankan Citizens irrespective of Class, Creed, Religious Beliefs, Ethnicity and political preferences casting aside all differences for the common good under a meritworthy and charismatic new leader who has proved his patriotic dedications to the Nation of Sri Lanka as did his forefathers before him in standing firmly by his convictions as part of his manifesto and has with just reward elevated him to the highest office of the Land.

The opponents who contested Mr Rajapakse with class and dignity particularly the leader of the Opposition Mr Ranil Wickremasinghe, have to be recognized and thanked for their sense of decorum as everyone of them have portrayed great a vision towards the development of the Nation, carried themselves with dignity in all their aspirations and each one now probably has a key role to play towards the fortification of this great Nation of ours whose inceptions go back thousands of years and is rich in its cultural heritage and the input towards this cause should also be a bounden duty of each and every Sri Lankan from all walks of life towards the preservation of her Sovereignity, Unitarity and Territorial Integrity towards which objectives which Mr Rajapakse has pledged faithfully with implicit dedication. Of such are great leaders made and the times ahead would undoubtedly provide ample opprtunity to this great future leader of our Nation to prove himself as being equitable to the task and all the the people of Sri Lanka with any patriotic and national fervour should have no doubts about his credibilities despite a possibly bumpy ride ahead!!

The road ahead may not be completely free of dangerous impediments considering the enemies of the Nation out to destroy its integrity towards carving out an illegal homeland for themselves whose aspirations offset against the idealogies of the President elect may have mellowed somewhat towards toning down their once disruptive means although caution needs to be excercised in how the present tranquility of the Nation needs to binterpreted and preserved while negotiating with the would be oppressors of the Nation towards a permanent peace which should by rights be the new President's prime objective and priority towards establishing a peaceful and tranquil Sri Lanka in keeping with her revered title "The Resplendent Isle.There are other contending factors such as its hung economy and the compelling material needs of the people including Tsunami relief also a huge factor needing to be dealt with post haste as other imposing assignments facing his long tenure ahead which he is expected to deal with effectively in his usual debonair and self confident manner!

While the Nation of Sri Lanka rejoices and wishes the new President great success as the leader of our Nation, may the Blessings of the Almighty, The Triple Gem and all the Religious Creeds which decorate this fair land of our guide and protect all his endeavours towards making Sri Lanka a better place for all her sons and daughters and their progeny who now pin so much hope on him.

Congratulations Mr President!



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