Unscrupulous Opportunists Make The President's Task Daunting But The Nation Must Stand Behind Him!

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12th Sept.2007

While The political antics of Ranil Wickremasinghe and Chandrika Kumaratunge continue in similar vein in Sri Lanka today it conveys a clear indication to the Nation as well as a world audience that they are pursuing a path indicative of betraying their country. They are acting in the manner of unpatriotic traitors whose actions sometimes border on treason and traitors out to regain power which could land them in trouble if their overstepping of certain metes and bounds are cited as unacceptable irrespective of their social status.

Hopefully Both Ranil W and Chandrika K think twice before the long arm of the law adjudicates towards their detriment their role towards betraying the country towards regaining power where they could not only be indicted for violating the judicial precepts of the Sovereign Nation of Sri Lanka, but could also lose their civic rights despite sounding draconian, as it has beean a means to disillussion such individuals who spare no thoughts for the nation over their personal greed and hunger for power!

There seems no legal mandate for either of these individuals or anyone else in their lopsided band wagon also comprising of the likes of Mangala Samaraweera , Sripathy Sooriyarachchi and even a subdued S.B Dissanayake to continually attempt to ursurp the Rajapaksha Administration using illegitimate and self-incriminating means.

Most importantly their attempts to undercut, undermine and discredit an incumbent administration using false propaganda, lies and blatant innuendo which eventually will work against them much of it being the furthest from the truth as the most important factor attesting to their futile efforts is the reality that the individuals have had their term and the mandate which they squandered foolishly.

When the nation is acquiring a degree of stability in many areas they themselves failed miserably in a similar enterprise and therefore they have absolutely no right nor mandate to stand in the way of progress.In fact they should tread very cautiously as they are subjecting themselves to incarceration through their own misdoings, misjudgements and lack of political savvy!

This should also be a case in point for certain individuals within the opposition coalition who seem to have their own interpretations of national progress aligned with the age old antiquated principles of the October Revolution of the Proletariat which transpired in age old Russia aeons ago which does not hold good in a free enterprise based, consumer oriented, democratic society that Sri Lanka has developed into being over the years as opposed to "an idealogically demented, raving bunch of Bolsheviks with fossilized concepts " if the phrase may be coined!

Is seems ironic consequently that the Present Administration has to face adversities not only from the terrorist element of the LTTE whose attempts to destroy Sri Lanka are now being very effectively quelled and overrun towards national posterity, But, the enemy within from the Sinhala Community, warming their comfortable derrieres in Parliament as well seem to be pitching in towards the terrorist cause or appears to be the case.

Being a 'washed out, lame duck type' past prime minister and a' retired to pasture ungainly presidential swan' who sang her swan song sometime back albeit still hooting' type president who have formed this ungainly alliance, the team of Wickremasinghe and Kumaratunga would be well advised to call a halt to their circus of a comedy of errors.

While realising that the days of their past dynasties are over and that Sri Lanka under the present leadership with the blessing of the majority voting public as well as the all important High Buddhist Clergy are headed for a new era of freedom and fulfillment which none of the two individuals could ever provide for the Sri Lankan, People who need to stand behind their President and ward off all attempts do disrupt his plan's for Sri Lanka's future by these unscrupulous opportunists!

It has been quoted in a news item recently in the Asia Tribune, while adding to it that "Throughout the history of our land, whenever an incumbent leader and his administration seems to be settling down to doing his task equitably albeit slowly, one or another pretender to the throne runs to the Indian Government, and agrees to become a subservient king or queen of Lanka if helped by them to come to power perhaps remembering the mecenaries of the past generations of invading Dravidian armies who helped to bring down the current ruler." A direct analogy to this scenario can be drawn to by the following:

Chandrika runs to India to lobby against Mahinda Rajapakse’s military campaign; Ranil to follow
Wed, 2007-09-12 14:03
Colombo, 12 September, ( After holding talks with Indian High Commissioner, Alok Prasad, on Monday the former President Chandrika Kumaratunga left for India yesterday (Tuesday). Officially it was announced that this was to be a private visit. Unofficially, it is known as the latest political mission of Chandrika Kumaratunga to stage a come back with the help of India.

Just before the talks began in Colombo she slammed the door on the media waiting at the entrance, virtually shooing them away.

Though her visit is billed as a private visit political observers maintain that her main mission would be to launch her anti-Mahinda Rajapakse campaign on Indian soil. Both have engaged in a running battle long before either of them became president and it was carried on when they occupied the Presidential chair.

Her new political ally, Ranil Wickremesinghe, whom she sacked when she was President, is expected to follow in her steps. He too is due in India shortly. Both are expected to take a long list of complaints against the Mahinda Rajapakse government and put pressure on India to halt the military campaign. They will claim that it will hinder any negotiated settlement but the political reason behind this anti-Mahinda Rajapakse campaign is to halt the successful military campaign that is adversely affecting their popularity. The latest poll held by NGOs revealed that 84% backed Mahinda Rajapakse’s military campaign, leaving a narrow margin of 16% for Ranil Wickremesinghe’s anti-war campaign ~ Asian Tribune

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