The Impure Majority Of The CWC Bereft Of The UPFA Should Work Towards Their Advantage And Best Interests !

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Breaking News from Sri Lanka indicates that Sri Lanka's President Chandrika Kumaratunga has lost her current majority status in Parliament since the defeat of her political opponents in April 2004, with the Ceylon Workers Congress led by Arumugam Thondaman pulling out its 8 members from the coalition government of the UPFA today. Not as alarming as it may sound as there is no cause for anxiety for the Administration as long as it has the backing of the JVP and others and a time for great resolve and national unity within the Sinhala Nation imperatively.

The defection of the Ceylon Workers Congress from the ranks of government detracts from the position the UPFA were previously placed in with eight members they had gained as needed for a majority with113 seats, in the 225-seat parliament. The move also places President Kumaratunga's United People's Freedom Alliance in the same position it was in when prior to the CWC cross over from the opposition ranks and now poses somewhat of a dilemma to the UPFA regarding the required mandate relative to a Parliamentary Majority needed to implement policies to develop the Nation’s post tsunami losses and economy, pursue peace with the rebel Tamil Tigers the LTTE and maintain the stable all round general state of order and well being within Sri Lanka which the UPFA are nevertheless expected to be able to accomplish as long as it has the undivided support of the rest of its coalition allies! They are currently 2 seats short of a required majority which they are expected to recover from some least likely sources according to unconfirmed reports!

The original decision of the CWC to join the Administration in support was allegedly aimed at breaking 'an Administrative policy deadlock' and helping to resume the peace process as reported at the time, when Arumugam Thondaman, leader of the Ceylon Workers Congress much to the disbelief of many discerning political analysts threw in his lot with the UPFA much to the surprise of many political analysts who had measured the CWC as unreliable turncoats all along ( and ironically now proven correct!) and announced their move towards supporting the Administration but have now placed themselves in the unenviable category of political pariahs and turn coats who have shown their true colours of opportunistic ilk as they were more than cordially and magnanimously treated by the Kumaratunga Administration but as has been the case with many stragglers in the past, they have proved to be unreliable with no integrity towards their political principles and perhaps filtered into the administrative ranks in the hope that they would somehow bring about an LTTE favourable projection towards world opinion which is dim at best!

Of such is the dirty game of politics at its lowest ebb in a long time in Sri Lanka and a pathetic display of spinelessness by the CWC whose decision just might come back to haunt them! There are speculations also of a secret agenda the LTTE may have had with the CWC in using Tamil Estate labour in the plantation regions towards disrupting and ursurping the progress of the UPFA Administration as there have been many secret meetings between the likes of SP Thamilselvam, Chandrasekeran and Thondaman as reported by reliable sources where the timing of these meetings seems somewhat curious and more than likely have been gatherings of anti Governmental and perhaps conspiratorial in nature with civil disobedience and worse in mind according to many analysts! actons which appear to have more than a right to be investigated after this latest CWC move which probably also merits punitive action!

Thondaman ‘s falsely projected rhetoric at the time the CWC crossed over will be long remembered by the Nation and its all trusting President as none but innuendo and falsehoods when he very eloquently said ”We want to help the President push forward the peace process - the Government must have a majority to bring it forward.'' whereas he might as well have said simply “We the CWC will throw in our lot with the present administration and see how big a piece of the Administrative pie we could carve out for ourselves and the LTTE, (bearing in mind that some of the CWC were also offered cabinet posts which they readily accepted!) but when things did not work out to their advantage and their transparencies towards the political outcasts they really wereand became more than evident they have decided to bail out and perhaps just as well for the UPFA Administration which needs no backstabbing or undercutting vermin misguidedly taken into confidence with great expectations which they could not live upto.

The UPFA should now set their resolve to be steely and unshakable and gain the backing of all national minded political support, especially an invigorating and renewed show of strength from the JVP and other allies towards continuing the good work they have initiated and made much progress in since the demise of the Wickremasinghe administration.

Perhaps there will be a two pronged clean up of Sri Lanka both economically and politically as one set of adversaries with their wolves in sheeps clothing mentalities have voluntarily removed themselves from Administrative power and the great inroads towards Tsunami recovery which is being set in place forcefully and fortuitously also points in the direction of a re-furbished Sri Lanka where pollutants and hurdles in both areas appear to have effectively been disposed of!

If the CWC move is thought to be the deserting of a sinking ship by a bunch of rats to their advantage, it is a veiled misconception of the ship, yet with the credibility of their identity and actions towards their own integrity the real truism and to all intents and purposes appear to be a bunch of directionless pilgrims towards an ill conceived nirvana who have missed the bus!



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