New York Based ~Human Rights Watch's Exposure Of The LTTE Long Overdue!

Nandimithra Perera ~Popular Front Against Terrorism In Sri Lanka (PFATISL) For LankaWeb

It is not only the The plight of the Tamils in the diaspora threatened by the LTTE which has at last been documented and exposed by the New York based Human Rights Watch as reported by the Asian Tribune but also the blatant indiscretions which have continued for decades by these so called Western Nations who pawned the plight of the non LTTE supportive Tamils towards their own purposes and projected many undiscerning innocent victims to live in fear and uncertainty. All kudos to HRW and may their projected aspirations towards truly exposing the LTTE as well as any other similar outfits of terror and mayhem result in the complete eradication of International terrorism.This is a small step in the right direction which will undoubtedly be rewarded greatly and from which Sri Lanka is bound to benefit immensely alongside all other countries plagued with the wretched manifestations and infestations of global terrorism!

Significantly the complaints of Tamil expatriates threatened, intimidated and attacked, either in the diaspora or in Sri Lanka, were for a long time ignored by Western Governments, though they knew what was happening under their noses particularly in countries such as Canada now turning about face with the new Harper Administration adopting a zero tolerance attitude, Australia which seems divided over tolreance and the UK wishy wash at best as the continued tolerance of Anton Balasingham's antics and the permission granted towards his covert terrorist supportive activities in the UK seem to attest to.Shameful manifestations of abject apathy on the part of the Administrations of these countries and mercifully the real truth about the goings on of LTTE activities overseas have now been exposed to lend credence towards their complete global banning if any sense or sensibility is to prevail over the overall reality that these are mendacious, ruthless, directionless (other than towards their wretched objectives and survival) and conscienceless criminals who have wreaked havoc on a Sovereign Nation and projected global criminalities through the concept of suicide bombing which they alone pioneered as the world now helplessly watches some of the ramifications almost on a daily basis!

Beyond the shadow of a doubt and taking into consideration the many intelligence reports which have surfaced over the years about Norway's role as harbingers of LTTE conceived idealogies, Norway has indeed been one of the largest LTTE sympathisers where the LTTE held sway in a most inconceivable symbiosis with the Norwegian Government which continued to turn a blind eye on all LTTE attrocities committed for decades and ignored many complaints from very credible sources.

One time Norwegian chief representative in the Sri Lankan Peace Process assigned to monitor rather than execute policies towards resolving the ethnic issue as part of the SLMM, Erik Solheim can be labelled one of the chief culprits as pointed out on many occassions by dissenting yet discerning Tamils expatriates and other vehemently opposed sections of the Sri Lankan establishment of his bifurcated attitude which leaned heavily in favour of the LTTE but he repeatedly turned a blind eye to cover up for his LTTE sympathies and the skulduggery of the LTTE continued. Remarkably even to this day he has been able to pull the wool over some of the Sri Lankan hierarchy that his intentions are noble towards the cause of Sri Lanka's Peace when in reality it is as insincere as the Devil's itself.

It has to be reiterated in as far as the question posed by the latest expose by the Human Rights Watch ~ "What will the Western Governments do collectively to bring the LTTE agents to book.'Will it be mere lip service once again by some that the LTTE are involved in a peace process and has to be further tolerated or will they toe the line of the USA and the UK that their continued attrocities will be met head on and quashed!? Questions needing implicit answers in the very near future!

The LTTE are on rather thin ice if a recent statistics report compiled by intelligence sources are accurate within a marginal error factor that their entire cadre ensemble amounts to no more tha 1300 + insurgents and subversives and that they appear to be pulling off a huge bluff aided and abeted by countries like Norway that they are powerful enough to overrun the Sri Lankan Armed Forces, something which has been refuted by the powerful status quo of Sri Lankan Defence and its leaders.

The world has finally awoken to what the LTTE really stand for, as reports continue to flood in of a desperate fund raising campaign globally towards a final Eelam War and contrary to the circumstances in the past where individuals coerced by the LTTE caved into their intimidations through fear of reprisals today there are many dissenting Tamil Expatriates prepared to stand up to the LTTE and deny their demands very bravely and nobly towards the collective well being of their motherland.

It is hoped that the New York based Human Rights Watch has now set the ball rolling in the right direction through their exposure of the LTTE in their truest of colours and that the Government of Sri Lanka will be prompted to move accordingly to expunge the evils of the LTTE through appropriate means rather than dancing to their tunes and those of Norway where the Nation of Sri Lanka will finally be eradicated of the vermin that continues to plague her well being and those of all her citizens who are in great need of restitution for their sufferings at the hands of the LTTE!

It now seems an imperative responsibility for the Sri Lankan Government combined with the fullest support from all its Western allies to protect all Tamil Expatriates as a bounden duty towards them for their courageous stand in the face of the LTTE threat which continues to hamper their peaceful existences whether in domestic enclaves or internationally and nations such as Canada and Norway amongst others should atone for their sins of ommission towards the cause and join hands with all the nations in condemnation of the LTTE who continue to remain fully armed unrelenting terrorists for whom there is neither a place in Sri Lanka nor in any global environment! towards acceptance as a legal entity !



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