RE: Attacking the Christian community in our motherland Mr. Sumith Perera

Prasad De Silva

Dear Mr. Sumith Perera,

Thank you very much indeed for the very gentleman’s way of expressing your views to the letter I forward to Lanka Web.

It is very much appreciated. I think If we all can address the Religious & all other day to day issues like this way and for the differences we have and the for all the disagreements we come across in Sri Lanka, I think Our Motherland will be one the perfect places to live. I am sure you are an example to all Sri Lankan’s. May it be a Buddhist or Christian.

I take this opportunity to highlight again, the mail I forwarded to Lankaweb was done in purely in good faith and not to critize any religion/ faith or to attack any faith or religion. It is to share my opinion only.

At the same time, I am afraid, Your statement in saying Christian’s are paying Money to non Christian’s to change there faith is not correct. It is that the Christian’s are helping the needy. It is not with the intension of converting people. But it is to help the poor. So the Church or the evangelists or any Christian do not look into a person’s faith to help. It is by far not fair to make statements of this nature. Even the Christian’s have accepted Buddhism in our Country. If you Look at ANAGARIKA DHARMAPALA, SIR OLCOTT, RANIL WICKREMASIGHA, JR JAYAWARDENA, S.W.R.D BANDARANAYAKE to name few. So Mr. Perera I would like to ask you, have the Christian church have come up with allegations in saying the Buddhist in Sri Lanka has given these Honorable people with any incentives???? I don’t think so….

I agree my Math’s & Calculation’s are wrong in saying 99.99% Christians are Sinhalese, What I am trying to say is that Majority of Christians are Sinhalese. This is the message I was trying to pass. So if we divide then the nation is divided as well. Furthermore, The Burning of Churches/ Assaulting Christians & the Clergy/ Obstructing to enter the Christian worship places {For Example: Few Buddhist men has urinated on to a Christian Pastor in his own church Two Years ago at Ja-Ela & destroyed the whole church}. But no matter what this is not we must do, no matter what ever the problems Buddhist may have against Christians….Can Mr. Perera deny this situation in Sri Lanka???? Do you have any documented evidence to prove that the Christians have destroyed any of the Buddhist Temples in Sri Lanka after the independence???? Before independence it may be. So why are we doing these things after our independence??? I mean at present???? When would we be changed???? The reply will be going back to past saying, Oh!!! the Colonial masters did destroyed the Buddhist worship places. Am I right???? That’s what we been doing all along. Blaming the Colonial Masters. Now that we have removed colonial masters for the past 50years, but still we are fighting.

Then again you are mentioning about Rayappu Joseph, Carrying placards of Ltte etc etc… But do you remember during the JVP insurgency (1977’ &1983’)???? Even the Buddhist Temples were a safe heaven for JVP members to hide Arms & ammunition. Even the Buddhist Clergy was involved in JVP activities.

Then you are saying the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles made a payment of US$ 600 million to settle clergy abuse cases. At least we should be glad that they paid the damages & came out clean{I am not saying what they did is all correct}, But Buddhist Monks do the same in Sri Lanka, but do they pay any damages??? Do you mean to say that the Buddhist Monks do not do these things???? There’s no question about that. Do you think the Monks robe is a less expensive one???? I don’t think so…

Furthermore Mr.Perera is pointing out the priest in the Churches are having luxuries. Yes I do agree, but I have not seen a PURE GOLD PLATED ROOF TOP or A GOLD FENCE in covering any Christian worship places. If they do that it is wrong according to Christian Teachings. So do you mean to say that all the Buddhist devotees are living in luxury???? And the monks are suffering???? I don’t think so either..

Your Claim on His holiness the Pope is accepted by me. Even my self do not condone or agree such a lavish life style. It’s a right statement at the right time. But bare in mind, I am taking only Sri Lanka, Our Country… Not any other country….

Mr. Perera by sharing these views of mine is not an attack. It is solely my opinion. What I am saying is that we as Sri Lankan’s must change our ways before it’s too late.

The Buddhist Monks & the Buddhist People (I mean only the extremist) should be more tolerant in our society.

I will sincerely not deny that the Christian Clergy & the community do have there faults, But they are not as violent as Extreme Buddhists.
We are one family. We Sinhalese have only One Home/ One country unlike many others.. So let’s protect it.

Peace be with you all….

The Message I am trying pass is that we should by all means avoid violence & hatred. It does not matter what ever the problem may be.


Prasad De Silva

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