Rajapaksha Administration Dancing To The Tunes Of The LTTE! While India Adds To The Confusion!

Suranimala Perera ~ World Council Of Sinhala Peers Inc. ~ For LankaWeb

23rd June 2006

Rediffusion India reports June 22, 2006 that Sri Lanka agrees to remove EU truce monitors In an effort to keep the threadbare peace process on track, Sri Lankan government on Thursday caved in to a Tamil Tiger demand of removing the European truce monitors, who branded the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam as terrorists, from the island nation but said it should be done in six months instead of one.

Once again, based on the credibilities of this report there seems to be that near idiosyncratic trait so very apparent amongst the Sinhala Race of prevarication on key issues at administrative level and never being clear cut on policy.When the issue is terrorist related in a world completely contemptuous towards terrorism, Sri Lanka harbors them, pays homage to them and tolerates their objectionable presence within the nation and whats mind boggling is that the terrorists make hay over the issue and continue their killing sprees so what is wrong with our Sinhala Administrations? And why is it that India has suddenly changed heart towards indicating an unhealthy empathy with the terror group which assassinated one of her much loved leaders rather than going after them?

In the aftermath of the Presidential Elections which many thought heralded in a new era of hope for the nation there were great expectations! Where previous bungling policy makers such as JR Jayawardena, Ranasinghe Premadasa, Chandrika Kumaratunga and last but by no means least, Ranil Wickremasinghe at least in theory were supposed to have been phased out. There diid remain however that fine bastion of Sri lankan courage at leadership level of the late Mme. Sirimavo Bandaranaike whose memory alone asserts a red badge of courage deserving even posthumously on how she would have handled the many crises Sri Lanka was subjected to and perhaps a role model for some of the present leaders!A shining example which sadly has been discarded for knee bending and derrirere licking!

Sadly and to the surprise of many discerning minds, the latest replacement of Lankan leadership Mahinda Rajapaksha is fast turning out to be an equally adept bungler who seems to be hanging onto the boot laces of his predecessors and foreign peers, has no clear cut policy on how to deal with the terrorist problem and continues to dance to their tunes rather than being assertive about expressing contentions towards the continued terrorist presence in Sri Lanka. It almost appears as though the present administration much like its foregoing also prefers to prevaricate over the demands of the LTTE and at times seems to ask them how high when asked to jump.This said in particular reference to their insiduous objections to the Scandinavian monitors from European Union nations continuing to remain part of the of the Peace Agreement's mission.

Rather than caving into LTTE demands they realistically should be asked to "Go To Hell" and given a helping hand to get there if necessary!

The Terrorists should consider themselves fortunate that they have not been hounded out of their existences and that the Government of Sri Lanka continues to give them leeway towards a negotiated settlement to the ethnic crisis after all their crimes against the State as well as humanity and prefers to be conciliatory rather than take the extreme path towards their elimination as a result of their refusal to co-operate to the norms which govern civilised society. This given all the tenets and facilities of military capability which has been set in place after the LTTE were almost decimated in their encounters with the Tsunami and the desertions of the Karuna Factor!

Sri Lanka as a result of Administrative inefficiency consequently continues to suffer at the hands of a motley bunch terrorists who should be completely eliminated rather than bartered to or bargained with as nothing the International Community demands or the threats of foreign aid providers will assert the reality that Sri Lanka could ever remain a democratic and free nation as long as it provides a safe have for internationally condemned terrorists and shows inefficiency towards handling its own policies towards confronting the LTTE with her own resources.

When the JVP calls for a ban of LTTE activity within Sri Lanka in the same manner as the other Nations which have proscribed them, the Rajapakse Administration slams the door in their face and continues to palaver to the terrorists almost as if he has trepidations about dealing with them with a hint of cowardice unbecoming of the stoic and defiant southerner he professes to be!Regardless of the label of being radical perhaps undeservedly so, earned by the JVP they continue to remain the singlemost patriotically dedicated politicians within Sri Lanka who seem to be on the right track towards Sri Lanka's posterity where they foresee the dangers of harboring the LTTE any further in Sri Lanka and quite correctly so according to many analysts willing to bypass the necessity of avoiding conflict on the basis that the prevailing peace always has been pseudo and will continue to ne a circumspect and uneasy one!Give the JVP due credit they deserve it!

When the LTTE who by now should have been sent packing towards oblivion by every norm of rationality are still lingering in Sri lanka seemingly dictating terms to the Rajapakse Administration something seems out of place and order and needs to be corrected! A foul odor of circumspect trepidations remain which restrains and stifles the Administration's decision making as a unilateral one considering the Sovereign status of Sri lanka wheremost ironically being the Administration of a Sovereign Nation sems to be a mere figure of speech!.

Reitrating once more that from the south of Sri Lanka to add to the chagrin of the Nation there is superpower India once again rumbling dissent at what goes on in Sri lanka over the ethnic crisis and individuals such as Vaiko and Jayalalitha bemoaning the perils of the "Poor Tamil Populace ' in Sri lanka quite forgetting that Sri Lanka is a predominantly Sinhala Nation of residual Tamils who are agitating through their terrorist counterparts to ursurp the smooth functioning of the Sinhala nation which has always been benevolent towards their needs.If this be the case why does India, Vaiko and Jayalalitha and the rest of the bandwagon not invite the ' Poor Tamil Populace 'of Sri Lanka to emigrate to Tamil Nadu their traditional homeland and leave the nation of Sri Lanka in peace in the absence of enthusiasm to remain a dedicated part of mainstream Sri Lankan society ?At which time the Sri lanka Armed Forces could step in and begin mopping up operations to clean out Sri lanka of its wretched terrorist menace if they still continue to linger in their jungle bunkers and reclaim the so called of LTTE controlled areas in the North and South.

Perhaps the very reason India has taken this latest stance of sympathy towards Sri Lankan Tamils in all probabilities rests on an anticipated weakness on the part of the present administration to make decisions on its own and stand upto all the adversities posed by the terrorists and their supportive Tamil community! India should by rights back off interfering intio the internal affairs of Sri Lanka where their only obligation should be to help rid Sri Lanka and the entire South Asian Region of the LTTE terrorism and if they are hesitant to respond to the cause are better off minding their own business!

There has however been a somewhat diluted response from the Government of Sri Lanka indicative of at least a semblance of objection to the present goings on where it has been quoted that"The government's peace secretariat in a statement has said the Tigers' demand to remove monitors from three European Union member states, which banned the Tigers as terrorists in May was unethical" end quote but negates the integrity of the response by saying also that" they agreed to go along." which is a contradiction of the euphemism!

Continuing to ridicule their image as stoic defenders of Sri Lanka's moral obligation towards standing upto terrorists imperiling the nation, the GOSL states further that" However, "We hope the LTTE would reconsider its position and agree to Norway's more practical and reasonable suggestion (to replace them in six months)," it has been reported. The peace secretariat has also said the LTTE wanted the Danish, Finnish and Swedish monitors removed within a month and has responded by saying. "This is an unreasonable demand that ignores the service provided by the group of Scandinavian monitors to Sri Lanka's peace process and is oblivious to the realities of international relations. In order to ensure the effective monitoring of the Ceasefire Agreement as well as to advance the peace process, it is highly impractical to expect that these changes could be effected within a one month period as demanded by the LTTE," it said. Government spokesman and Media Minister Anura Yapa has also said it was "unreasonable" for the Tiger rebels to demand the removal of ceasefire monitors from three European Union member states -- Denmark, Finland and Sweden.




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