The Need To Ban And Outlaw Brussels Rally In Support Of The LTTE, Imperative Towards Global Posterity!

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The logic of it all seems very simple and uncomplicated! The latest appeal by TULF leader V. Anandasangaree yesterday to the EU not to permit LTTE front organisations to hold a protest rally in Brussels against the travel ban imposed on its members should have substantial governmental and international backing in lieu of the LTTE being an outlawed and banned organization in many prominent parts of the world! It is in fact conducive towards Global Posterity. By giving this apathetic yet 'considered dangerous' terrorist organization any recognition or the premise to continue their illicit operations, the world is merely providing them with a bifurcated credibility and a platform which is not only irrational and illogical but also in a sense a bending to their will as a result of their false propaganda which really serves no purpose other then their own idealogies which go against the grain of the free world which should not be held to ransom as they appear to do and get away with in Sri Lanka!

If the point has not as yet been absorbed by the International Community that the LTTE have no compunctions to kill those who oppose them and continue their recruitment of innocent children as child soldiers to serve their impure purposes towards their separatist idealogies, and build up their insurgent resources, it is about time it was! In order to thwart these mendacious terrorists there is an imperative need to go all out to prevent any means of LTTE propaganda being spread anywhere in the world and portray the effects such a rally being held in Brussels as something which would further their terrorist cause.The question might then be asked "So why then not Al Quaeda?" which this group is known to have links with!

It is an imposing reality that LTTE for obvious ambiguous and politically convenient reason have token backing from the leaderships of some countries such as Norway, Canada and in a lesser sense Australia with widespread supportive diaspora who have continued to provide them with the support needed towards their existence but about time the buck stopped somewhere as the harmfull effects are subjected on Sri Lanka!! and some viable contending force in the best interests towards the future of Sri Lanka exerted sufficient pressure towards the cause! Mr Anandasagaree of the TULF has courageously started the ball rolling despite the danger he faces through LTTE intimidation, in the proper direction which now needs to gather greater momentum towards its objective to disestablish the LTTE organization completely!

It seems brazenly high handed that in addition to their continued violations of the Peace Agreement and Ceasefire back in Sri lanka the LTTE through ordering its front organisations in the countries of the European Union to organise a protest rally in Brussels on October 24, are demanding the immediate lifting of the "Travel Ban" imposed on them by the E.U. They have once again taken for granted that they who are considered an impure, insurgent and directionless lot with an unrelenting attitude toward the legitimacies and legalities which deem them terrorists by any definition, have any rights towards any negotiations which would further their cause and existence.

In maintaining the indelible reality, somewhat shameful from a Sri Lankan perspective that The LTTE are in fact holding some parts of Sri Lanka to ransom perhaps due to the incompetence of the Sri Lankan Authorities to maintain overall Sovereignity of the Nation which they are entitled to by every conceivable norm, are now trying also to extend their terror and intimidation to the E.U. Countries and very soon perhaps to the entire world.

Most disparagingly it has been reported that in response to the call of the LTTE, a number of people mostly Tamil diaspora are preparing to participate in the proposed rally from Europe, U.K. and Scandinavian countries and an immediate need for the authorities in these countries to waive aside diplomacies which no terrorist organization has any entitlement to and nip them in the bud byoutlawing any such rallies and pro LTTE gatherings rather than tarnishing their image as terrorist supportive.

Most of the would be participants of this Rally are by definition, either citizens or permanent residents of the countries where they reside and are enjoying all the benefits of Naturalisation including the education of their children, Government Subsistence, Health Care etc. granted conditionally to their acceptance of the laws of these lands which obviously do not condone terrorism! It therefore seems to be a violation of the conditions under which these individuals were let into these respective countries that by virtue of their participation in terrorist supportive rallies and activities they present a cause for great embarrassment to these foster nations that their naturalized citizens so obtusely and apathetically indulge in consentually!! Are Brussels and the EU about to create a precedent of terrorist supportive direction? Most definitely not it is hoped!

In the face of all the violations of Sri Lanka's Democratic Constitution and the Laws of the land, instituted through the many attrocities perpetrated by the LTTE over many decades which they continue to this day albeit through more surreptitious means than previously, it seems callous and irresponsible for any Nation which proclaims an allegiance towards maintaining the freedoms of normal peace loving ordinary human beings throught the world through the various charters set in place for this sole objective to harbour the ambitions and objectives of a group as mendacious and directionless as the LTTE.
These are terrorists who have never detracted from a surge towards their insurgent means while never being able to proclaim any credibility towards being the sole representatives of the Sri Lankan Tamil community to any appreciable degree, who according to the latest statistis uphold this claim while repudiating the LTTE!
It is emphatically expected by all those within the global community who uphold the principles of freedom that the E.U. will prioritise the importance of the legitimacies which prompted their initial travel ban on the LTTE which hopefully will be a total ban eventually, and maintain it in order to dispel any claims of legitimacy towards non existent rights and entitlements of the LTTE which would encompass all forms of global terrorism and spill into dire ramifications for the entire world!! This would be best accomplished by rejecting the demands of this Rally to be held in Brussels or by totally banning it as said before towards Global Posterity!!



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