Lessons To Be Learned Reuters! Hope You Get Your Act Together! The Tigers Are Terrorists Not Martyrs For Any Worthy Cause!But Cold Blooded Killers!

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July 12th 2007

"So what exactly is Mr Simon Gardner of Reuters Inc. trying to emphasize here......? " is the question many are asking having read this latest extraneous LTTE propaganda item or what it appears to be to all intents and purposes! BBC eat your heart out!

In Kanagapuram, Sri Lanka according to this Reuters report - "Tugging at a cyanide capsule hanging around his neck, Tamil Tiger fighter and doctor Vaman watches yet another slain comrade buried to the wails of relatives and the chorus of a rebel anthem." Noted! but perhaps he should be thankful that he was not one whose mortal remains were lowered into the ground!The ony time perhaps that his affirmation that death as he says will only make him stronger.Wrong! Death will only make him part of the earth which he and his comrades in arms so desperately and so futilely attempted to destroy!

He may be standing in ' characteristic' Tiger-striped fatigues, characteristic of what? Symbolising Gutless Wonders perhaps! concealing a prosthetic leg -- his own having been blown off by a landmine during fighting in the early 1990s. Vaman further extends his hapless state of mind which is not only suicidal but probably needing psychiatric evaluation as well, indicated by his readiness to die to further towards the rebel cause for an independent state and hapless as alluded to as this dream is one which is most unlikely to materialise and the only fate that awaits him must be the same as that of his friend and colleague' Lieutenant Colonel' Tamil Vanan who was one of three tiger fighters killed a day earlier by a roadside bomb ambush inside rebel territory, one which the Tamil tigers themselves had more than likely planted!

Now comes the interesting part "The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, it is reported by the Reuters item under review here, were said to be part of a " three man medical team" conducting an anti-rabies clinicwhich coincides with the popular belief that the LTTE are said to be a rabid bunch on the rampage led by their more than rabid Velupillai Prabhakaran.This is the first recorded instance of specialist anti rabies personnel within the LTTE enclave and perhaps the realization of their rabid nature may have caught up with them and spread further amongst them but they in fact need more than that ! they probably need undertakers and gravediggers in numbers for themselves if their worthless persistences towards the pipe dream of Eelam continue!!

It is appropriately said and needs to be concluded that the desperations and frustrations show further when they continue to moan that the Armed Forces were using their own guerrilla tactics against them with nothing else left to counter with, the relentless advances of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces of Sovereign Sri Lanka against their internationally condemned band of murderers with nowhere to run except perhaps straight into the Indian Ocean and swimming for it to Tamil Nadu or sink to Davey Jones'Locker!! The Armed Forces have no need for guerrilla tactics as their firepower and multi faceted drive to rid the Nation of the scourge which had plagued it for decades is geared to a military task and well equipped towards their campaign as the rewards for their skills and dedications are already beginning to show as the North and East of Sri Lanka are being systematically cleared up and the last bastion of impure LTTE occupation has fallen amidst great celebrations which reverberate around the Island nation according to latest reports!

There is this loose reference to duties in this item, quoting "These attacks by the Sri Lankan Forces will not stop our 'duties', according to Vaman, who is 'director of the rebels' Tamil Eelam Health Service. Tamil Eelam is the name the tigers give to the homeland they seek to carve out in Sri Lanka's North and East." It has to be responded to by educating the writer that categorically terrorists do not have legitimate duties, they may be unhealthy in mind body and spirit but locally administered cures do not seem to work for them and in fact they seem beyond any help medically or otherwise! There is no homeland to be sought in Sri Lanka beyond what already exists for all Sri Lankans regardless of their ethnicities and they the Tamil tigers are less than a visible minority!

