Tamil Nationalist Leader P.Nedumaran's Attempts To Justify Eelam In Sri Lanka A Pro Terrorist Gesture Demanding A Punitive Response From The Authorities!

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September 2nd 2006

Perverse, loose tongued, incongruous and misleading are the terms which come to mind when reading the obtuse comments of Tamil Nationalist Movement (TNM) leader P Nedumaran who has said somewgat boldly and without much tangible justification towards it that" no force can prevent separate Tamil Eelam blossoming in Sri Lanka under the leadership of LTTE chief V Prabhakaran." This is an idiotic reference to the secessional right of a fraction of 12% or less of Tamils within Sri Lanka against 78% of the Sinhalese majority. All the more idiotic as it has been uttered at a time where the aspirations of Eelam are being gradually driven into the Indian Ocean figuratively as well as realistically towards destruction where the entire concept of Eelam seems to be evaporating into the skies of oblivion.

Nedumaran's apathetic adulation of the so called LTTE Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran( or his theatrical double perhaps!) should at this time be the furthest from his aspirations as a catalyst to divide SriL Lanka, what with his puny cohorts pretending to the world of being a non existent fire power and running helter skelter in the wake of the advancing Sri Lankan Armed forces so it must be emphasized that Eelam can never be won by distorted rhetoric, dreams and baseless wishful thinking which are merely tantamount to the ignorance of such individuals who continue to broadcast what the West would normally term sheer baloney!

All the Eelamites now seem to have left is their capability to bark and pull hairs while pleading with the Indian Authorities who have to a degree colluded with the likes of Nedumaran and Vaiko the other despot tolerated by the Indian Parliamentary enclave where he has apparently misquoted Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. Nedumaran has cross referenced Vaikos recent address at an Eelam Tamils Protection rally organised by the MDMK here recently where Vaiko has said that the recent meeting he had with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had provided hope for suffering Eelam Tamils, facing a battle between life and death. The gist of the inference of all these remonstrations by this individual suggests that Prime Minister Singh has harped on an old theme, namely that of reluctance to support Sri Lanka Militarily against the Tigers where categorically these demonstrations have accomplished nothing new in his effort to discredit the Sri Lankan Authorities or weaken their stance in their war against terrorism! The Indian Prime Minister has obviously hedged on the issue while passing the buck onto an old theme where Sri Lanka in fact does not need Indian firepower to vanquish the LTTE Tigers who are presently on the run!

Nedumaran playing the eternal ignoramus in public on the Sri Lankan Tamil issue is said to have staged a demonstration before the Sri Lankan High Commission in New Delhi . Was it a personal exposition of Kavadi, the Dravidian Dance Form some have wondered beyond a host of other theatrics more amusing than effective towards his objective of misleading his audiences about the realities of LTTE terrorism ? He is said to have accoladed himself as having done his duty not as a partyman but as a representative of Tamils where he little realises that he is somewhat of a laughing stock amongst even the more discerning Sri Lankan Tamils who know realistically that there is no succour or hope for them under any leadership involving the likes of murderous, psychopathic, megalomaiacal Velupillai Prabhakaran and that like his partner in crime Vaiko before him, his efforts too are wasted and he is more than likely to be apprehended for openly supporting terrorism in a world in umbrage against it and should watch his ephithets and brandishing of threats against the Sri Lankan Government which represents a sovereign nation and not a terror supportive Indian state such as Tamil Nadu!

When Nedumaran blatantly states that "At a time when the Eelam Tamils were facing a battle of life and death, every Tamil in the world should stand by them in this hour of crisis and express their solidarity," he seems truly disoriented with the reality of what the LTTE are now recognized for as Internationally condemned terrorists! and their being disentitled to representing all of the Sri Lankan Tamils where only a fractured minority is now said to be in affirmation of their terrorist means.

Nedumaran, who was detained under the now-repealed POTA for his pro-LTTE speeches in 2002, has more than exceeded his limits and freedoms of expression. Firstly the term ' Eelam Tamils' more a figure of speech than a definitive term and a subversion by way of insult of the dignity of freedom loving Tamils who love Sri Lanka and are not a part of the terrorist organization the LTTE which is indeed the entity facing a battle of life and death by their own seeking and to the contrary every sensible Tamil should condemn the Eelam supportive Tamils who are in fact depriving the true Tamils and their families loyal to Sri Lanka, of their freedoms towards a normal and dignified existence far removed from the horrors and insecurities projected by the LTTE who have no legitimate right towards existence.

This also provides many justifications towards a punitive response from the Indian Authorities if they are in any way concerned about such individuals propagating terrorist supportive dogma which is unacceptable to the free world which views terrorists and terrorism as entities demanding eradication!



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