Are The Latest LTTE War Cries And Threats A Last Desperate Gasp Towards Their Survival ?

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Intelligence reports reveal that based on their latest information to hand, the LTTE as a desperate last resort have decided to further escalate their survival strategies by primarily propagating a scare tactic to the Nation of Sri Lanka that thery are on on the verge of launching their Eelam War IV with three main objectives:
1) To capture Jaffna;
2) To create panic in Colombo by hitting economically strategic targets; and
3) To target the newly elected President Mahinda Rajapakse.
Targeting Mahinda Rajapakse is said to be a means to create a vacuum in the leadership and confuse strategists planning to combat the next offensive of the Tamil Tigers in violation of the Ceasefire Agreement which idealogically seems as feasible as an LTTE moonshot particularly after the Lakshman Kadirgamar assassination but" hope it is said springs eternal" also in the hyena's hunger and often repelled and destroyed by waiting Lions!.

There is also the possibility that the age old Sinhala concept the 'Nadagama' has been copied by the LTTE and its propagandists towards the humorous fiction they seem to relish broadcasting as many discerning Sri Lankans seem to view it while the metaphor contained at times is even imaginatively plausible in the turbulent climate of Sri Lanka today as a self styled panacea to LTTE woes which seem to be on the increase!
While necessary measures towards National Defence need to be set in place over again,
even hypothetically this information suggests a reaching for the moon for a second time around by the terrorists who call themselves the LTTE as all these tactics have already been tried before by them where none of them have succeeded and they would have to be much better equipped both mentally and logisticalyl not to mention militarily to accomplish such stupendous feats but perhaps time appropriate for the National Defences to be on high alert towards any eventuality be it worth paying attention to in whatever measure relevant and perhaps even towards eliminating the LTTE completely and removing their contentious presence from the Nation of Sri Lanka which they realistically should have undertaken as a mission of imperative importance when the Tsunami devastated their resources in Mullattivu yet spared by time, compassion of a needless nature and circumstance and now they appear to have been recussitated even in theory!

While some of these reports also suggest that a certain Karikalan, the operative in charge of the Black Tiger Unit in Colombo, has already earmarked five suicide squad cadres who are kept in secret safe houses for highly sensitive tasks, it also has to be noted that the present huge search operation by the law enforcement agencies where a vast number of suspected LTTE operatives have been flushed out and apprehended has not been in vain and will probably continue to a much larger scale of operation now that the transparencies of the LTTE have been to a degree exposed by their verbosities and loose tongues even though the capabilities of succesful execution of these tactics probably lack credibility and leans towards their detriment and none other.

The affront and nerve of the LTTE propagandists have truly been once again portrayed through the blatant innuendo laced broadcasts they project that " in addition to Black Tiger suicide squads, operatives of Soosai’s Naval wing too are in Colombo ready to go into action "where the propaganda has been gobbled up by naively eager intelligence reporters as must have been their (LTTE's)objective which in turn has sent out a bulletin which can only be deemed effective fear mongering with little substance as such capabailites if realistically true and were ever present in the LTTE organization they would by now be in overall command of the Nation but it is as the saying goes "Always Better Safe Than Sorry" and an opportunity for the Nation's defences to ready themselves for a worst case scenario.

Whoever broadcast the news that "there are nearly two dozen of 'them' waiting in the wings to attack economic targets as well as political personalities such as Douglas Devananda, V.Anandasanagaree, the Tamil leaders, Rauff Hakeem, Muslim leader, Wimal Weerawanse, Tilvin de Silva and Somanwansa Amarasinghe of the JVP has probably achieved the sought after effect but in all probabilities has also effectively prevented the threat of any such manifestations where the alertness towards such an eventuality would be implicit and without reservation redoubled.

The so called LTTE offensives, all but pipe dreams are said to take off several economic targets in Colombo which will be targeted to completely paralyze the country and to immobilize the armed forces movements. Among the said key targets are sources of supplying energy, World Trade Centre (for the second time), Central Bank, Parliament of Sri Lanka, all the five star Hotels, Bank of Ceylon and Peoples Bank and the LTTE's Anton Balasingham and Thamilselvam who are the most likely culprits propagating such backwater bilge to all effect need to be briefed that the Nation of Sri Lanka has withstood worse and will be in readiness and should also be asked politely if they (the LTTE) need directions and tactics towards their objectives which have failed miserably during previous attempts and their fortunes this time around likely to be no better than the previous. Only, this time around there might not be any element of surprise beyond those the Sri Lankan Defences Forces might have in readiness towards repelling them in case they get too ambitious!

