The High Price Of Colluding With Terrorists Now Being Paid By Norway And Requests By The World To Mediate With The LTTE Terrorists A Joke!

Insight By Sunil Kumara Senaratna

For LankaWeb

August14th 2007

In what seems poetic retribution and reprisals for her past sins of misguidedly (perhaps even inadvertently!) supporting terrorism and meddling into the internal affairs of other countries often way beyond the jurisdictions and diplomatic protocols involved, Norway appears to be finally paying for some of her sins of ommision and the blatant unstinting support it gave the LTTE terrorists during Norway's involvement in Sri Lanka's Peace Agreement.(Case in point~ they are still being touted by a few somnambulistic local politicians as worthy champions of Sri Lankan peace!) What the world never believed in as a credible posssibility has now been made manifest into reality! that the LTTE supportives they gave safe haven to and a leg up for all their criminalities within Sri lanka would eventually transform Norway in turn into a hotbed of criminal activity and being enacted at this very moment as the latest spree of vicious LTTE related shootings, stabbings and strangulations are being reported from Oslo and other major Norwegian cities and the Norwegian Government seems adrift in an ocean of uncertainty about what remedial measures need to be taken to quell all the LTTE related problems and a huge embarrasment to Norwegian credibility!

At the present there are accountable reports from Norway that the LTTE supportive Tamils are running amok there as LTTE related violence has spilled out into the streets and the reputation that the LTTE are no more than a bunch of worthless criminals is fast growing around the globe and ensconced in the the cradle of their impure home away from home base Norway! It has to be broadcast for all the world to know if they already aren't aware of the reality that LTTE organized crimes in Europe are linked to a well organized criminal syndicate that includes bases in Cananda, America, and Australia with proof positive to corroborate this conclusion based on intense investigative research conducted by many sources well equipped to the task. Incidentally as a response to what is taking place in Norway today by those attempting to cover up for the LTTE there is a popular slogan which suggests that there are Norwegian Tamils and non Norwegian Tamils, the latter category suggested as the root cause of all Tamil related evil when it is common knowledge within Norway by the more discerning and well informed that all Tamils within Norway whether by choice or not are LTTE supportive either through fear for their lives or consentual!

Norway which was previously a pretentious orchestrator and panderer to LTTE purity and the justifications of their right to exist in a world torn apart by the viles of international terrorism was also greatly responsible for the compounding of LTTE attrocities in Sri Lanka and the augmentation of their strength in numbers and criminal activities where they went relatively unnoticed under a surreptitious mantle provided as cover by bungling administrations which turned a blind eye to all their activities and were hoodwinked into beleiving all the innuendo related shenanigans of another Norwegian criminal Eric Solheim whose past criminal record is now coming to light where the Government of Sri Lanka ludicrously treated him as a redeemer and a guardian angel whereas he was the devils advocate himself!

For Erik Solheim,that great con artist who despite his own criminal record was able to hoodwink even some of the high Buddhist Clergy in Sri Lanka, the LTTE related shooting episodes and crime sprees reported in Norway recently has become a boomerang of issues he once projected as completely distanced and far removed from the LTTE. Perhaps a resounding kick in his rear which also rebounds from the image he painted to the world about LTTE now coming back to haunt him.To reiterate a recent quote it must be repeated to the world that in the face of what the LTTE have projected incorrectly through false propaganda ably assisted by the likes of Solheim and his 'partners in crime', the LTTE are not the representative of the Tamils and no more than a terrorist organization in Sri Lanka. While the LTTE are running for cover from the advancing might of the Armed Forces the law abiding Tamils who want no part of them are running in the opposite direction towards the safety of the all encompassing freedoms of the Sinhala nation!

While the very infrastructure of what the LTTE truly represents is being exposed internationally the LTTE purists particularly those in Norway if they can be termed that even as a misnoner have no ground to stand on towards associating the LTTE with anything justifiable or credible and need to be exposed in their entirety as destroyers of Sovereign Nations and providers of means to all terrorists around the world to propagate their activities where ironically Norway is one of their strongest champions! But as is the case always with any criminal activity their transparencies eventually surface wherever they are and during the last three years particularly in Norway the LTTE have changed strategies in near desperate abandon from what they projected themselves to be initially and Norway is now hit with LTTE gangs, credit card frauds, violence, narcotics, prostitution and much more where the list of criminal activities seems unending and a loud question may be asked very justifiably! "are these the individuals the world at large and in particular, nations such as the USA, the UK and organizations such as the UN and the European Community to name a few are urging the authorities in Sri Lanka to mediate with ? short of being a joke when logically they should be unequivocal in the demand to wipe them off the face of the earth and support every attempt by the Sri Lankan Authorities to effect this as an eventuality !

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