The LTTE Have Fashioned Their Own Nemesis And Should Not be Tolerated In Sri Lanka Much Longer!

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Even as a certain wise sage with an intellectually British sounding identity has questioned the length of a string, it might be said that it only needs to be as long and strong enough to hang every apprehended condemned LTTE criminal as soon as they are transported to Welikade Maximium Security Jail in accordance with the PREVENTION OF TERRORISM ACT! The hangman's arm is said to be numb with inactivity and he needs a few mendacious criminals in the form of incarcerated Tamil tigers to hang for good measure, and as an example of how not to be a self styled predator! get caught by the jugular! or by the victuals!
Ranil Wickremasinghe the former Prime Minister who gave carte blance to the Tamil Terrorists in the hope that he could salvage his political derriere and is seemingly losing it now regardless of his connivances can certainly be accused of opening a can of worms with no end in sight to the easing off of LTTE attrocities.The endorsement to the angered outcry that " The goon has opened the doors to the rabid Tigers of an unaccomplishable Eelam to enter Sinhala inhabited areas and do as they please" is resoundingly implicit and there is no responsibility on the part of the present administration to show any conciliations to these murderous savages beyond confrontation, anihilation and extermination as an effective retaliatory strike seems surely imminent!

What is the New Administration of H.E Mahinda Rajapaksa waiting for? a national communal uprising as in days gone by or an auspicious moment forecast by seers favourable to tolerance where the killing fields could intensify to the contrary? Are not the killings of the soldiers of the SLA , indiscriminate firing at diplomatic aircraft and intelligence personnel, cause enough to retaliate saying "to hell with staledated and stalemated accords that are destroying the nation? To hell also with Norway and the Norwgian shenanigans of Erik Solheim and his buddies presented towards maintaining LTTE credibility perchance the root cause for LTTE emboldening, while inviting India to take on a more tangible role relative to regional Security!

It may be interesting to find out what the response might be if the Security Forces were asked objectively whether or not they are prepared to take a leaf out of the Israeli Security Forces by example and lay it thick into the LTTE insurgents, indulge in a bit of carpet bombing of their Wanni locations, wipe out their known air bases said to be capable of carrying out an effective strike on Colombo, details of which which are so well documented in official briefs almost to pin point accuracy. So why not give the LTTE a taste of their own medicine but with relentless effect and the element of surprise with an assault force which has a no holds barred attitude! A worst case scenario but nonetheless perhaps an imperative one towards establishing Military Authority in case the LTTE have mistaken kindness for weakness!

If this is indeed LTTE brinksmanship despite the metaphor which also suggests desperation and a ploy to psychologically intimidate the Administration there seems little option towards what the appropriate response under the circumstances should be, in which case a retaliatory strike regardless of LTTE denials might not necessarily be a dirty word!It might be mandatory!

There should also be no compunctions towards hesiitancy in engaging the services of the Col. Karuna progressives even as a mercenary facility given their acumen and intelligence on matters of strategic cognizance of LTTE manouvering, their modus operandi and related matters. There should be no concerns about the protocols involved as the LTTE have already waived off their right to any protocols ! Furthermore Col. Karuna has become more of a contending factor well equipped to confront and deal with a leaderless LTTE in case there are some within Sri lanka who still believe Velupillai Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman are still amongst the living as there are many intelligence sources who believe to the contrary!

The Certain Wise Sage with an intellectually British Sounding name refered to at the beginning of this submission is being quoted here that" The Sri Lankan Army should now be given a free hand to move forth and demonstrate their skills on the real theatre. Peace can only be realized with fire, not with the pen !" a truism indeed! There are needless lost lives to be atoned for and there is no appreciable tolerance needed towards this enterprise! Terrorists are terrorists regardless of the metaphor which must exclude even Che Guevara !

Molten fire emulating that which accompanied the Sinhala wrath of the great Dutugemunu from the vantage point atop Kandula who overwhelmed Tamil oppression of a much more civilized nature and a much better respected adversary the noble Elara as chronicled in Sinhala History than any opposition the LTTE could ever hope to create. It must prevail where the likes of Prabhakaran and his ilk are mere tainted fodder needing to be disposed of rather than tolerated towards any real significance towards National posterity !

They cannot be associated with the decent Tamil Community who want freedom in Sri Lanka through saner and less rabid means than the LTTE who have no claim to their existence and are marked for the eventual nemesis they have fashioned for themselves! It will simply be a matter of time!



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