The plethora of analysis continues courtesy of the writer that: "Suspected Tigers have launched a spree of ambushes and bombings in recent months which have killed hundreds of people, most of them troops, after a 2002 ceasefire collapsed."( clinically accurate!) " Political analysts say Sri Lanka can expect more dead."(also true unless the Armed Forces overwhem the residue of the terrorists effectively and quickly!) "Nearly 70,000 people have been killed since the war erupted in 1983, around 4,500 of those since last year alone, and the blood is still flowing."( absolutely true and the liabilities beyond a doubt resting with the terrorists!) "We are fighting for our country's young.( False! as the country's young Tamils want no and that the LTTE are merely now fighting for survival!) " We have been under oppression for the last five decades, so I will fight until my last breath," said 39-year-old Vaman, who says he joined the Tigers at 18 after watching troops beat minority ethnic Tamils in his native northern Jaffna peninsula." (another concocted falsehood where violations of curfew and their reprisals as well as rebellious uprisings fomented by the terrorists needing to be quelled by authorities have been cited here. Sovereign Sri Lanka of which Jaffna is a part has every right to restore law and order there if insugencies break out and having once been a terrorist stronghold had to be overrun towards life returning to normal even in part and well within the rights of the Sri Lankan Administration!)

This practise is something no army follows as a rule and indicates the mentalities of those who resort to this particular tactic! " The rebels wear cyanide capsules so they can bite into them and commit suicide to avoid capture." Perhaps only the inhabitants of Massada( Heaven Pity Them And Repose Their Souls!) could have gained from this although in that day and age cyanide in all probabilities was not discovered! Perhaps the Armed Forces need to devise a scheme where all tiger cyanide capsules would be bitten into synonymously towards a terrorist free Sri Lanka!

Responding to the quote that "Wailing relatives collapse in front of open caskets at this 'martyrs' graveyard' near the rebels' northern stronghold of Kilinochchi saying we put sand on our friend's graves, the blood they lost will get Tamil Eelam, goes the song played over loudspeakers.Tiger fighters clutching Chinese-made assault rifles stand to attention. Others bow their heads in silence, behind them a sea of simple tombstones laid in neat rows where thousands of fellow 'martyrs' are buried." it has to be emphasized that the wails of the Sinhalese and Muslims who remember loved ones needlessly slaughtered by the evils and mendacities of the LTTE terrorists are much louder and more prevalent by sheer virtue of numbers as it is a simple equation of terrorist versus law abiding freedom loving citizens of a Sovereign Nation and the relativities of blood spilt of Tiger terrorists and supportives alongside the blood of the Sinhala Nation needing no afterthought towards comparison, liability or justification!

President Mahinda Rajapaksa's government and his armed Forces have indeed captured a vast extent of territory once -plagued by the LTTE rebels said to have controlled the East with fragmented confirmation of the realities and have not only vowed to push on and capture the rebel-held north too but are also doing a verifiable execution of the task successfully.To say that "at the present the tigers are much stronger in the North and there is no clear winner on the horizon yet." is a Reuter's misconception based on misinformation which could be linked to tiger propaganda where Reuters themselves don't seem to be doing such a bad of adding to it!

That the international community or at least a part thereof is increasingly agitated with both sides for a rash of human rights abuses and killings -- and for ignoring calls to halt fighting that has forced hundreds of thousands of civilians from their homes seems the understatement of the day as the IC must surely be aware of why the Peace Process was disrupted and who broke the ceasefire violations before previously re- arming themselves to carry out the attrocities against Sovereign Sri Lanka and has now resulted in their undoing!The alleged Human Rights violations was a hallmark of the Tamil Tigers who displayed every concept of the theme to the world but are now crying foul when their last bastions of survival are being smashed to smithereens and their very existences are on the brink of being negated and nullified.There must be more than one International Community perhaps, one with blinkers and the other with wide open eyes and perceptions!

Perhaps in an attempt to console those who accuse the National Government of Sri Lanka as" human rights violators"engaged in a campaign to eliminate what the world has now come to recognise as the most dangerous terrorist group in the world next to Al Quaeda it needs to be whispered in their ears that there is an age old saying which goes~"Alls Fair In Love And War!" and perhaps it could be coined with~ "Murderous Terrorists Do Not Respond To Kindness" where only humans deserve kindness and rights and rabid vermin needing extermination!

Lessons to be learned Reuters, hope you get your act together! the Tigers are terrorists, not martyrs for any worthy cause but cold blooded killers!

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