Threats Against The Sri Lankan Government By LTTE Spokesperson, Ignorant and Unacceptable!

© Sunil Kumara - Popular Front Against Terrorism In Sri Lanka (PFATISL) for LankaWeb October 22nd 2006

" They also bare fangs in frustration these cornered subhumans in adversity inasmuch as the felines they name themselves after in desperate and apathetic fashion who set upon the innocent and the unarmed in mendacious disposition and the only fate which awaits them is their ultimate annihilation should they fail to seek a civilised alternative"

When one hears reports that Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers have once again threatened to extend their battle against government troops across the Island saying they would do so if Colombo "wants a war" it needs to be put into perspective that LTTE defiance continues to be animated despite the cards being stacked heavily against their favour and that the world is also listening to their rhetoric!

It must also be emphasized to the world audiences to whom The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam continue to mislead through their playacting that they the(LTTE) are prepared to accept war or peace and are awaiting the Government's move on the future of the conflict which according to the latest AFP report makes it sound as though the LTTE are at the controls of Sri Lanka's dilemma with terrorism and the voicings of LTTE terrorist mouthpiece Rasiah Ilanthiriyan carrirs a familiar ring of derision laced speculative innuendo.By no means are the LTTE in control of the unfolding of day to day events in Sri Lanka where to the contrary despite a few sporadic LTTE incursions the Sri lankan Armed Forces are in total charge and the LTTE are still in hiding in the Wanni!

Perhaps a minor rephrasing of this bulletin by the AFP reporting on Ilianthiriyan's verbositymight be in order to suggest that"If the Sri Lankan government really wants to initiate an offensive against the terrorists which does not constitute a war and is a retaliation against terrorist attrocities, it will certainly initiate it anywhere it sees fit in the island and does not have to wait for an auspicious moment or an invitation from the LTTE!It so happens that the Government of Sri Lanka abides by the protocols of a signed peace accord despite its invalidity by virtue of continued LTTE provocations and has exercised great restraint at a time when the LTTE are so desperately trying to portray to the world that they are the victims rather than the perpetrators of terror related crimes against a peace loving Nation and are the entity needing to be taken to task.

When Ilanthiriyan suggests that "If they want peace, Tamil people must feel they have peace," he circumvents the stark reality that the LTTE no longer have a mandate to speak on behalf of all the Tamil people where a vast number of the community are more interested in distancing themselves from the criminalities of the LTTE and want no part of them.

It is fast becoming an illusion that the terrorists who are fighting more for their own survival rather than the misrepresented claim that they are fighting for a separate homeland for the Tamil minority in a conflict which has caused mayhem in Sri Lanka at the cost of thousands of lives and a very poor attempt to extract world sympathies where in a single breath of contradiction this LTTE spokesperson has endorsed a willingness towards violence in the pursuit of peace. Had he suggested a willingness to lay down arms and armaments, cease hostilities and denounce secessionist objectives towards the well being of a united Sri Lanka and all her citizens, he may have gained some respect for his efforts but as it is he has portrayed himself as a mindless criminal alongside the rest of his ilk through his threatening rhetoric which should not carry much weight towards any objective benevolent to Sri Lanka as a whole except a need to be vigilant and ready to crush any LTTE attempts to disrupt the normal order in Sri Lanka and a point which needs to be emphasized to great intensity.
The President of Sri Lanka in his recent addresses to the Nation has not minced his words when he has indicated that the Government will never compromise the Nation's security , sovereignity and territorial integrity in order to barter with a group of condemned terrorists despite his compassionate and magnanimoous willingness to negotiate peace with the Tamil Community which should ideally be without LTTE involvement due to their criminal identity and may it be well understood by those who do not comprehend or are deliberately unwilling to do so that the reality of the Presidents words go beyond negotiations with any terrorists and that the inference needs to be made in corelation to the peace loving Tamils in Sri Lanka and around the world who have chosen to denounce LTTE terrorism!

In this respect Rasiah Iliyanthiran should be well advised not to broadcast falsely represented LTTE propaganda where they neither have the means to wage an all out terror campaign to any LTTE advantage within Sri Lanka without great distress to their personal well being( of little consequence to the well being of the Nation!) nor will the criminal intent behind his rhetoric go unnoticed where he needs to be indicted for uttering seditious threats against a Sovereign Democracy by way of unsubstantiable ansd wishful thinking.

Confronting the Armed Forces therefore would seem like a death wish which many of the LTTE seem to be carrying as of late in the face of their wasted efforts to overrun Sri lanka towards their criminal intent where if they relent and change objectives towards rational thought which sees the futility of terrorism as opposed to joining mainstream society as civilised human beings it would certainly seem to be the better alternative to their quest for Eelam !



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