The International Enigma that Norway Presents and Issues Related.

Nandimithra ( Jathyanthara Sinha Balavegaya International} for Lankaweb

The transparent ambiguity with which Norway is involved with such intensity and concern towards resolving Sri Lanka's Ethnic Crisis is finally beginning to show.While being an enigma at best, one has to objectively view their continued persistence as one which only has the the best interests of the LTTE at heart.

Their latest move in denying the supply of military equipment to the Government Of Sri Lanka has to be interpreted as one designed to favour the LTTE and the likes of sleazy Erik Solheim and other pretenders should hardly be entertained by the Administration as it is becoming more and more obvious that there is a 'Wolf in Sheeps Clothing' ring to it.

The protestations of high officials in Sihala Urumaya and other Nationalist Groups, that Norway is surreptitiously interfering in the Internal Affairs of Sri Lanka with an objective that has origins in Norway, Norwegians and their growing concerns about the expansion of the LTTE within their territory and the related agitations within Norway,seems to be justified beyond their original intensity and should not be 'swept under the carpet'.

Ironically for Norway, the United States has begun joint Military Operational Exercises with Sri Lanka in an attempt to boost the Armed Forces, quite contradictary to Norways designs and if the Norwegian Government has refused the continuation of military supplies to Sri Lanka,the inference becomes plausible in favour of the Super Power and seems to be an attempt by Norway to 'Spoke the Wheel' of the Sri Lankan Armed forces fast gathering momentum.

The Indian Government has expressed its dissent and concerns about Norway's involvement as it could very easily favour the LTTE on the speculation that it could lead to the de-stabilisation of the region,and similarly The EEC (European Economic Community)has expressed its concerns based on the same rationale and it seems to be the appropriate time for Norway to be given 'The Golden Handshake', many thanks! and asked to bow out of The Peace Negotiations as otherwise it would probably compound rater than alleviate the problem.


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