To Ease Military Pressure On The Terrorists At Any Stage Until They Are Rendered Completely Ineffective Would Be A fatal Mistake!

Insight By Sunil Kumara For LankaWeb 24th July 2007

Amidst all the latest reports that the Sri Lankan Armed Forces will not push to overrun the LTTE in the North which is unconfirmed, it must be borne in mind emphatically that given the slightest opportunity the dastardly mouthpieces of the LTTE such as Rasayiah Illyanthirayan and SP Thamilselvam will continue their lies and innuendo intended to sway the world of the realities of what goes on in Sri Lanka.

The latest to this effect is a proclamation of LTTE desperation and frustrations that the SL government is claiming victory over the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in the East and that it is a political move to boost President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

This is a contradiction of tangible evidence where the rebel group has said whilst adding that its forces are still in the region without mentioning the all important words" In Hiding And Running For Cover Leaving Arms, Armamants, Dead Comrades And Some Even Their Fatigues And Footware Behind Taking Only The all Important Cyanide Capsules Round Their Necks!" to avoid being sought out and destroyed!

It is the furthest from the truth given all the verifiable details about the Armed Forces' routing of the East and in particular Thoppigala or Baron's Hood as the British once called it, that it is a politically motivated creation and conversely needs to be emphasized unequivocally that the LTTE are indeed not a contending force any more!

Lying through his teeth from his hiding place in the Wanni LTTE spokesperson Rasiah Ilanthirayan in a somewhat rancidly feeble attempt at putting on a brave face when to all intents and purposes his cohorts are crumbling and being decimated, has been quoted as saying today in a telephone interview from northern Sri Lanka that they have "regional commanders and formations'' in the eastern districts of Batticaloa, Ampara and Trincomalee and perhaps needs to put his money where his mouth is but to do this effectively needs to come out into the open where he faces elimination in the manner of a rabid canine and so in hiding perhaps he'll stay!

There are no confirmations needed beyond the tangible proof by way of first hand evidence by way of dead terrorists, discarded weapons and eyewitness accounts that Sri Lanka's Government has indeed captured the eastern region around Batticaloa earlier this month after 14 years of fighting with the LTTE where the Tamil Tigers, based in northern Sri Lanka are running helter skelter despite the Illyanthiran reports to the contrary and fast becoming a thing of the past that they have been fighting for a separate homeland in the north and east of Sri Lanka.

Despite their efforts it has now become a stark reality that under no circumstance will the LTTE ever form their 'homeland' which will then constitute a homeland of terrorists and will probably need international military intervention towards complete elimination and sounds somewhat preposterous and far fetched.

The Sri lankan Armed Forces under the astute leaderships of the Army, Navy and Airforce are doing a magnificient job of routing the terrorists and should never stop their forward progress on the basis of foreign intervention, threats to cut off Foreign aid or any other intimidations whose concept of LTTE terrorism seems totally lopsided and confused beyond the norm and perhaps intended to favour the cause of the terrorists rather than the posterity of Sri Lanka!

There should be no change of heart, "ahimsical" sympathy or any hesitancy towards the all important objective of wiping out the LTTE terrorists from the face of Sri Lanka and making the nation terrorist clean towards posterity!

There have been grave albeit idle threats by the likes of Illyanthirayan suggesting 'Bloodbaths and disruptions to the Nation's smooth functioning and economy which have to be taken into account before any decisions towards cessation of the push to negate and eliminate the tigers in their entirety and proof positive of the reality that the LTTE unless wiped out completely will never cease their attrocities even sporadically.

It would also be totally unfair by the Sinhala Nation and all the freedom loving citizens of Sri Lanka for the Government to suddenly apply the brakes on the relentless push the Armed Forces are presently conducting towards the sole objective of eliminating the LTTE terrorists in their entirety on the single most important basis that they are neither a politically or economically favourable entity within Sri Lanka nor do they represent the Tamil Community from which they have beed effectively ostracized.

Perhaps even a fatal mistake where Sri Lanka will never be free or peaceful for as long as Velupillai Prabhakaran and his cronies which include Illyanthirayan and SP Thamilselvam continue to remain free albeit at large and given any leeway to conduct their illegal and covert campaigns to create terrory and mayhem within Sri Lanka!

The President is certainly on the path to progress where he has said that his government wants to attract investors and tourists to help develop the area taken from the LTTE that has a 462- kilometer (287-mile) coastline.

The military has made no bones about having captured the LTTE's last base at Thoppigala in Batticaloa district on July 11 and President Rajapaksa has hosted a ceremony in the capital, Colombo, last week to mark the victory which if it was untrue and as insignificant as made out by the likes of Rasiyah Illyanthirayan makes it seem like a concocted story and based on the concoctive capabilities of this individual given his track record the credibilites must point towards the accuracy and truth about the capture of Thoppigala being in favour of Government accounts.

It has been a historically proven fact that in any Military or Law Enforcement campaign more often than not, once the leadership and the main head honchos who make the major decisions of any terrorist or rebellious organizations are taken out, put down and rendered ineffective. A normal order usually returns which may perhaps entail time and a slow recovery process and in the case of Sri Lanka presently it seems imperative that the Armed Forces should go after Velupillai Prabhakaran, Rasaiyah Illyanthirayan and S.P.Thamilselvam without reservation towards the sole purpose of capturing them alive and apprehending them and about time! so that a long drawn out conflict which has cost the nation so much is ended and the recovery process from the ill effects of a worthless internal armed insurrection by an insidious group of directionless terrorists begins in all certainty beyond the terrorist rhetoric and imagined Governmental speculations towards rehabilitating the Terrorists !!!

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