The Musings Of A Fool As Thamilselvam Barks Again!But Who Needs To Take Cover, The SLAF Or Himself ?

© Hindsight By Sunil Kumara for LankaWeb ~Sept 27th 2006

Nothing exclusive about the Singaporean Tamil daily which is another front for the LTTE on foreign soil and nothing new for the braggart SP Thamilselvam to bleat about their losses, cite Army exaggerations each time they face the crunch and take a severe beating by the Armed Forces and utter idle threats about reclaiming lost territory as it simply will not happen!" Hey paiyan put your money where your mouth is! Did you not say the same about recapturing Jaffna and Trincomalee so what happened? Did you run out of supplies and cadre or did you defect in fear for your lives?"

This war you threaten, will it be fought behind the sarees of the women in your camp and the loin cloths of your child recruits and the aged or are you planninig it for the next world? Where have you in recent times other than being the recipients of it, seen" utter defeat" for the Sri Lankan Army other than in your dreams while not specifying when it would be launched ? so dream on!

Perhaps you need to tone down your rhetoric and follow a different path towards your survival as it could be curtains for you and your miserable cowardly buddies who call themselves liberators who now appear to be the entity in need of desperate liberation from the Sri Lankan armed forces and the wrath of God himself should your attitude of desperation continue!

You seem to emphasize the need for both sides to start peace talks where it also a painful fact of life that the LTTE also known as Tamil Tigers are continuing covert and cowardly attrocities and failing miserably to acheive objectives and the Sri Lanka Army engaged in retaliatory action during the last few days have given you a foretaste of a much greater and concerted offensive to follow should you not relent, laydown arms , denounce objectives which are unattainable within sovereign Sri Lanka rehabilitate and civilise yourselves sufficiently to meet the standards of all freedom loving Sri Lankan where as an alternative you and your cadre will either be completely annihilated or banished from the nation which holds you in such contempt!

You are up a dead end street as far as your attempts to destroy Sri Lanka goes and the longer you continue your attempts towards this objective the greater the chances you and your motley bunch will be wiped out permanently so that sane, ordinary and distinguished citizens of Sri lanka alike which also incorporates the Tamils who do not support the LTTE and hold them in utter contempt could live their lives unimpeded by your terrorist ilk in the future!

You say your lot do not take the Sri Lankan Armed Forces seriously but if this be the case why are you running into the jungles and leaving your underpants broken weapons and dead comrades fallen by the wayside without even pausing to retreive them? Is this your credo of wretched worthless terrorism where every mongrel runs to save his rear in the wake of the advancing tour de force? as the mad dog runs away from the dogcatcher where no analogies about you could be drawn to any canine let alone the big cat you have the nerve to name yourselves after.

Have you not heard the latest call that" Thamilselvam and his cronies including that bovine who hides in the jungles and calls himself a leader should tone down their worthless rhetoric about strike capabilities to overcome the Sri Lankan Armed Forces which is mere daydreaming and braggardly speculation based on frustrations and desperation and find a place to hide as your days are surely numbered!"

Now The question might also asked objectively that " WhenThamilselvam barks in this manner who needs to take cover? The Sri Lankan Armed Forces or himself and is he now transformed into a one man army capable of defeating the SLAF? Surely the vain musings of a fool!



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