A Shocking Disclosure About An Individual Who Once had Carte Blanche To Do Whatever He Deemed Fit Involving The Peace Agreement In Sri Lanka!

Insight By Sunil Kumara for LankaWeb

Once again the good Norwegians also known as the anti terrorist faction calling themselves Norwegians Against Terrorism (NAT) who have been explicitly outspoken about Norway's double standards in the role played as Peace Monitors of the Sri Lankan Peace Process have come forward with another shocking exposure further to some of the related subject matter in LankaWeb's Latest Weekly Editorial concerning Norway! This time of the man whom the likes of Ranil Wickremasinghe and Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge and even sections of the High Buddhist Clergy were completely hoodwinked by as a genuine peace activist when in reality he was a panderer to the impure, mendacious and criminal idealogies of the Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) and part of an astoundingly ambivalent agenda's of Norway real objectives in Sri Lanka one which favoured the LTTE towards what Norway would stand to gain as perks ! ~ A certain Eric Solheim onetime chief negotiator of the Sri Lankan Peace Process whose name continues to pop up as a 'worthwile' go between even now albeit speculatively by a misguided few, is food for thought for the Sri Lankan Administration to be very cautious and wary of this individual so as to never permit him any access to anything even marginally related to Sri Lankan Administrative or other matters. The information in this document presented here with the courtesy of Asian Tribune appear to be been well researched and the credibilities rock solid. Consequently the Government of Sri Lanka would in all probabilities be well advised to grant this individual Persona Non Grata status in Sri Lanka where other Nations should also take note!

August1st 2007

Erik Solheim exposed by Norwegians Against Terrorism (NAT)
Wed, 2007-08-01 06:20
Oslo, 01 August, ( With extracts drawn from Erik Solheim’s book “Nærmere" the Norwegians Against Terorism (NAT), an Oslo based NGO, has highlighted aspects of Solheim’s career which includes

* his role as a recruit to the Norwegian Air Force during which time he was sentenced to jail for stealing the uniform of an officer

* his relationship with Arne Fjotoft, the man who headed the Norwegian World View aid organisation which was riddled with corruption

* his sexcapades with Czech girls

* his accounts of Nigeria in which Norwegian aid workers frequented HIV/Aids infested brothels

* Arne’s links to Sri Lankan politics the Westborg, the Norwegian Ambassador and how Norway got involved with LTTE etc.

Erik Solheim is seen as a failed ”peace neogtiator” in Sri Lanka because of his close friendship with Anton Balasingham, the Tamil Tiger negotiator who bamboozled the Norwegian Foreign Ministry. Norwegian political circles agree that Solheim had no experience in diplomacy and he was catapulted from politics into complex crisis in Sri Lanka. He followed the naive path of believing that he could win over the Tamil Tiger by kow-towing to Balasingham. In the end he was following Balasingham which led to accusations of his being biased in favour of the Tamil Tigers.

Sri Lankan Government negotiators were shocked at this conduct at the peace talks where he openly sided with Balaingham. Political circles scoff at his misplaced trust in Balasingham ’s rhetoric that led to his failure as a ”peace maker.”

Here are the execerpts from NAT publication:

The self biography “Nærmere” was written at Arne Fjørtoft’s house in Colombo . Arne Fjørtoft is described by Erik Solheim to be his close friends and he thanks Mr. Fjørtoft in the prologue to his book. In his book he describes Arne Fjørtoft as a genius in handling people.

The book was written and published in 1999. It is mostly about his political career and he is doing his utmost to butter up his miserable performance in Norwegian politics. His bad performance made him leave the Parliament before his term ended and was rescued by the Sri Lankan facilitation. The Sri Lanka facilitation, despite no fruitful results has been very beneficial to Erik Solheim.

The LTTE has been able to promote him as the Sri Lankan savior and gain access to Norwegian aid money.His actions have resulted in reportages from Sri Lanka where Buddhist monks even call him angel of peace. The Norwegian people still believe Erik Solheim is a blessing for Sri Lanka and the rest of the world. This is mostly thanks to the LTTE propaganda and National Peace Council which frequently publicises interviews in the Norwegian media.

Family background

Erik Solheim became the first socialist in his family. His grandfather was a forest owner. Mr. Solheim describes the mother's side of the family (The Sverdrup family) as a part of the Norwegian elite . His mother, Sophie, was a lawyer and worked at the Norwegian Supreme Court. Erik Solheim’s father, Bjørn, worked in the Norwegian publishing house “Aschehoug” where he was preparing manuscripts.


Erik Solheim writes in his book that he frequented the Church on the Sundays in his youth days. He says he first was a Christian, but then lost his faith and later has found it again.

Political path

Erik Solheim is a socialist. He was a participant when the “Socialist Left” party was founded 16th March 1975 in the “People’s house” in Trondheim. Solheim became a youth politician on the left wing socialist side of Norwegian politics.

Not a pacifist

In his book he said he was fully committed to do Military duty. In Norway there was 18 months mandatory military duty for all males. In the 1970’s it became popular by some socialist to refuse to do military service due to political reasons. This was mostly due to the anti-American sentiment in the population due to American wars in Asia and Norway’s membership in NATO.

