European Union's Travel Ban On The LTTE Indicative Of Bigger Surprises For Them In The Offing.

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Perhaps a historic step by the European Union towards the travel restrictions imposed on the LTTE and all kudos towards its initiators and implementors who have taken what might be a giant step towards the real fight against terrorism and not a pretentious one in the manner of certain other nations! The sting in the venture has been reflected by S.P Thamilchelvam the LTTE's disdainful mouthpiece who has already begun his bleatings about Southern Extremists when the only extremists, illegal at that are his motley band of LTTE terrorists whose exarcerbations ( putting it mildly ) in the North and North East of Sri Lanka are perhaps the next contetious issues which need to be dealt with effectively and post haste from an administrative Sri Lankan point of view!

To impose the virtual ban on all LTTE travel in EU countries sends out a strong message to the terrorists in the aftermath of the Lakshman Kadirgamar assassination and hopefully others will get the message and join the EU in implementing their respective support towards the cause.

Thamilselvam has had the affront to invite attention to what he conceives as the adverse effect this ban would have on the 'Peace Process' but given the distance the LTTE have created between themselves and the Sri Lankan Authorities towards any peace negotiations based on their apathy, ignorance and arrogance one would have to seek in earnest for this Peace Process by true definition where all it is, is a subversive mantle and a smokescreen from behind which the LTTE have violated every conceivable norm of Peace! That the Sri lankan Armed Forces most honorably have prevailed and maintained their decorum in the face of the gravest provocations by the LTTE speaks much for Southern Sinhala dignity which might not hold forever as the LTTE push their luck one surmises towards their own oblivion!

The EU have come as far as imposing travel bans on the LTTE and it is fervently hoped that this is a precursor towards the ultimate complete outlawing of the LTTE about which the EU seems to have a few trepidations but in all probabilities is forthcoming as they begin to see a clearer picture of the mendaciousnes and insincerities of the LTTE whose theatrics are beginning to wax transparent towards the revelation of their true identity and ere long could well wind up a spent force whose last hurrahs may be said as an angered world views them as worthless, cheap terrorists and murderers whose pledges and promises fall short of a Democratic Sovereign Nation's right to exist in the free world!

There is no obligation by the EU towards any terror group in considerations of a lenient nature about imposing an outright illegal status and blacklisting them completely rather than "actively considering their options "which might be an indication of hesitancy based on forces powerful enough to influence their decision as the call to impose this accord needs to be given every means of support by the global coalition against terror. Enough is enough and the time of reckoning for the LTTE is surely at hand!

The travel ban on the LTTE by the European Union is very much indicative of greater surprises for the LTTE in the offing should they not comply with the requirements of an agitated and restless International Community whose mood has been indicated initially and represented by the responses of the EU and augurs well towards the eventualities which might de-commission the LTTE and their objectives!



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