With reference to the 'main objective of the next LTTE offensive to capture Jaffna ' which was very nearly accomplished once, due to idiotic bungling by an incumbent President who completely misguided the Military High Command at the time and compromised the safety of the forces and military leaders appointed to the task where precious lives were lost. Military experts seem to rest assured as the synonymous assurances also go out to an anxious Nation naturally perturbed by all this idle prattle that it is wishful thinking by the LTTE and something which this time around is unlikely to happen even though the most extreme speculations which might arise as a result of the LTTE scare tactics sound alarming.

Coming from a sick, spineless and worthless former LTTE idealogue Anton Balasingham who has even fallen from previous LTTE grace and is with daggers drawn confronting his Vis a Vis Thamilchelvam the rhetoric that "Preparations are in place to stun and paralyze the Security Forces by using, what Anton Balasingham calls "special weapons" sounds like a well formulated scare tactic once again and something for the British Authorities to chew on as he is uttering such threats while ensconced in the safe haven of the United Kingdom and audaciously so! Britain also being a Nation where anti terrorism has predefined official priorities yet the terrorist idealogue Balasingham and his equally minded spouse have free passage in the UK with impunity.

While it needs further clarification towards establishing credibilities, Balasingham it is alleged has been informing his fund raising groups in UK that the LTTE are now armed with "special weapons" when they launches their next major assault on Jaffna. Prof. Peter Chalk, a leading expert on Tamil Tigers strategies, has revealed that the LTTE is the first terrorist organization to use "chemical weapons". In one of its earlier offensives it used a chemical to attack an army camp. Ironically, it backfired because the winds brought it back to the LTTE, he told a Melbourne audience in one of his lectures. Prof. Chalk formerly of the Queensland University, is now attached to the Rand Corporation.
To such an assertion the response of the Sri Lankan Defences should be implicit, totally in readiness to face such a threat where the retaliatory measures should probably be voluminous towards searching and destroying the threat in its entirety while countering the physical dangers involved where they also seek out an destroy any aerial capabilities the LTTE have been bragging about, for good measure as it is through such capabilities that the LTTE could even in theory carry out even the simplest of threats involving chemical weapons or strikes against any strategic location.

The latest intelligence reports of Armed Forces and their concern about the use of Thermo Baric weapons against them in the event of such an eventuality beyond its mythical flavour needs objective viewing towards equitably returning the same favour as the Armed Forces too are reputed to be in possesion of Thermo Baric weapons far more sophisticated and state of the art than the cheap second hand "Bar Baric!" hardware of similar design smuggled in by the LTTE from mercenary Nations who have not seen armed conflict in decades and are probably falling to disuse. The Tamil Tigers are suspected of having used Thermo Baric weapons in its latest attack on the naval boats but the speculative nature of the report has its confirmation in the end result where it has been the fire power of the Navy that has withstood these so called LTTE peashooters which idiots such as Balasingham seem to compare with Thermo Baric weapons!.

Everything points towards a war of words in the latest rhetoric which emanates from the LTTE camp despite their latest killing sprees and appear to be morally boosted by the presence of Norway as their continued champion without whom the LTTE probably have no legs to stand on as far as international, credibility is concerned. India's indifference towards Sri Lanka's needs in a militarily supportive role is probably further cause for the LTTE to even whimper about this last hurrah they seem to be aiming at and portrayed by their propagandists as a 'wanna be ' victory!but should they make that one false move towards an all out engagement of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces. it would probably be the moment they would in all their miscalculations realise as futile, perhaps even suicidal as Sri Lanka's Defence capabilities are not to be trifled with and that they are not alone by any stretch of the imagination to engage the worst the LTTE has to offer both logistically and militarily.

It would be a releasing of the highest classified information to disclose with obvious advantages to the LTTE what supportive resources Sri Lanka might have if the situation ever became one demanding this support but to say that it is there would be somewhat of an understatement!



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