LTTE In A Quandry As The Administration Needs To Evaluate Paramilitary Groups In Proper Perspective!

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The LTTE must surely be in a quandry of a multi faceted nature as there are many pointers towards this conclusion.The foremost of their dilemmas must surely rest on the depletions they have suffered both in areas of cadre and armaments which has strategically and categorically reduced their capabilities and it takes no rocket science to deduce the importance of the efficient operations of the paramilitary groups of breakaway LTTE leader Karuna whose hit and run campaign seems to be providing a greater leeway towards the eventual demise of the insurgent and terrorist capabilities of the LTTE which needs to be viewed objectively from any perspective towards a terrorist free Sri Lanka!

Whether inadvertently or not it must surely augur well for Sri Lanka from an administrative as well as national standpoint that the paramilitary capability of Col Karuna is indeed a favourable one despite its 'catch 22' implications on the Sri Lanka Administration probably torn between whether or not to soft peddle in the issue or co-operate with the terrorist demands of the mainstream LTTE to confront them! This is the very reason why a much perturbed Anton Balasingham and SP Thamiselvam have pleaded with the Sri Lankan Government to set in place initiatives which would disband and dismantle these paramilitary groups and a ploy which the Government should not be decieved by, if previous responses of a similar nature by the LTTE are to be remembered where various Tamil opposition groups to the LTTE were outlawed and the LTTE despatched their killing squads to corner and decimate them also bearing in mind that the paramilitary groups are a greater threat to the mainstream LTTE rather than the nation of Sri Lanka and its Administration. The EPDP of Mr Douglas Devananda too would probably be a firm supporter of this theory as his personal experiences with the mainstream LTTE has augmented his inner consciousness towards the well being of Sri Lanka while being much sought after by the mendacious LTTE!

On the rationale that the continuing guerilla campaign of Karuna's men poses a dilemma for the mainstream LTTE leadership also purported to be in disarray suggesting the use of a Pirapaharan double than its original custodian who has aparently perished in the waters of the Tsunami, it logically augurs well for Sri Lanka in a broader sense than the mere rhetoric of peace presently maintained though in impasse which needs to be finalised beyond conjecture that it could be accomplished with a fully armed, unrelenting terror group calling themselves the liberators of all Tamils!.

The successes of Karuna's men indicate a tumultuous local support in the Batticaloa area where the stark reality that the local Tamil population apparently share Karuna's perception of the discriminatory nature of the Wanni-based LTTE, its pseudo leadership and its policies, a rationale which is also thought to have permeated other areas of Tamil inhabited Sri Lanka and a shot in the arm for the Sri Lankan Administration and its defence operations that this indeed is an indispensible ally against the LTTE towards their ultimate elimination considering their defiance to relent policies of aggression, arms and objectives towards secession while continuing pretences towards a willingness to co-operate with the Administration to resolve the ethnic conflict which factually seems to be going nowhere.

It seems common knowledge around defence circles that the LTTE have never given up objectives to increase their insurgent cadre and armaments and there are intelligence reports of a renewed aerial capability of an alarming nature through a versatile light aircraft acquired and grounded in Kilinochchi by the LTTE capable of delivering devastating bomb attacks over a significant range which has been highlighted by Nissanka in his latest submission to LankaWeb.While short of being a premonition of doom should the LTTE not be held in check with this so called new capabitlity! it certainly needs to be addressed as a foremost priority towards securing the defences of the nation and disrupted through every conceivable means. But where there are dummies involved in the leadership as assumed at present perhaps an assumption could be made that the aircraft refered too is also a dummy as otherwise how could it have penetrated fortified Sri Lankan defences in order to reach Kilinochchi? A somewhat consoling but speculative sentiment nevertheless!

Towards what may transpire as a necessary eventuality if not evil, it has to be rationalised that any anti-LTTE guerilla campaign by paramilitary forces would render weak the continuing claims of the mainstream LTTE that they enjoy the overwhelming support of the Tamils of the North as well as the East which they allege to control by way of perhaps a self imposed intimidatory claim to be the interim ruler these areas as a prelude to the negotiations with the Sri Lankan Government for a final solution to the aspirations of the Tamils which have digressed in a direction indicating a degree of confusion, as on one hand they are intimidated and their lives threatened by the LTTE should they fail to comply with their life threatening and vicious demands towards compliance and on the other hand realise that the all important freedom towards an existence of their choice would evaporate under the autocratic direction of the mainstream LTTE should they capitulate and hence any alternative choice a desperate one towards their own redmption and the Karuna Factor consequently a huge reality towards this percieved redemption and a liberation of the oppressed Tamils of the North and East of Sri Lanka together with all the Tamils of Sri lanka in quest for true freedom as opposed to the falsely proclaimed version of the LTTE! One which they seem to be incapable of delivering anyway, given their present circumstances !



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