Vaiko's Lopsided Utterances Put Into Perspective

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22nd August 2006

Mercifully the world does not have too many Vaikos who in their rabidity constantly bark at a moon beyond their comprehension and carries standards and banner in favour of terrorism with it.This is a man who exercises his free speech beyond the limits of rational human endurance and needs either to be gagged or cuffed and thrown in jail for his anarchist statements against a sovereign nation and somewhat surprising that the more moderate and sensible within the Indian Status quo tolerates him with impunity!

Acording to Vaiko's lopsided rationale, Tamil Eelam, a separate nation for Tamils, "is the only solution to the Sri Lankan Tamils issue as Vaiko has said rather ignorantly in an address to the media but then the man is given to his loose tongued oratory on such a regular basis that many have now drawn conclusions that he is not only a terrorist supporter but an inciter and fomenter of violence and unrest and a thorn in any democracy from which removal seems imperative in the best interests of both India and Sri Lanka.

In his address at a public meeting at Chennai last night, Vaiko has flayed the advocacy towards a solution within the framework of a united Sri Lanka and said only the Tamils of the island nation had the right to decide their destiny. These are Tamils comprising of 12% or less of the total population of Sri Lanka where not all of them are for secession. In fact a greater proportion now seem to believe that secession would be the worst thing for their well being unde murderousr megalomaniac despotic leader Velupillai Prabhakaran who does not even have the courage to come out of hiding let alone lead a community so what is Vaiko blabbering about short of backwater bilge and sewer wash which seems only acceptable by a handful of radicals like himself!

There can be no question that the Sri Lankan Tamils have any right to decide for themselves being the disrupted and fragmented minority they are within Sovereign Sri Lanka and mostly now scattered around the globe.Perhaps Vaiko might extend an open invitation to the residue of Tamils in Sri lanka to take up abode in Tamil Nadu while the Sri Lankan armed forces continue their mopping up operation to rid Sri Lanka of the terrorist vermin the LTTE whom he champions so verbosely and misguidedly.

To utter balderdash such as "The final battle for Tamil Eelam is on and LTTE is capable of winning a separate nation for Tamils on their own. We want the LTTE to win and they will be victorious", makes Vaiko sound like a bigger idiot than previously thought and the likes of him should be nailed to a billboard and exposed to the world stage as an idiot who by far outphases the concept of "village idiot" as this is an urban idiot with a loose toungue which sometimes spews dangerously seditious statements and in doing so also foments the fires of hatred between the miniscule minority Tamils and the Majority Sinhalese in Sri Lanka!

He has also had the affront to state that "Tamils should have the same rights as Sinhalese. If Sinhalese can have a separate nation in the island, why not the Tamils, who were the orginal habitants of Sri Lanka before Sinhalese settled there," where he seems to dispute indelible history about the origins of the Sinhalese race and their entitlements to the nation of Sri Lanka as their inherent right where the Tamils were merely Dravidian invaders from South India and the contradiction While there has been in Sri Lanka an accord which has always granted equality to Tamils within Sri Lanka and known universally despite the false propaganda Vaiko and his ilk seem to enjoy propagating towards a lost cause there can be no denying the fact that this individual seems to be displaying the height of ignorance and apathy about Sri Lankan matters way beyond his comprehension!

The irony of it all however is the reality that his champions the LTTE are beinfg decimated by the armed forces presently in Sri lanka and are running helter skelter some of them into the hands of the Armed Forces for their own personal safety and a mere matter of time when the concept of the LTTE will be no more within sovereign Sri Lanka!



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