He joined the air force and said it was important to spread socialist ideas in the military, so that the military was not used against the working class in demonstrations and labor disputes. He described the time in the military as a pleasant period where he meet a lot of people with various political views. He never regretted serving in the Norwegian air force.

Erik Solheim served in the air force artillery and his task was to defend airports and shoot down enemy air planes. The military task he described as boring and was mostly maintaining of artillery pieces 5.

He started his military service in “Bodin” military camp in Bodø (Northern Norway). Later Solheim was transferred to Stavern in Southern Norway for specialized education.

In Stavern he became a trouble maker. He ignored orders and preferred to read theory for his driving license test before he was charged for theft of uniform effects from an officer. Mr. Solheim acknowledges the charges against him were correct and was sentenced to 14 days in prison. He did not like the sentence and appealed to the military HQ, but they agreed with the military camp commanders that he should go to military prison for 14 days. He served his time at the military prison at Stavern military camp. In his book he said he used the time in prison to read world literature . According to Erik Solheim this is the only criminal act he has done and served time for.

NAT has not found that he has been imprisoned for other criminal activities. However our opinion is the worst crimes he has done is against the people of Sri Lanka and to the Tamil Diaspora in Norway.

1. Solheim has defended, supported and participated in Fundraising events for the LTTE in Norway. He has helped the LTTE to get Governmental and municipal funding for the LTTE front organizations. He has been a door opener for the LTTE internationally and without his help the LTTE would have been listed as a terrorist organization in the EU and Canada at a much earlier stage.

2. Solheim has ignored the harassment of the Tamil dissident in Norway. He has ignored the Tamil dissident’s complaints and request for assistance for stopping the genocide on Tamil dissidents in Sri Lanka.

3. NAT also alleges Erik Solheim is behind the smear campaigns against the Tamil Dissidents in Norway and Norwegians protesting against the Norwegian funding and support of the LTTE terrorism. We demand Erik Solheim should be charged for being the master mind in the Norwegian MFA attempt to remove a Norwegian citizens freedom of speech in Sri Lanka. A violation of the Norwegian constitution § 100 and UN resolutions regulating freedom of speech.

Erik Solheim – against Pol Pot, but support LTTE.

One positive thing we have to say about Erik Solheim was that he has criticised the Norwegian political left support of the Pol Pot regime in Cambodia. Party leaders in the Norwegian AKP party (Marxist Leninists) supported Pol Pot and even as late as in 1995 their party leader Mr. Tron Øgrim said in an interview in Aftenposten “To me Pol Pot is one of the greatest hero’s in this century”.

It is sad to see that Mr. Erik Solheim has copied the Norwegian political left's mistake to support the “Pol Pot” regime. In our point of view Erik Solheim’s support of the LTTE is just as shameful. Erik Solheim has not only lobbied for the LTTE, participated in their fundraising, but awarded them with millions of US dollars of Norwegians tax money.

We are convinced the historians will show no mercy with Erik Solheim’s and Norway’s support and funding of the LTTE terrorism. Norway denies they support terrorism. They refuse to classify LTTE as a terrorist organization. Norway say all the funds they have paid to the LTTE front organizations has been paid to cover humanitarian aid and to promote peace, The LTTE has assured Erik Solheim Norwegian funds will not be used for terrorism.

NAT comments to Norway’s stupid defense for the LTTE support is:

1. Never believe any assurances from the LTTE.

2. Terrorism experts say the TRO and other LTTE fronts use most of their raised funds to buy arms.

3. Norway and Switzerland’s funding of the LTTE fronts gives this front credibility and a lot of people believe in supporting this organization since they see the Norwegian and Swiss Governments vouching for this organization's credibility.

Solheim acknowledges fraud

Another criminal offense Erik Solheim has participated in is his defrauding Norwegian Government funds by falsifying the number of members in the Socialist Left Party youth organization SU. In his book Solheim admits ” In SU we reported large numbers of members than we had. We did the fraud in order to get a larger share of government support”. Erik Solheim writes this could continue since the Government control and auditors were “sleeping”. Only a Labor Party leader Mr. Andres Hornslien was imprisoned when the fraud was revealed in 1995. Erik Solheim said this was unfair and he said everyone on the political left participated in the scam, including himself.

We have to say Erik Solheim on the basis of his self incriminating testimony should have been prosecuted, but as Erik Solheim knows the statute of limitation has made the case obsolete, so he walks free, again!
There are doublel standards in Norway. One for commoners and one for political criminals like Mr. Solheim, where the law is not enforced. NAT has complained about the double standards. Editors in Norwegian newspapers have also complained that members of Mr. Stoltenberg family are not charged for felony crimes by the police, thanks to political connections.

Solheim and the Middle East

Erik Solheim a firm supporter of the PLO, the long time friend of the LTTE. He is defending his friend Terje Rød-Larsen and his wife’s work to create peace in the Middle East. He never criticized Mr. Rød-Larsen when he took a bribe (US$100.000 secret peace prize) for his work towards securing millions of dollars of Norwegian funds for the Peres Foundation.

