Senaratne Entreaty To The Government In His Attempt To Isolate The JVP and JHU, Somewhat Dubious!

Suranimala Perera ~ World Council Of Sinhala Peers ~ For LankaWeb

July1st 2006

Dr. Rajitha Senarate not necessarily a powerful member of Opposition Leader Ranil Wikcramesinghe’s United National Party (UNP) camp but a turncoat from the UPFA who takes pleasure in his verbosity at times to hurl verbal brickbats at political opponents and whose 'closeness' to his leader is at best dubious being one of the stongest voices in the not too distant past attempting to oust Wickremasinghe from the UNP cannot be taken too seriously!
His credibilities are not only duplicitous and questionable but he is in the habit of profering invectives in his self styled role of critique extraordinaire of anything and everything he finds contentious if it is not in accordance with his point of view! Senaratna by attacking the Sri Lankan Government leadership as “insane” for trying to seek a solution to Sri Lanka’s current war-like situation with the help of parties like Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and Jathika Hela Urumaya(JHU) merely displays the same lackey like mentality of Ranil Wickremasinghe curiously enough and should be asked to refrain from contentious comments about the ruling party which is obviously placed in a catch 22 situation because of the manouvering of the UNP with regards to how they dealt with the LTTE terrorist problem during their tenure in office and the reason why the LTTE seem to have carte blance to kill at will today!

Senaratne well known for his "wasi petthata hoiya " mentality is also somewhat curiously defending his leader Wickremesinghe’s decision to stay out of the country quote unquote " to avoid the All Party Conference to which the UNP was supportive when appointed but unofficially “boycotted” by the leader going out of the country to avoid its meetings" in the manner a rat deserts a sinking ship perhaps envisioned by wickremasinghe as the UNP party itself! Senaratne by saying " only people whose mind is not working all right would work with such all party conferences" seems to be making an inadvertent reference to himself and his cronies in the UNP who have been all but isolated as political pariahs in Sri Lanka as the party which almost betrayed the Sinhala nation into the hands of its enemies in quest of power and personal greed!

The fine print quote of features writer Walter Jayawardena of Los Angeles that "Senaratne is a very controversial politician who has attacked the Buddhist principles of “dasaraja dharmaya” , a set of principles of Buddhist righteousness in governing a country, as an out dated feudal principles in an earlier interview with Priyath Liyanage, a BBC Sinhala service interviewer is emphatic in its duplicity by a so called Buddhist politician. The dentist (Dath Dosthora) parliamentarian Senaratna has since then been dubbed as the “Nodath Dosthora” by his political opponents" which is not far removed fronm reality as Senaratna is indded a very controversial figure whose capabilities of fomenting dissent amongst his political oponents to reiterate what was said on this theme earlier in addition to doing identically the same amongst his own camp and somewhat perplexing that such an individual has been tolerated with impunity in the dignified parliamentary system of Sri Lanka but perhaps a matter of obvoius voter choice!where impeachment for his inappropriate parliamentary behaviour, excessive comments- slanderous and libellous at times might not be a bad response from the authorities governing Parliamentary decorum and conduct!

Senaratne who has blatantly attacked the Government of Sri Lanka for what he terms was a breach in the security of the country by letting LTTE suicide bombers target military leaders such as the late Lt. General Parami Kulatunga and Army Commander Sarath Fonseka stiill recuperating in a Singapore Hospital seems to have conveniently forgotten the stark reality that a vast number of suicide bombers according to intelligence sources were purportedly directed to come and settle down in the City of Colombo clandestinely on the order of LTTE's Velupillai Prabhakaran when Wickremasinghe became the Prime Minister of the country and lifted all security barriers in the city. To add to the ignominies the UNP caused to the Nation at this time Wickremesinghe’s comrade in arms Harry Gunatileke, the former Commander of the Air Force, commenting over the BBC Sinhala Service said it was something unavoidable in what he termed “a peace process” which Gunatileke too seems to have misconstrued by definition and has cost the Nation dearly!.
While Senaratne charges that quote "this government was not prepared to handle even the psychology of the Nation and that was vividly exhibited when parents panicked at false telephone calls last week in the capital city." it has been speculated by very reliable sources that these phone calls were probably made for parochial political gains by certain Sinhala parties where the participation of the UNP has also been nominated as a likely culpable source. Such seems to be the modus operandi the likes of Senaratna and his ilk are capable of resorting to now that they have been isolated from mainstream political decision making despite being the opposition party in Sri Lanka and all but a joke!

Senaratne's jockeying in favour of the Rajapaksa Administration getting into a peace process, probably similar to one followed by his leader showing more leniency to the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) is the last thing Sri Lanka needs at this juncture as it could be interpreted by the LTTE as a weakness on the part of the Administration and create a dangerous precedent at a time when Sri Lanka needs to stand her ground in the condemnation of the LTTE where every means of countering their attrocities may be the better option!
It seems a display of apathetic lack of insight into what really needs to be done beyond lip service whereby Dr. Rajitha Senaratne has attacked the JVP’s Wimal Weerawansa, for proposing to send Velupillai Prabhakaran to the Hague, to face a trial as a war criminal, while the government was unable to arrest the numerous suicide bombers sent by Prabhakaran to Colombo. Once again he seems to have forgotten that these bombers were instigated into their intended actions by his own UNP enclave providing too much leeway for the purpose through neglect. He might also be reminded that the apprehension of any LTTE infiltrators into the City will be a matter of time and academic despite the speculations by some!

Even if veracity could be proved beyond the LTTE presence being a residual one which the Armed Forces are equipped to deal with as remedial measures have already been set in place, the harbinger of doom mentality in Senaratna seems to be taking over his better sense of judgement but being applied to a role of rolling over and playing dead towards dealing with the LTTE! It seems to be the nature of the man to be critical of the Sri Lankan Government's allies such as the JVP and the JHU who are at the end of their tether trying to undo the wrongs of the UNP while adopting a no nonsense resolve which is probably what's needed to cope with the LTTE at the present time rather than namby pamby rhetoric.

Perhaps the role needs to be reversed and the exhortation needing to re-hashed as" Be real Senaratne! This government has done everything and more to invite the LTTE to mediatory talks which the world knows has been repudiated by the terrorists who appear to be hell bent on continuing attrocities in an attempt to invite world attention towards being the injured party albeit a worthless ploy.It seems imperative that the government should work with the JVP and JHU as very patriotic Nation Loving Sri Lankans who have stayed their course admirably as opposed to the UNP who have nearly delivered the Nation into the hands of its enemies and are now agitating to work with the Government sans the JVP and JHU! which not only has a dubious ring to it but sounds somewhat amusing!



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