A Need To Search And Destroy The LTTE Has Surfaced In The Aftermath Of The Latest Cowardly Attack At Ratmalana!

Sunil Kumar Senaratna ~ Popular Front Against Terrorism In Sri Lanka ~ For LankaWeb

May 28th 2007

Five people have died and more than 20, including ten STF personnel have been injured in an evening claymore blast at a highway junction of an arterial road Sri Lanka. The dead are civilians and of them three are men and two are women. Unofficial reports have placed the count higher and confirmation of a greater number of casualties is expected in dread anticipation!

The blast which was the detonation of a remote controlled Claymore device has taken place at 5:40 pm in the immediate suburb south of Colombo, called Ratmalana which is situated south of Colombo on the arterial Colombo-Galle highway in the environs of the vital Ratmalana Military Airbase. Six vehicles were badly damaged by the blast. Traffic has been diverted and the road from Dehiwela to Panadura has been shut down, police announced.

The evening blast which took place at the Belekkadey Junction, Ratmalana targetted a Special Task Force truck. Four STF personnel and more than 20 civilians have been injured. The injured have been rushed to the Panadura and Kalubowila National Hospitals.

Military Spokesman Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe in a media report indicated that The STF vehicle which was targetted was headed to Gonahena Militray Camp and has been destroyed according to the military report. One of the injured admitted to Panadura Hospital is reported to have already died. Three critically injured have been immediately transferred to Colombo General Hospital, according to the report.

The military has also warned the residents of the area and the general public of another possible hidden bomb nearby, but onlookers have ignored the warning and have been crowding the scene of the blast in apathetic disregard for their safety as their curiosities seemed to get the better of them!The explosion is purported to have hit the vehicle from the seaside of the Galle Road. where the bomb was attached to the front roof of a small video rental shop whose ownership is yet to be verified. It is more than likely that the owners would have been in collaboration with the LTTE and credibilities needing to be established as to what happened to them and where they were at the time of the blast which has been set off by a remote controlled device as refered to previously.

According to eyewitness reports, at the time of the blast which was the evening rush hour, many office workers were passing by the location and being a key highway, was already traffic-congested.

As an afternmath of this latest cowardly attack on innocent civilans just as it has been in the past several decades each time such an attrocity was perpetrated by the LTTE, things are bound to get hotter and hotter for the civilian Tamils who live in built up Sinhalese areas in Colombo.This, because the LTTE tend to take advantage of this situation to perpetrate their attrocities. as this latest attack proves and it could easily become intolerable for any Tamils with any suspected links to the LTTE to expect a peaceful existence in predominantly Sinhalese areas which is putting it mildly.

Given the overwhelming majority the Sinhalese are in Sri Lanka and particularly in southern regions it well becomes a lopsided expectation for any Tamils to feel secure in these areas despite the tolerance and kindnesses extended to them by the local populace which places the Administration in a catch 22 situation~ whether to continue tolerating the attrocities of the LTTE in Sinala areas which seem invariably linked to parts of the resident Tamil population which synonymous becomes part of the equation of how to quell the LTTE menace in Sinhala areas without ursurping the existences of the Tamils in these areas!

It is common knowledge that there is a predominantly Tamil inhabited corridor between Ratmalama and Bambalapitiya which could have lent all the support and cover for the LTTE to infiltrate Ratmalana while operating from Wellawatta as a base and perhaps the time is nigh to hold all Tamils accountable if LTTE arrocities continue in Sinhala areas as the vigilance on the part of the Sinhalese in these areas seems to be relatively ineffective and probably needs to be bolstered with support from Tamils in these areas towards the cause as otherwise they have to be identified as LTTE friendly and stringent action needing to be taken against them if they show any reluctance towards the cause of joining hands with the Sinhalese or else banish them to find residence elsewhere in an LTTE friendly environment !(perhaps in Tamil Nadu!)

This also fuels an imperative need to search and destroy the LTTE and their activities within Sri Lanka at every available opportunity with greater intensity and every means available as it is fast becoming obvious that the LTTE are attempting to convey a message to the world that they are still in circulation within Sri Lanka albeit marginally due to the many inroads the Sri lankan Armed Forces have made towards their elimination! and perhaps a fact the Global Community is unaware of. This does not exempt them from their death wish mentality as being suicidal is a part of their identity regardless of what they are trying to portray to the world and the world should not conceed an iota of legitimacy to their criminal existence!

Having expressed confidences in the Sri Lankan Administration's capabilties towards directing the Armed Forces in an all out campaign to search and destroy the LTTE enemy of the State given the consideration that they comprise of a bunch of condemned terrorists whose fortunes have fluctiated mainly through Governmental bungling and misdirection there somehow seems to be a greater missing link towards why the fait accompli of levelling them cannot be reached effectively.

Perhaps logically because all stops towards the task have not as yet been pulled and a no holds barred assault on the LTTE as yet not being carried out to full effectivity given the consideration that their whereabouts are indeed known, their modus operandi constantly monitored by various sources of intelligence and surveillances and the firepowe, logistics and wherewithat needed to carry out "operation extermination " well within the possession of the Armed Forces. It wouls also be a start to wipe the egg off the face of the Sri Lankan Administration set in place by the Ranil Wickremasinghe circus and fully proscribing them towards the legitimacies needed to crush them!

There may not be any hidden agenda that prevents the Administration and the Armed Forces from carrying out what was once termed Operation Jaya Sikuru towards the fullest meaning of its translation( Assured Victory!) despite insinuations towards such a speculation of an agenda promoted by the opposition factions today but it provides adequate food for thought for the skeptics as thus far no concerted attempt has been taken towards an "all out search and destroy Velupillai Prabhakaran "campaign in the jungles of the Wanni while synonymously targetting all known LTTE hideouts including their pockets in the Mannar and Wilpattu regions with an intention of eliminating at least the top ten order of the Prabhakaran team while also utilising the help of the Karuna faction who are sworn towards the task. It certainly seems the right time to renew Operation Assured Victory (Jaya Sikuru!) enlisting all the resources available towards targetting all the head honcho's of the LTTE as once these nefarious murderers ranging from the top are taken out the LTTE bottom is more than likely to fall out.

To hell with international opinion and dialogue to return to negotiations! The need for Sovereign Sri Lanka to eliminate the LTTE completely and with the required effectivity is dire and cannot be held back anymore given the consideration that the Status Quo has all the means towards carrying it out with all the risks involved known appreciably which cannot be accomplished through hesitancy and willy nilly prevarication!

The LTTE need to be eliminated if the nation of Sri Lanka is to survive for all her future generations and are but rabid vermin who justly deserve to be put down.They are neither Tamil favourable nor nation friendly and engulfed in a rabid fervour to destroy and self destruct where the latter needs to be assisted and prioritised by the Sri Lankan Armed Forces before the former could becomes an unforeseen eventuality due to Administrative neglect!

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