LTTE Upto Their Old Tricks With Two Faced Sincerity Towards Geneva Talks !

Nandimithra Perera~ Popular Front Against Terrorism In Sri Lanka (PFATISL) For LankaWeb

Quite ironically in the face of all the success slogans posted around the world about the Sri Lankan Peace talks in Geneva, Intelligence sources in Eastern Sri Lanka have observed LTTE insurgents in training with weaponry conducting an exercise indicating a preparation for hostilities. This seems somewhat puzzling as to the timing of the exercise, particularly when the likes of Anton Balasingham and S.P Thamilsevam on behalf of the LTTE appeared to be trying to impress on the International Community and everyone involved in the Peace Process that the ceasefire agreement was being respected and that they would comply with all the requisites or was it a mere illusion?

It also seems to indicate the nature of oafs the LTTE per se are comprised of with no consideration to the protocols involved in a post Peace Talks perspective this soon after they have taken place! And if these are the likes of individuals together with the mentalities which promulgate pompous sincerities towards a lasting peace with a totally different agenda in mind, as this is what the exercises seem to indicate, what credibilities can they be granted beyond being dubbed a pair of insincere buffoons upto their old tricks with beaming faces, warm handshakes and helping themselves to the perks of a paid holiday in Switzerland at the Taxpayers's expense while their goons back in Sri Lanka together with the main goon hiding in the Wanni prepare for hostilities which makes the pair of Balasingham and Tahamilsevam the laughing stock of the Tamil Tiger Organization and thenTamil Tiger Organization per se a bunch of incomprehensible goons!

The latest reports indicate that the exercises conducted in Kanjikudichcharu which is a stronghold of the LTTE in Eastern Sri Lanka and bears testimony to what many analysts have said all along, about the insincerities of the LTTE. They avail themselves of all the concessions the Sri Lankan Government affords them albeit befuddling, including great tolerance in the face of huge provocations where they are given VIP treatment when they should realistically be scuttled , their bluff called and routed with a completely different approach towards dealing with them lest the manouevres of the Government fall marginally short of becoming a mere charade, a comedy of errors and a total farce!

The report which has been posted by many international news agencies indicate that, quoting specifically from ANN(Asia News Network) "Almost immediately after the talks between the Sri Lankan Government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in Geneva ended last week, a large scale battle drill was in progress in the LTTE-controlled Kanjikudichcharu area, intelligence sources said yesterday (Feb 27). Sources monitoring LTTE message exchanges have said the operation was a large-scale mock attack on an Army camp, with search operations and an ambush drill also part of the exercise."All identified area leaders and other cadres had taken part in the exercise. Mortars, RPGs (rocket-propelled grenades) and LMGs (light machine-guns) were used for this operation; live firing had also been monitored by intelligence personnel in the area," sources said. Kanjikudichcharu is a stronghold of the LTTE in the East." end quote.

Considering the immediate responses delivered by the Karuna Faction led by Col. Karuna that they are not prepared to disarm as a precondition or aftermath to the talks and indicated by the LTTE representation at Geneva specifically, Col. Karuna has said that their primary objective would be to preserve the integrity of the true and sincere Tamils of Sri Lanka non aligned to the mendacious Wanni LTTE tigers. This probably sends out a clear message to all concerned who object to their existence that Karuna and his men are not prepared to lay down arms and capitulate to demands if the LTTE continue to have free access to their objectives!This furthe relevates the credence that their being around might not be a bad idea at all towards the well being of Sri Lanka , particularly when they seem to be the ultimate deterrent towards any further LTTE attrocities in the overall scheme of things and a buffer towards any LTTE ambitions towards their real cause! A point in case for the Sri Lankan Government to note at a time when the LTTE once again are attempting to make a mockery of the Rajapakse Administration while pretending to pay obeisance to the direction being taken by it cheered on by an undiscerning International Community~ which all the current shenanigans of the LTTE are tantamount to!

It has been very clear from the inception of the Geneva Talks that the LTTE representation's primary objective was to demand the incarceration of the 'paramilitaries' as they call them in reference to the Karuna Faction and possibly their ultimate nemesis towards continued LTTE progress and the sabre rattling of the LTTE indicated by these latest exercises could be an indication of dissent that their request to dismantle Karuna has not been viably acceded to by the Government of Sri Lanka. The duo of Balasingham and Thamilselvan have had the affront to indicate that theirs will be a brief waiting period ere they might return to hostilities should the Governnment not dance to their tunes which gives the Government of Sri Lanka food for thought that in response to what appears to be a lot of LTTE bluff there may come a time to respond to their bluff in a more affirmative manner in calling it through every means available!



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