What Sri Lanka Needs Towards Posterity

Dutugemunu Perera
World Council Of Sinhala Peers
For LankaWeb

The Nation of Sri Lanka today is embroiled in a struggle for its survival towards posterity from many adversities, from a burgeoning population, ethnic diversities, natural calamities, the jockeying for power by pseudo patriotic wannabe political leaders and most distressingly the scourge of insurgent laced, nation destructive terrorism.

It has now been over four decades that Sri Lanka has had to contend with the organizations of minority dissent , particularly from sections of the tamil community where the majority Sinhalese have never been permitted to govern their Nation peacefully and amicably towards the best interests of all its citizens. Sri Lankans by nature are a dissatisfied lot, never settling for the basic necessities of life and being content with what the Nation has provided for them which has been further hampered by the division of the class structure, communalism and the disparity between the haves and havenots which has prevailed over time imemorial or at least going back to the era that Sri Lanka gained independence from her last colonial master Great Britain.

It has to be admitted discerningly by those who fully comprehend the realities surrounding the Nation of Sri Lanka today that the greatest wrong Sri Lanka has been hard done by mainly through her own neglect and to a degree some of her allies is the unavoidable existence of a group of armed and considered dangerous terrorist from the Tamil community within the land. A miniscule factional representation as a visible minority of the Nation's total population amounting statistically and numerically to less than 20 percent of the whole who have over a period of time attempted without success to overrun the Nation, its Sinhala mjority and its resources towards their own advantages and selfish reckoning that they have an entitlement towards self government through the division of Sri Lanka which has thus far not manifested itself into any semblance of reality.With thanks to the resilience of the Sinhala people which has prevailed over all their oppressors and the wisdoms of its true patriotic peers it is a means which needs to be further supplemented towards creating an impenetrable bastion of a Sinhala Power Structure which has to be formulated and constructed through Sinhala Unity and an undivisible committment towards preserving the Nation of Sri Lanka, its rich culture and natural beauty which has been the cynosure as well as the envy of many eyes that have come into direct contact with them and a cause enough for all proud Sri Lankans led by the indomitable Sinhalese towards the continued preservation of the Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity of their land while synonymously dealing effectively with those who attempt to destroy what Sri Lanka is and has been for eternity, the Resplendent Land.

What Sri Lanka needs to overcome predominantly over all else is the threat to her resources, freedom loving people and continued state of sovereign existence by the LTTE terrorists who are trying incessantly to ursurp and an ironic manifestation considering the odds they face towards their objectives should all the measures set in place to quell and put down Global Terrorism by the International Community and its lawmakers was also applicable to Sri lanka without reservation and double standards.

Surely it has to be accepted by all concerned who have even a fractional desire to rid the world of terrorism and are in a capacity to initiate proceedings towards this very justifiable, and in Sri Lanka's case, imperative cause that they cannot hedge or prevaricate over the issue anymore. There are alarming signs presently that Sri Lanka is being subjected to a great level of stress and provocations through the LTTE terrorist whose transparencies are visible beyond their mantle of cover where there is every resource available to nullify their existence and rid the Nation of their unwelcome presence but for some curious reason never pursued in an effective manner where the concept of tolerance and passive resignation seems to be the order of the day.

To add to the chagrin of Sri Lanka's woes in this respect, She has mistakenly and somewhat unfortunately engaged the assistance of resources such as the involvement of Nations which have their sympathies leaning heavily in favour of Her adversaries and the problems related compounded consequently.Thes so called insincere benefactors who have all but imposed further adversities upon the nation through their presence need to be jettisoned at this stage from further involvement in Sri lankan affairs to be replaced by more moderate representation towards Sri Lanka's well being without a conflict of interests.

Perhaps it is time appropriate for Sri Lanka to face upto her terrorist related adversties with a defiant and relentless campaign to rid the nation completely of its terrorist menace and go the distance even alone if necessary towards this cause in the fervent hope that subsequent assistance from allies towards it would be forthcoming as eventually it would have been for a common cause and a worthy one as the Nation will never be able to rest its proverbial head as long as the terrorist elements are permitted free passage within the nation and are tolerated to the extent of impunity and the consequences academic!
The justification for this rests on the reality that these are terrorists with whom negotiation and dialogue have failed and they show no interest towards renouncing terrorism and their objectives towards subjugating the Nation through their terrorist means which is unacceptable to any society within the norms of freedom, human rights and the entitlements of every decent law abiding citizen of any land !

"Breathes There a man who never to himself has said, this is my land ! my own Native Land!"



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