"Gross Human Rights Violations" beyond the definition of speculation and sensationalism by a few!

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Oct.16th 2007

Beyond the concept of fomenting the curiosities of those who are overly concerned about the confrontations in Sri Lanka between her sovereign territory protecting armed forces and internationally outlawed terrorists the LTTE it seems somewhat incongruous of the BBC through a probable pro LTTE newscaster of BBC News Ethirajan Anbarasan to be brazen enough to announce to the world that Sri Lanka is on the brink of all-out war. The fact of the matter is and specifically for the benefit of such newscasters, the captioning of this news item probably needs to be rephrased to read"The Sri Lankan Armed Forces Are Well In Line To Further Deplete The Resources Of The Terrorists On The Run Who Seem To Have No Means To Regroup In Any Real Sense" which would seem more rational based on all the information relative to fact rather than speculation and meaningless conjecture.

In a climate of many winning thrusts towards eliminating the rebels who appear to hold onto pockets of territory- primarily those areas in the Wanni which they hide in and they are in reality incapacitated towards towards strengthening their defence lines and are a depleted and washed out bunch of terrorists.Their very sources of arms and ammunition and funding towards their terrorist means are being effectively strangled and severly restricted! The world needs to be primarily made aware of this in contradiction of what the BBC in all probabilities is trying to say in support of the terrorist as the case appears to be and needs to be disillusioned that all the propaganda they seem to be receiving from proactive LTTE supportives may only be half truths if at all and should guard their liberalities about dispensing such information.

It would appear that the Sri Lankan Military have held their defences and carried out attacks in a winning way towards disrupting Tamil Tiger terrorist objectivity and seem to be poised to take over and run to ground all the ambits of the terrorists whose only means of resistance is surfacing occassionally as observed recently through sproadic attacks on unarmed civilians and isolated armed forces contingents as opposed to a major confrontation in the north of the country although it would be normal to assume fears of more civilian casualties and displacement in the process of an all out drive to rid the Nation of its terrorist plague which the joint commands of the Sri Lankan Defence Establishment have vowed to do under the direction of the Commander of the Armed Forces and something which has been on the cards as a divided priority alongside the preservation of the well being of the Sinhala Nation.

It is not a matter of the terrorists merely losing territory in the east or rebel control of a vast swathe of land in the north of the island which the BBC report has cleverly camouflaged in the conjecturial fabric of its report but the incapacity of this report to emphasize the huge inroads gained militarily by Sri Lanaka's Armed Forces while depleting huge resources and reserves of the LTTE that seems confounding in that the bi-partisan bias on the part of the BBC sticks out in the manner of a sore thumb. It might also be added that while the sporadic fighting has been going on for months, the intensity of the clashes have recently resulted in crippling lossed incurred by the LTTE and at times so severe that their spokespersons have been heard making pleas to the International Community to do something about it while many of their cadre either surrender to the Armed Forces or disband ignominiously.

All the reports in this item about the fighting that is currently taking place in the North around Mannar, Vavuniya, and Jaffna seem only partly true where the so called areas which surround rebel-held territory refer to the pockets of resistance of the rebels who are in fact occupying sovereign territory and a matter of time before they are reclaimed by the Armed Forces as they did in Eastern Sri Lanka. There are indeed intermittent battles at sea as reported but battles which have in every case resulted in massive terrorist losses and defeats and the destruction of LTTE craft which also apply to their token attempts to acquire aerial capability where in almost every known instance their craft, holding areas and personnel have been hard hit towards incapacitation.

The recent speculations of prominet commentator/ analyst Mr. D.B.S. Jeyaraj which deduces that "Sri Lankan forces are now focusing on the nerve centre of the rebels seem very credible albeit with a few omissions which seem to have spurred the BBC on towards making their final analyses on the matter. To say that "Since their rear base is under threat, the Tigers have to break out militarily at some point seems fair enough" although the overall analysis could have empasized the possible outcome which would seem like "further debilitating losses for the LTTE!"

News items such as this particular voicing of the BBC sometimes dubbed the Biased Broadcasting Corporation are very detrimental to Sri Lanka's fight against terrorism in conjunction with the rest of the world dedicated towards the same cause and the last straw towards the real objectives to put down terrorism comes when somewhat misguided lackeys towards the cause and effect of global terrorism safely ensconced in their capacities as somewhat transparently misappointed authorities making fecund observations beyond the norms of rationality such as United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Louise Arbour who has had the nerve to comment about the situation in Sri Lanka citing human rights violations in a war without attrition towards the retention of the sovereignity of a nation where the attrocities perpetrated by the presence of western powers in other parts of the world are tantamount to gross violations of human rights excused as part of military activity and quietly bypassed.

Whatever may be reflective of United Nations Human Rights Commissioner Louise Arbour's rhetoric, who has recently spoken out strongly against the country's human rights record in saying that "The most serious human rights issue is the lack of credible public information on the large number of unresolved cases of abductions, disappearances and killings...these cases are not properly recorded, investigated and there is no prosecution," may be re-phrased in the simplest of terms to suggest that Ms Arbour's logic seems based on conjecture, bifurcated and evasive of the relative realities involving other parts of the world where military actions convey far greater consequences and disgusting neglect towards response for compensation which entail far greater areas relative to human rights violations, somewhat far removed from the cause of defending sovereign territory from terrorists as in Sri Lanka which is a legitimate right.

The objectives in almost all these cases quite visibly albeit covertly, are based on greed and the illegal annexation of territory and the case for the rights of sovereignity conveniently swept under the carpet known globally. In the case of Sri Lanka the Government has made every attempt to compensate the needs of those displaced and affected as a result of the war against terrorism and has responded to the grievances of those concerned equitably which is no mean task considering the realities involved within a small nation with a high density population.

To the forbearers of bad news in a collective sense involving the BBC as well as the United Nations and a plethora of other entities dedicated towards the same cause, a word of advice needs to be given that they need to get all their facts right before presenting them to a vastly gullible world embroiled in the turmoil caused by global terrorism today.

Neither is Sri Lanka on the verge of "All Out War" nor is the Island Nation guilty of "Gross Human Rights Violations" beyond the definition of eident speculation and sensationalism by a few!

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