Why The LTTE Need To Be Wiped Out In Their Entirety. A New Perspective!

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Defence Secretary The Hon. Gotabhaya Rajapaksa in a recent newsmedia statement has said that the Government is determined defeat terrorism and establish peace in the country. He was quoted as saying that "the Government is determined to liberate the remainder of the uncleared areas in the Wanni from the clutches of LTTE the same way it liberated the East.The Government is committed to see an end to the war and establish permanent peace in the country without leaving the burden of war for future generations,"end quote whilst addressing a passing out parade of Home Guards, who underwent special combat training at the Galakiriyagama Special Training School in Anuradhapura District. He has touched on the themes as quoted further" that it is the common practice of the LTTE to cover up their defeats by using various strategies towards destabilising the Government in order to regroup and confront the Security Forces which has not been a succesful manifestation thanks to the strategic counter measures of the Forces and their astute leaderships. The LTTE are now making desperate attempts to destabilise the Government using various devious means including foreign support to reorganise themselves for the Next Step of war." end quote, where he has emphatically pointed out that the LTTE failed to regroup in the East as Security Forces took all possible steps to thwart such efforts and they were forced out of their existences in that region and consequently retreated into the jungles and many of them killed .

Subsequent to this, in a shocking disclosure based on intelligence surveillance relative to the "Next Step " refered to ,the felt need to completely eliminate the LTTE looms larger than life as further grist for the mill of Sri Lankan determination towards the task has surfaced! It has been discovered that the LTTE are now planning chemical attacks as far fetched as it sounds but then whoever thought they would acquire aerial capability even in a miniscule perspective in as much as there were rumours that they were also planning to acquire a minisub and a plan which purportedly has gone sour due to the timely intervention and pro Government support of the foreign sources with whom the LTTE had been negotiating towards this.Nonetheless the attempts for the record were made and cannot be swept under the rug!

The Sri Lankan Defence Ministry has recently revealed according to intelligence sources who cannot be identified for security reason that the LTTE for sometime now have been putting together a diabolical scheme to utilise chemical weapons as a desperate last resort against the Government and the people of Sri Lanka and has been tracked by these same intelligence sources to underground laboratories. In a report attributed to a news website from within the Nation, the Ministry has said that there was enough evidence to prove that the LTTE have already built up stocks of cyanide and potassium during the ceasefire period which they utilised as a cover towards this scheme. There are further reports that the LTTE have an underground laboratory in the Adampan area bordering Mannar-Kilinochchi districts where the LTTE have been actively planning towards waging chemical attacks in the near future according to the intelligence sources which have concluded that the LTTE were in all probabilities planning “massive genocide in the future” because they had lost control of the Jaffna peninsula and the East and are virtually "staring down the barrels" of elimination in the North. Given their track record, modus operandi and past history they are more than likely to attempt such a mendacious and devastating onslaught against the Nation and all the more reason why the Defence Ministry's strategy to resort to a second military campaign after their successful liberation of the East becomes vitally important and according to many millitary analysts an absolute necessity towards safeguarding the Nation where a well co-ordinated, relentless onslaught against the LTTE seems to be the only answer!

This has to precede the subsequent development and resettling of the areas that are presently infested with the vermin calling themselves the LTTE who need to be eradicated in like manner of an infestation as was done in the East and despite the heavy costs which will be incurred for the military assignments there has to be appropriate funding once again towards prioritising the need for development and resettlement which both the Defence Secretary and the President have pledged as part of their bounden duty towards re-establishing a Free Nation completely devoid of the terrorist element and may all their aspirations towards this noble cause be blessed with every measure of success!

It is hoped that all the willy nilly rhetoric spewing Foreign Agencies who oppose the predominant need towards taking these measures and scream out that they are Draconian will take note that the campaigns of the Sri Lankan Security Forces towards eradicating the terrorist presence in Sri Lanka are in no way different to the campaigns undertaken by other nations in other parts of the world towards the same cause and that terrorism in whatever form simply destroys and never creates and needs in turn to be destroyed!!

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