Colombo Based Hindustan Times Journalist P.K. Balachandran exposed!

World Council Of Sinhala Peers For LankaWeb

This is an endorsement of the LankaWeb article by Kithsiri Athulathmudali of Florida USA under the caption A contrasting viewpoint to the article by P.K.Balachandran.

Perhaps this item highlights what many readers have now come to recognize as P.K.Balachandran's pro LTTE inserts of a biased and bi-partisan nature. As a Colombo based correspondent for the Hindustan Times! He often portrays his bespectacled blinkered countenance to match his seemingly prejudiced mind which often spews out a lot of heavily partisan LTTE supportive jargon together with the whys and wherefores of the political and economic woes of Sri Lanka as though he was the ultimate authority on Lankan Politics and the Nation's Economy.

He tends to documents innuendo, laced with speculative euphemisms more unwelcome than acceptable as he portrays whe he alone seems to envisage albeit subtlely and makes many discerning wonder why this type of journalist is tolerated despite the merits of the freedom of the press which he seems to misuse to his advantage at times! There have been regimes in the past with all due respect which might have had him gagged and bound even shaved, tarred and feathered!!(metaphorically)for his excesses and deported !

While this item attests to many realities affiliated to the credibility that in the heart of Colombo, Sri Lanka there is ensconced such an individual who seems to falsely believe he has Carte Blanche to express views which seem to always favour the LTTE and their proxies the TNA and Norway if it may be so surmised! it also seems somewhat surprising that he has been tolerated by the staus quo without even the faintest reaction.

Consequently it seems in all fairness that someone within that esteemed enclave should have justifiably suggested to Mr.Balachandran , waiving courtesies to his foreign journalist status aside considering his contentious attitude as emphasized in Mr Athulathmudali's article, to get his act together based on all his transparencies or get lost! Unfortunately for Mr. Balachandran his ethnicity also seems to weigh heavily towards the conflict of interest label!

With many kudos to the writer for "telling it like it is!" at times with a grass roots flavour yet steeped in patriotism, perhaps it is about time there were others expressing their points of view on this matter which seems very contentious from the standpoint of the Sinhala Nation.



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