Adding fuel to the fire.


Mahinda Karunaratne you requested Mr. Prasad De Silva and Mr. Sumith Perera "to keep the full stop to this useless battle over proving each others claims and disclaims, as we have more important matters to discuss on this forum at this crucial time of our country". Then you went on with your verbatim about the whims and fancies of the western Christian ideology and Neo Colonialism.

Extremists of any religion, Bhuddishm, Christianity, Moslem, Hinduism or any faith causes dissension and confusion. It is better for us to remember that Lord Buddha, " Omnipotent God " Jesus to Christians, Allah to Moslems or other venerated persons all preached the same basic teaching. To seek peace by doing good to your fellow human beings and refraining from evil deeds Albert Einstein and other scientists and scholars gave their views and ideas about various scientific findings. However not one of them were able to hold back their ageing process, predict the date of their death or time.

In Sri Lanka, no one is forced to accept any religion. We Sri Lankans must be thankful that we have a constitution which guarantees religious freedom. Every citizen has the right to choose and practice his/her faith. The religion of the majority community in any nation is the state religion, as such it is right and justifiable that Bhudism is given this primary position. But your view that to be a Sri Lankan, you have to be 'Sinhala Bhudist' is absolute 'bunkum'.

Mr Krunaratne, I presume you have adopted USA as your mother country. Did you have to be Christian to be American? How many 'Swords and Guns' were pointed at you? You and others take a swipe at "western Christian ideology and Neo Colonialism". Some extreme western christian communities may have overstepped their limits in their religious fervour. However even thousands of Bhudist luminaries accept the benefits brought to our nation by these westerners. Thousands of Sri lankans enjoy living and working in these countries as they can enjoy the freedom that we crave for.

Mr Krunaratne, take a look at the neighbour next door, - 'Maldives'. How many Bhuddist temples are there? Thousands of Sri Lankan, Bhuddist men and women are employed in the middle East, are they even allowed to practice their religion? How many of these poor women are made destitute? How many have been converted? How many Bhuddist temples are there in the Middle East? How many mosques are there in Sri Lanka to the number of Muslims in the country? Senior Sri Lankan diplomats to most of the Middle Eastern countries must be Muslims. They have stipulated this to the government of Sri Lanka and the Sri Lankan government has acceded to their requirement. If western nations take this view, and required Sri Lanka to send only Christians as diplomats, people like you will make a song and dance about Capitalism! Neo Colonialism! Etc. Is it your lack of knowledge or is the 'petrolium' dollar conversions something you swipe under the carpet. Please E-mail the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and ask his opinion.

'TOLERENCE' is a virtue preached and practised by Lord Buddha. All religions including Bhuddishm are imports to Sri Lanka and to the world as a whole. Bhuddists, Christians, Hindus, Muslims and people of other faiths have co-existed enjoying religious freedom, in this beautiful land of ours for ages.

Mr Krunaratne the most important issue to each and every Sri lankan, Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and other community, irrespective of communal, relgious or other differences at this crucial time are LTTE terrorists and terrorism. Let us unite in our fight against terrorism and destroy this vermin

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