There Can Be No Double Standards For Terrorism And Every Form Of Terrorism Needs To be Struck Down With Equal Force!

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24th October 2007

It must be a general consensus as stated at the recent convention of counter-terrorism that terrorism is not merely a challenge to any democratically elected Governments but it is also a greater challenge for electing Democratic Governments as expressed by TULF Leader Mr V Anandasagaree and in essence agreed upon by many who stand behind this belief. To add to the wisdom of this logic it must also essentially be stated that there can be no double standards for terrorism and that every form of terrorism needs to be struck down with equal force while brushing aside any false claims by terrorists to represent a worthy cause in support of deserving people as this is simply not true.

They are criminals who need to be brought to justice for crimes against humanity and cannot be tolerated in any capacity and to hell with the moderates in the Global Community who try to justify their existences as an acceptable entity particularly when it comes to the terrorists of Sri Lanka who have no rights to their existence inasmuch as their supportives who have no rights to any claims in favour of Velupillai Prabhakaran Sri lanka's public enemy No1. His suicide minded killers must be rounded up in their entirety and brought to justice or better still coralled and disposed of as one would do vermin as there seems to be no other alternative draconian as it sounds!

This is probably where the Global Super Powers fit in with a duty beyond room for neglect or lip service towards ridding Sri Lanka of terrorists which should be an exercise of conviction and a tour de force within a manageable perimeter and perhaps an example to the rest of the world that terrorism can be eradicated and not tolerated to suit various agenda's of unscrupulous politicians, world powers as well as the greed of the individuals who continue to eye the varying degrees of Sri Lanka's resources including the discovery of vast reserves of oil in the oceans around her.

Itfast becomes an awareness which is truly shameful that the scourge of terrorism definitely has a panacea if only it can be applied without reservation, personal agendas, restraint based on world opinion or circumspect negativity which only helps the cause of the wretched terrorists clutching at straws towards their survival particularly relative to a small surface areas that Sri Lanka happens to be where they could be isolated and transformed into compost if they cannot be apprehended alive!

There is no room for bargaining with terrorists where ever they may be and a reality the world needs to come to terms with if it already hasn't as the case seems to be with particular reference to Sri Lanka. These are not rational human beings as opposed to degenerates who cannot be bargained with, needing to be put down in the best interests of the inhabitants of the territory they operate in and are vainly attempting to annex as that alone would collapse all their impure idealogies as well as their own survival patterns!

If this trend of thought had prevailed with assertion and forcefulness in the beginning perhaps Sri Lanka would have been a better place for her inhabitants with much of her noble leaders who paid the ultimate price with their lives still amongst the living and many artifacts and resources of the Island Nation which is often compared to Paradise still intact as well as much of her past glory. It is the very tolerance of unacceptable scum that has upto the present sullied the beauty of this land so stricken with the scourge of terrorism towards which necessary steps were not taken in the interim and has projected Sri Lanka into a very insecure and unstable place and what remains despite being late in the day is to initiate an overall assault against the terrorists who plague this fair land with no holds barred and without compromise.

This is being said with the cognizance that the Government of Sri Lanka and the Armed Forces are today much more powerful than before towards countering a dwindling group of some 4000 estimated terrorists whose numbers are decreasing with every skirmish with the Sri Lanka Defence Forces. (SLDF) The terrorists have had much of their resources depleted, their finances cut off and all they have at the present is a mere residue of what they accumulated under cover of the ceasefire which they put to full use towards their advantage, the backing of certain misguided elements within the international community, diaspora safely ensconced in other parts of the world propagating their cause, the double standards shown by world powers eternally calling for restraint and the meaningless entreaties emanating from myopic human rights standard bearers.( where it is the terrorists themselves who are in a legal sense culpable for human rights violations) All these elements which help their cause greatly and of course their cunning and subterfuge which is the hallmark of many criminals have ensured their survival this far but the time is at hand surely to take the necessary steps to eliminate them.

