The Amazing Rhetoric Of The Minister for Tourism Is No Solution To Sri Lanka's Woes

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November 28th 2006

As a response to the recent sermonising byTourism Minister Anura Bandaranaike stressing the need to bring the LTTE back to the negotiating table with the help of India or the European Union or face disaster it must be emphasized that it is the continued toerance of the LTTE and the pandering to their impure demands that has compounded the situation in the Nation today.

Mr Bandaranaika should not try to simplify the resolution of Sri Lanka's woes through flimsy rhetoric and adulate the coming together of the UNP and the SLFP as though it was God's Gift to Sri Lanka where the realities by far supercede any benevolent effect it may have on the nation as it is in reality the coming together of a group of opportunistic politicians whose priorities lean more towards lining their pockets rather than bringing real peace to the nation! Is it not true that admission to parliament and particularly into the bower of the ruling party in the minds of many local politicians seems a meal ticket to luxury and their own personal well being?

In Mr Bandaranaike the nation is dealing with an individual whose pleasurable indulgences at times fogs his mind and retards his mode of thinking relative to a a playboy like lifestyle where his priorities often focuss on binge related patronage attention to personal friends and becomes loose tongued in worthless oratory in a vain attempt to mimick his brilliant late father who was gifted in that department!and merely because the old Bandaranaike psyche may still surround his personage as it did his sister before him who is now virtually ostracised from the Sri Lankan Political Arena for her own indulgences and excesses, it does not mean that Mr.Bandaranaike's sermons need to be taken seriously as there appear to be times when he does not seem to know what he is really talking about.

True enough the country desperately needs peace as an imperative priority but does it mean bending over and and kissing goodbye to everything the Sinhala Nation stands for as Sinhala Pride and Culture related Values to pander to a bunch of Dravidian criminals whose real place should be behind bars or awaiting the hangman's noose for their huge crimes against humanity and a Sovereign Democratic Nation?

Does the Minister's appeal to both the ruling SLFP and the main opposition UNP to reach a speedy consensus on the ethnic issue entail submission to the LTTE? Has the recently signed MoU between the two parties become an extension of the worthless MOU signed previously to which the LTTE have merely scoffed in utmost disrespect and arrogance and would the resumption of peace talks with the LTTE carry any weight towards the realities surrounding LTTE attitudes of late where they are hell bent on acheiving secession from the rest of Sri Lanka as their present modus operandi of total aggression indicates? Mr. Bandaranaike seems to be daydreaming which he indulges on a very regular basis!

There seems to be a contradiction of Mr. Bandaranaike's mindset however where he has expressed doubts about the LTTE being persuaded to accept the path of peace in view of the speech made by LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran on ‘Mahaveerar Day and if he entertains this concept being a politician holding high office in Sri Lanka what has happened to his sense of Sinhala patriotism one wonders? Something very definitely far removed from the idealogies of his late mother whose vehement policies towards the strength of the Sinhala Nation was unvavered where she never compromised the Sinhala Nation's integrity to bend to the will of her enemies!! Something Mr.Bandaranaike would be well advised never to forget before he indulges in the namby pamby rhetoric which almosts suggests subjugation to the terrorists who are plaguing the nation today!

A strong euphemism comes to mind suggesting "Might not mr Bandaranaike have taken a different approach to his present philosophy about what's good for the nation where he has many anomalies to work with including the resolve of the commander of the Armed Forces and the increasingly impressive dialogue of what seems a better option to Prabhakaran namely Karuna also known as Muralitharan at a time when the degenerate leader of the LTTE and his buddies such as Thamilselvam, Dave Master et al have attempted to intimidate Sri lanka into bending to their will proclaiming a non existent Tamil State within Sri Lanka and pretending to possess firepower capable of overwhelming the Sri Lankan Armed Forces when in reality their sporadic attempts at confrontation are met with a tour de force the ratpack of the LTTE have never known before. Perhaps it is high time our beloved tourim Minister began singing a different song rather than being the harbinger of doom for Sri Lanka if LTTE asses were not kissed !

One wonder where the nation would be today had Mr Bandaranaike been handed the portfolio which fell vacant at the sad demise of the late Hon. Lakshman Kadirgamar? To all intents and purposes he could easily have squandered Sri Lanka's Sovereignity and Terrirorial Integrity on a platter much in the manner of what an uncle of his was contemplating before he was kicked out of office and I dont mean a certain 'four star' general (heaven knows where the stars came from either!) into the hands of the LTTE slime which is an infestation of criminal maggots which needs to be eradicated rather than being panderd to and the sooner the Minister for Tourism re-thinks his idealogies the better it would be for sovereign Sri Lanka and greater would be his chances of acceptance as a real son of Lanka!!

The sooner he also realises the India and the EU's tentative responses to a supercharged and criminally motivated climate within Sri lanka are not the real solution to Sri Lanka's woes by way of dialogue carrying little weight towards convincing the LTTE ( a greater percentage of whom hardly understand the Endlish language!) and beyond the logistical support needed from a source such as the USA towards a push to eliminate the LTTE militarily which in the present climate seems hard to expect from both India and the EU the better it would be for the decision makers to turn to a real alternative and take charge of the terrorist situation in Sri Lanka today. Negotiating through dialogue with the LTTE, to the more discerning seems as futile as tooting a horn at a deaf elephant! in this case an ignorant murderous and bloodthirsty terrorist!

Mr Bandaranaike should really stick to what he does best!

Tour the world at the taxpayer's expense and not dabble in an area of politics far beyond his calling where he seems to have taken to soliloquising meaningless ahimsa where he should be preaching the merits of attack as the best form of defence!!



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