Britain's Apathetic Decision to Stop Aid To Sri Lanka.

Hindsight By Sunil Kumara For LankaWeb ~ May 4th 2007

Is Britain playing a duplicitous game in their cheap sensationalistic announcement threatening to stop aid to Sri Lanka? If this is not the cheapest of cheap shots! is this another example of Britain's two faced attitude towards what many analysts believe is LTTE sympathy? The British Broadcasting Corporation has often been accused of Pro LTTE bias and now this! making the more discerning wonder if there is indeed any veracity towards these accusations!

It has to be noted emphatically that there are many questions asked in sessions of both Houses of Parliament in Britain from time to time as to why there seems to be tolerance towards the LTTE and their activities in the UK? It was very common knowledge that former LTTE idealogue now deceased and his Australian Wife Adele~ persona non grata in her native Australia enjoyed safe haven in Britain for years all the while collaborating with the LTTE in every possible way under the guise of being idealogues whereas they participated in all the intelligence and fund raising efforts as well as the criminalities of the LTTE while the British Authorities either turned a blind eye to their existence or just could not be bothered bringing them to justice. Just recently however in the wake of stringent action taken in other parts of the world towards ursurping and dismantling LTTE effectivity Britain has put up a token gesture towards the same cause but to suspend aid to Sri Lanka at a time when the Nation probably needs it most is, as the Brits would themselves phlegmatically put it, "A Bloody Shame!"

The latest in the British game of playingtwo faced tag with the responsibilities towards denouncing world terrorism one in condemnation and the other in ambiguous tolerance as seems to be the case in Sri Lanka seems to have come in the form of this veiled threat to the Sri Lankan Government that they will withhold $ 5.9 Million over some concocted issue of Human Rights and military spending when to all appearances it seems to be a combined effort towards meddling in Sri Lanka's internal affairs as well as once again providing breathing space for the LTTE terrorists( Shades of Norway perhaps?) who despite their being decimated by the Armed Forces in the North and East have now availed themselves to an aerial capability courtesy of supportives such as Norway and if Britain was at all concerned about the well being of Sri Lanka in the proper perspective they would be better off pledging to join Sri Lanka's effort to eliminate the LTTE rather than put spokes in the wheels of her smooth functioning further which Britain's present attitude seems tantamount to!

All this hoopla an hype on the part of Britain comes at a time when ironically the British Foreign Minister Kim Howells has stated to the media that Britain will not lift the ban on the LTTE and that they consider them dangerous international terrorist who are so dangerous that they are capable of setting standards and creating precedents to other terrorist organizations who are more than likely to copy them further as there are many areas of LTTE modus operandi that have been emulated by others already and there could be much more if they were tolerated further.

They also have proven links to Al Quaeda in case Britain needs to be jarred to her senses! In the same breath Britain hints at human rights violations but terrorists are terrorists whether human by definition and at the best of times bestial and being subhuman degenerates are not deserving of any compassion Therby the mendacious LTTE rationally have no rights at all except being coralled and put out of their misery for the good of all mankind ! and perhaps Britain had better stop speaking in parables and join Sri Lanka in denouncing the criminalities of the LTTE completely and not in half measures or prevaricating on their real responsibility towards world terrorism sadly rife within Sri Lanka through the exact same attitude of Britain which enunciates gross indifference and to a degree that of other LTTE friendly Nations/organizations of which mercifully there are but a few! !

It seems an apathy that Britain which had agreed to give US$5.9 million (£4.3 million) to help Sri Lanka pay down its debts to the World Bank has suddenly suspended the program Thursday after making only half the payments on the flimsy excuse of" Human Rights Violations" which in Sri Lanka are more fabrications propagated through LTTE created propaganda as the people of Sri Lanka per se have never complained about their rights being violated and lead existences of contentment even to the poorest peasant as far as their freedoms and entitlements go!And here's the best part: the LTTE now have no real claim towards complete representation of the Sri Lanka Tamil Community who to a greater part have denounced them and the numbers growing with each passing day as their attrocities against their own community alone has all but assured this rationale bya greater percentage Sri LankanTamils.In the simplest of terms the LTTE is MUD in their own Tamil community where Col. Karuna seems to holds greater credibilities.

Apart from being plagued by the LTTE in areas where most of their attrocities are continuing to be perpetrated even now albeit to a lesser extent than before the devastating campaigns by the Armed Forces began, the only Human Rights violations are those inflicted on the civilian populations in the North and East by the LTTE so what is Britain on about unless they want to believe in hearsay or are creating an agenda to back out of their pledges with no real reasons to substantiate it other than a whimsically sudden change of heart based on some cockamanie reasoning by a flybynight politician!!

In an almost sheepish response towards the fact that Britain is barking up the wrong tree a spokesman for the British High Commission in Colombo has said on condition of anonymity, towards maintaining protocol that "The payments will resume if a series of conditions are met, including no unjustified increases in military spending and no instigations of hostility according to the British official who has had the nerve to make such a deposition and for Britain to set preconditions to a Sovereign Democratic Nation fighting terrorism seems ludicrous where greater government military action can only be deemed necessary in the face of an increased threat from the country's Tamil Tiger rebels who need to be wiped out to the last man in the best interests of the World, the region and most importantly the Nation of Sri Lanka!!



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