English Cricket Team in Sri Lanka

It is sad to see how the Sri Lankan media, without even a feeble protest, have allowed the English cricketers to hint with impunity about the standard of umpiring and the conduct of our players. These same people go to Australia and play under the worst incompetent cheats (umpires) and cop it up without even a murmur. Everyone knows Australians are the worst sledgers and intimidators in the game, will Hussain ever dare to open his mouth about 'peripheral things' there? Sadly for us it is the old colonial cringe at work.

Our former masters have come, we are busy showing how well we have kept the traditions, so they want to tell us how we should behave, how the umpires should umpire and everyone is so keen to learn. Sri Lankan nationalists are the worst intellectual humbugs in the universe. They come in may forms, even if one wears the national dress, stands on his head, and whistles 'Namo Namo Matha' from the backside, at the end of the day we judge each other by how well we mimic the white man.

We have such an inferiority complex about our own culture that even people like Gandhi had to first go to Oxford and learn to mimic the whites before he could renounce it all. If he started as an Indian steeped in Indian traditions, would he have got respect from his own people (remember Premadasa, what was his biggest handicap)? The same goes for our buffoons like SWRD, JR, Attulatmudali etc. Only person who didn't give a hoot was Arjuna; he never tried to mimic the whites or be an obedient good little brown sahib. For me this was his greatest strength even more than his cricketing ability. Sadly time and tide waits for no man.



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