Furthermore the law of averages alone suggests it is time for the LTTE to take the crushing blow at the hands of the Armed Forces which will eventually cripple their effectivity and render them non functional at which time mopping up operations need to be done swiftly withouth much fanfare towards oputting them out of their misery but what the Government as well as the Armed Forces are doing by way of neglect is leaving pockets of resistance untended to towards elimination, a relaxation of their surveillances as well as having to deal with betrayers and informants from within their rank and file which seems to be the hardest factor to deal with and hopefully lessons will be learned towards the future!

It has to be accepted despite its sinister implications which point as an eventuality towards the necessary measures far removed from ahimsa and peace that an all out onslaught towards eliminating them seems mandatory and inevitable. All attempts made to bring the LTTE leadership to negotiation table by many intermediaries to obtain a sustainable peaceful solution to the country has failed and the LTTE albeit blinkered and ignorant as they have been by way of leadership, negotiators and spokespersons have rejected all overtures made towards a lasting peace for obvious reasons pointing towards their own survival. Not surprisingly as these are terrorists obsessed with a sadistic desire to maim and kill even their own in order to continue along their ungainly directionless path with an autocratic and bloodthirsty leader to moot but why must a Sovereign Nation stand by and tolerate them anymore merely to pay homage to the distorted views of some of the International Community constantly being fuelled by lies, innuendo and theatrics by the terrorist propagandists while they continue their criminalities which continue to disrupt the smooth functioning of a Sovereign Nation? Are not four decades of National suffering long enough to justify their elimination if the resources towards the cause available to the powers that be?

To strengthen this concept, the growing international support for the Government of Sri Lanka and her cordial relationships with countries of means dedicated to the cause of eliminating terrorism are augmenting rapidly and their assistance towards combating terrorism very encouraging through logistic as well as armament support where the most important support in recent times has been from neighbouring countries and the trend expected to augment as the world is begining to realise the greater importance of eliminating terrorism at its core where many are beginning to deduce that LTTE may be one of the main sources of world terrorism which is beginning to spill out in many forms linkable with the modus operandi as well as the operational tactics of the Tamil Tigers becoming quite apparent and visible despite their dwindling numbers within Sri Lanka. There is also a new theory that they may have spread to other parts of the world where terrorism is rampant and rife!

It must be reiterated over and over again to those with any doubt that the LTTE are not freedom fighters by any stretch of the imagination because ordinary people categorically and in particular the Tamil Community have to be liberated from the evils of the LTTE terrorists continuously if they fail to bend to their will. In this sense the world must be made aware that a vast proportion of the Tamil people in very recent times do not recognize the LTTE as freedom fighters any more than a pack of rabid marauding canines who attack anything at will, indiscriminately. Consequently, being freedom loving individuals supportive of the Sri Lankan Administration the mainstream Sri Lankan Tamils within the Nation are prepared to accept a reasonable solution even beyond what is already incorporated within Sri Lanka's present Constitution which provides for all citizens within the framework of a United Sri Lanka assuring them of their freedoms and securities.

Even the blind have now come to visualise the reality that the LTTE who continued to maintain falsely through the pro- LTTE propaganda sources their commitment to the Sri Lankan Tamils are pack of diabolical liars hell bent on accomplishing their futile goal of a separate state. All they ever wanted was control over their own community with illegally annexed territory and a terrorist high command with one foot in his grave or awaiting the hangman ironically while also also claiming they were the sole representatives of the Tamil people on behalf of whom they had the exclusive right to speak out and make decisions for! This is a bold misrepresentation and an untruth which many Tamils have unequivocally confirmed as an LTTE creation. By rights the LTTE should be a doomed lot awaiting their inevitable end which must culminate in their being either brought to justice or their aspirations ended permanently through whatever available and effective means which now suggests systematic military force in the absence of any other alternative!

Lets get on with it Sri Lanka and not look back except in anger at the needless pain inflicted through decades by these enemies of the State who have no rights towards their existences!
Sri Lanka's terrorist problem needs to end in closure and the elimination of the LTTE as terrorists!

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