JVP Parliamentary Leader's Warnings About Quitting The UPFA Cannot Go Unheeded !

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The dark clouds of impending storms over the UPFA camp never seem to go away as sooner or later the prevarications in policy relative to the agreements betwen the JVP and SLFP become pellucid in what may in the long term turn out to be a destructive force for which the party responsible would undoubtedly be the SLFP if they renege on their commitments to the UPFA Coalition and consequently the Nation of Sri Lanka!

The recent statement by the Government that they would act to hand over an interim administration to the mainstream LTTE Wanni tiger organization has prompted JVP Parliamentary Leader Wimal Weerawanse to respond angrily that his party would withdraw from the Government, casting many speculations as to whether this latest Government statement has an official stamp to it generating directly from the President or whether it is merely an irresponsible statement made by one of the SLFP caucas members where once again the statement in question may have been taken out of context, in which case correctional measures by the Government would perhaps be in order to rectify the content.

Nevertheless, the response of the JVP Leader could only be deemed justifiable if indeed it is the intention of the Admnistration which the JVP are an integral part of, to bow down to the many prurient LTTE demands involved in the parleying taking place at present where the statement in question is aaid to have been officially published with no mincing of words in refering to an 'Interim Administration' and a consequent pull out of the JVP from the present coalition could prove calamitous to the nation and something which needs immediate redress.

There has been an announcement by the Government which states that quote "the Government is ready to re-open direct negotiations with the LTTE on the establishment of an interim authority to meet the urgent humanitarian and development needs of the people of the North and East and to proceed thereafter to negotiating a final settlement of the ethnic conflict.” and a bold and irresponsible one given the consideration that to all intents and purposes it is a contradiction of all nationalist and sovereign values which any administration of the Nation of Sri Lanka is committed to uphold and clearly laid down in the Constitution! It Is in fact a betrayal of the nation into the hands of a group of unrelenting fully armed internationally condemned terrorists and the paradigm of interpretation involved consequently rendering this Government statement somewhat ridiculous

Mr. Wimal Weerawansa has indicated unequivovally and very justifiably through his response that this new stand announced by the Goverment which appears to have circumvented the opinions and collective decision making the JVP are entitled to, is contradictory to the objectives and responsibiities of the United People’s Freedom Alliance (UPFA). Mr Weerawansa is quoted as saying that"The common stand of the UPFA was that it would dedicate itself for a process of discussions aimed at a final solution, and when the Government and the tiger organization arrives at an agreement for a final solution establishing a temporary administrative structure constrained with a final solution in areas directly involved in the conflict could be considered " and pointed out by Mr. Weerawansa as a logical conclusion.

Previously there have not been any agreements among the parties of the Alliance relative to an ‘interim administration authority’ as purported to in the Government statement and this new stand has been taken without apprising the JVP " as also vehemently emphasized by the JVP Parliamentary leader Mr. Weerawansa in his response to this statement.

Synonymous to what is currently transpiring within the UPFA Camp there has been an alarming observation by a Canadian expert in Terrorist Objectives Analysis based on Modus Operandi that the LTTE have once again made great inroads toward their terrorist objectives and re -structuring Tsunami damage and depletions to their insurgent capabilities, through clever manipulations of turning Tsunami Relief and world sympathy to their advantage and has warned that there could be a resurgence of LTTE terrorist activity when the Nation of Sri Lanka would least expect it.The Tamil Diaspora activities in many global locations have also been cited and that fund raising for the Tamil Separatist Cause has re -commenced with a vengeance where probable locations and organizations fronting for the LTTE have also been cited! Considering the realities of these observations which cannot be simply swept under the carpet given the past track record of the LTTE it would be foolhardy for the Government to even dream of handing over interim authority to the LTTE unless it is suicidally motivated!

The JVP Parliamentary Leader Mr Weerawansa has made JVP intentions very clear through very astute and relevant observations into matters related to the latest stand taken by the Administration as he is once again quoted as saying that"His party had no objection to having discussions in a democratic way with the tiger organization to arrive at a final solution adding that they the JVP only object to the hazardous steps taken which would give the tiger organization separate statehood on the pretext of meeting the urgent humanitarian and development needs of the people of the North and East, while also campaigning to strengthen the process to ensure that war would not occur again. Trying to discuss a final solution after giving the tigers an interim administration would be a joke! What the North and the East should be given is democracy; not giving way to the Fascist despotism of the tiger organization . The latest stand announced in the government announcement mysteriously issued yesterday (23rd) February 2005) of establishing an interim administration first and then discussing a final solution is rejected resolutely and if the present government arrives at such a step the JVP will withdraw from being a party to the Government" ending Mr. Weerawansa's quote.

The ramifications of a JVP Pullout from the UPFA would be far reaching and disastrous to Sri Lanka at present and woe be unto any within the Administration who for a moment imagine they could go it alone given the adversities the Nation faces at present.

In the simplest of terms the present statement by the Government if intentionally accurate could easily be misinterpreted by the LTTE as a go ahead to their prurient demands and perhaps much more calamitous than the tsunami itself by the mass confusion it could catapult within the Nation.Already LTTE's Political rep. SPThamilselvan has been observed touring the Indian Tamil Inhabited Plantation Areas (with whose permission one wonders?)to the drumbeats of Plantation rights activist Chandrasekeran one of the biggest sycophants of the LTTE with skulduggery in mind perhaps and to send out wrong signals to the LTTE that they have even a semblance of pursuing their real objectives of Eelam through any misconcieved concession offered to them on a platter could be well responded to by the LTTE and to the detriment of Sovereign Sri Lanka!

This is probably what Mr Wimal Weerasinge is trying to emphasize and cannot go unheeded!



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