Disguised Fund raising By Tamil Terrorists in UK

A festive event has been sacrificed for the sake of terrorism. A rival cricket event has been organized by LTTE terrorist organizers in UK to raise funds for their terrorist activities in Sri Lanka sacrificing unity and friendship among Sri Lankans in UK.

An annual event called "Festival of Cricket" takes place on the spring bank holiday Monday every year and this event has been going on for a number of years. This event was organized by the past pupils associations of leading schools and colleges in Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka community in UK eagarly await for this event, as it was perhaps, the only event that catered to the entire Sri Lankan community irrespective of racial origins.

So, it was natural to see vast numbers of Sinhalese, Tamils , Muslims and others patronizing this event. The participating teams were old boys from schools in Jaffna, Kandy Colombo, Galle and there were Tamil, Sinhalese, Muslims and other players in these teams.

This year LTTE high command has instructed or perhaps threatened, Tamil schools not to participate in the festival and has organized one solely for the Tamils. This clearly shows the wicket mentality of the LTTE trying to segregate the Tamils from the rest of the Sri Lankan community. There may be other motives too, perhaps, the foremost being to raise funds for the terrorist activities of LTTE under the guise of playing cricket.

That may be the reason why they have included phrases " Solidarity and Support for our kith and kin in Eelam……display to the world our sprit of oneness with the Eelam Tamils wherever they are……Come along and lend us your support ……".

No right thinking person should support events organized purely on racial grounds. We request members of the Tamil community to stand up on their own and reject this terrorists' call.


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