Solheim’s paranoid Sex in Czechoslovakia

Erik Solheim did travel to Czechoslovakia together with his childhood friend Mr. Peter Nome. They soon got together with beautiful Czech girls. In Erik Solheim’s book he says they had a “good time” with these girls, but was afraid they where spies for the Russian/ Czechoslovak intelligence services. He became suspicious of the girls when he received letter in better English than they spoke. Three / four years after the trip to Czechoslovakia, Mr. Peter Nome went as a journalist to an official gathering to the Czechoslovakian embassy in Oslo. Then Mr. Nome was surprised the ambassador did know about their travelling in Czechoslovakia. Mr. Solheim then developed a paranoid theory the Czech girls were spies that duped him to have sexual activities with them. Mr. Solheim said the girls never tried to recruit them to spy, but in Erik Solheim's paranoid world, he seems convinced he has been exploited by Czechoslovakian girls.

NAT finds Erik Solheim’s spy theory in his book to be far out and we assume the girls were more interested in Mr. Solheim’s money than to recruit him to become a spy. In his book Erik Solheim writes a little bit frustrated “We did not get any fat offers from the KGB”. It seems the LTTE has been more interested in paying for Erik Solheim services as Colonel Karuna alleges Erik Solheim received help in buying his new house in Oslo.

Arne Fjørtoft and Prime Minister Bondevik

When Mr. Kjell Magne Bondevik became Prime Minister, Erik Solheim did replace him as chairman of the board in Worldview Rights, a human rights organization started by Arne Fjørtoft. Worldview Rights is a part of Arne Fjørtofts Worldview Foundation Empire.

This empire was funded by Norwegian tax payer’s money and 100 million kroners of Norwegian tax money has disappeared into the Arne Fjørtoft Worldview 'drain'. After the Arne Fjørtoft scandal was detected there were reports of bribes, mismanagement, fraud and huge salaries to Mr. Fjørtoft. Mr. Fjørtoft was forced to pay back a small part of the funds that has disappeared. Mr. Fjørtoft was together with Mr. Jon Westborg (later ambassador) the roots to the decade long friendship with the LTTE. They were able to convince President Chandrika Kumaratunga and Ranil Wickremasinghe of their intentions. The LTTE was able to get the Norwegian to do their bribing and Norway was the LTTE choice of facilitator and South Africa which came forward as a candidate was swiftly pushed aside. In Norway the LTTE also had a huge network and has been successfully lobbying Norwegian politicians to get broad support. With the Norwegian oil money and Norway's large international network, the LTTE could have the upper hand.

The Whore houses in Nairobi.

Erik Solheim writes in book about his work in the Norwegian Handicap Association and their work to help disabled in Nairobi. He tells about the corruption and the some African government’s intention to just steal the money from NGO’s trying to help the people. Erik Solheim complains about the Norwegians help workers frequentation of the whore houses in Nairobi and that they did not use any condoms. This was at a time when all the Norwegian was aware this terrible disease AIDS was spreading due to unprotected sexual conduct. Erik Solheim complaints are correct. Many Norwegian MFA officials and NGO workers have returned with HIV and been participating in spreading the HIV/AIDS around the globe.

There can be no doubt that Norwegian aid workers not only have given food and good advice, but also been participating in spreading the HIV/AIDS disease. For the Norwegian NGO personnel infected with HIV they have free medication and with the present day medication they can have close to a normal life.

Unfortunately the girls and men were in many ways instrumental in the spread of virus to in third world countries which cannot afford preventive medicines and are left to die, leaving unsupported children and family members behind.

Mr. Erik Solheim again showing doublel standards, While correctly criticising the NGO personnel for their conduct in Nairobi, the Norwegian facilitator does not crack down on brothel visits in the Sri Lanka facilitation. Anton Balasingham was so unhappy with the girls in the Bangkok brothels he made it an issue in his hero day speech “The girls in the brothels in Thailand was too doll like”. In Norway the LTTE had their own sex club with girls from Nigeria and Eastern Europe. What’s even worse is that the Norway did give the LTTE tax exemption because the LTTE argued in the Oslo court house the strip tease in their sex club in Oslo had to be viewed as an artistic work and thereby given tax exemption. This verdict stinks of dual standards and it also stinks of bribes. So far there have been no complaints from the LTTE delegation about the girls in Oslo.

Political posts

2005- Minister of International Development, Jens Stoltenberg’s second government

1997-2001 - Member of the Storting for Oslo

1993-1997 - Member of the Storting for Oslo

1989-1993 - Member of the Storting for Sør-Trøndelag County

1987-1997 - Leader of the Socialist Left Party

1985-1987 - Member of the Socialist Left Party Central Executive Committee

1981-1985 - Party Secretary of the Socialist Left Party

1977-1980 - Leader of the Socialist Youth League

Work experience

2000-2005 - Senior Adviser, Ministry of Foreign Affairs

1985-1987 - Norwegian Association of the Disabled


1980 - Undergraduate degree in History and Sociology, University of Oslo

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