Report Suggesting LTTE Arrogation Of Land In The North And East Needs InvestigationTowards Credibilities~ Those of the LTTE And The Writer!

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11th March 2006

According to a Hindustan Times of India news item by its Colombo corresondent PK Balachandran dated March 10, 2006 the LTTE has enforced its own land laws in Sri Lanka and perhaps a testing time for the Sri Lankan Administration to lay bare the the credibilities of this assumption to assure the people of Sri Lanka that it is probably no more than speculation on the part of the writer who is fast gaining a reputation as a controversial reporter with pro LTTE sympathies as what is being implied in this item is that the brigands of the LTTE with absolutely no authority to initiate any such actions have ridiculed the Sri Lankan Administration in a first step towards secession starting with the so called areas controlled by the LTTE and is catgorically challenging the Sri Lankan Administration to take effective action and an immediate response towards dismantling any such de facto attempts to initiate any authoritative power which the LTTE have no entitlement to!!

Consequently the effective action necessary towards asserting the National Government's overall authority within Sri Lanka needs to be jump started towards dismantling and cleaning up any areas within the territory of Sovereign Sri Lanka and has to include whatever measures necessary or face the world with the humiliating reality that what the the LTTE have probably initiated by way of thought according to this news item is an arrogation beyond any legislative accords permitting them to this arrogant(no pun intended) and bold action. Therefore everything else the Government profesess as its sole sovereign right becomes farcial at best and hypothetical beyond the control of the Governing President where abrogation of all the ambitions of the LTTE which may even need a direct confrontation by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces has to be effected despite the metaphors towards patience !

The consummatel question needing to be asked here as applicable to the Sovereign Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka, a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations within which all legalities and charters concerning the governance of Sri lanka are ensconced what rights does an outlawed and proscribed illegal entity such as the LTTE have towards initiatinfg and laying down any laws within Sovereign Sri lankalet alone laws to govern land rights and land distribution in the areas under its alleged control in Sri Lanka.
According to this news item the laws have come into force on Friday,where the rebel outfit's law department( this is now beginning to sound like humor of a teledrama!) has said in a notification, according to the Tamil daily Sudar Oli another contentious and flybynight LTTE supportive Newsengine which is courting the government towards initiating post litigatory dismantling proceedings with its tendency to publicise inflammatory material and an action which could well be made manifest through the Prevention of Terrorism Act if the measure was implemented !

It is upto the Sri Lanka Administration in the event of any truth in the information conveyed by the Balachandran news item to assert the nation of Sri lanka that there are no such implementable laws which either the LTTE or Balachandran have concocted where, the LTTE has no conceivable right to arrogated any acquisition of land for "public purposes", to distribute land among the landless, re-allocate refugees' lands to relatives of their choice, and to' fix' land prices as the only fixing which needs to be done in the event of even the semblance of an attempt in this direction needs to be one which straightens out the LTTE aspirations if any and to discourage the pipe dream they seem to be envisioning and has been picked up by their sycophant Balachandran!

All Sri Lankan Tamils and the International Community need to be gently reminded if necessary that the LTTE have no entitlement to take any steps which project them into any authoritative control of any territory within Sovereign Sri Lanka on the assumption that the Sri Lankan Government's machinery does not function in the LTTE-controlled areas in North and East Sri Lanka in the same way as it does in other parts of the country which is a huge speculation as the new Administration of Mahinda Rajapakse has reiterated time and time again that under his dictate there will be no such unilateral actions permissible to the LTTE, that they will not be tolerated beyond a need to address them directly if the situation presents itself and that it is a trifling with of Sri Lanka's sole right to govern and administer her Sovereign territoty .

The Government's presence may be minimal, if not absent in these areas as outlined by the news item in question. There is indeed a Government Agent (like a District Magistrate or District Collector), but his functions may be minimal. That the Sri Lankan police and legal structure are absent as a tour de force in these areas a huge error of misadventure due to the ignorant policies of the previous Wickremasinghe Government under the Presidential direction of Chandrika Kumaratunga who swept under the carpert the imoportance of being earnest towards maintaining Sri Lanka's Sovereign entitlements in the North and East while also compromising the efficiencies of very forceful Armed Forces leadership who had the capabilities of overrunning the LTTE under their command! and perhaps inadvertently bartered away the power of authoritythrough neglect to the unscrupulous terrorists of the LTTE where beyond the shadow of a doubt they need to be wrested back!

That the Sri Lankan Police are barred from entering the LTTE-controlled areas once again is misadventure on the part of the previous administration whose neglect towards maintaining the needed authorities without prioritising them provided erroneous carte blanche assumed by the LTTE towards having its own courts, laws and police to administer areas under its control making a mockery of the administrative infrastructure of Sovereign Sri Lanka.

If all of these purported manifestations are a creation of a platform indicative of the LTTE's desire to show the world that it is in full control of the land it occupies they surely need to be hastily disillussioned of the assumption which it is tantamount to and should be sent scurrying like the pack of rats they truly are with nowhere to run as somewhere down the road the Rajapakse Administration and all the powers that be in support of Sri Lanka's Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity need to unite towards the cause!!

This would indeed be a testing of the Administration's patience but the root cause for the dilemma based on the so called arrogation of LTTE in imperative need of affirmative action or at best some investigation. If to the contary the hue and cry of the Balachandran report turns out to be mere hearesay the affirmative action probably needs to be switched towards booting out the rabble rousing nature of this individual from the confines of Sri Lanka!



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