Forex Crisis and Diplomat's Comments.

Nandimithra for Lankaweb

According to India 123 Feb.1,2001, Diplomatic Sources have commented that the 'Forex Crisis' which involves huge budgetary spending for the offensive against the LTTE may force the Government of Sri Lanka into entering peace talks and the tone of their comments seems to indicate that Mr. Erik Solheim (of dubious repute!), on behalf of Norway is calling the shots rather than the Government of Sri Lanka, by virtue of the fact that the the will of financial aid providers is a priority over the eradication of the terrorist threat albeit the cost.

This is a rather serious statement and a superfluous speculation rather than fact which hints at a moral victory for the LTTE who is presently while being decimated are voicing rather audible requests for peace negotiations and as usual the newsprovider from our great neighbour to the south is probably making a vague attempt at a distraction and an impasse which should be nipped in the bud rather than permitted to continue,as expressing such opinions that may be harmful to the sovereignity of a democratically elected Government while tarnishing its resolve synonymously.

Certainly the Government of Sri Lanka would like nothing better that a lasting peace and a negotiated settlement to the crisis which will only be the aftermath of the terrorists laying down their arms, denouncing their objectives for separation and being penitent for all the destructive attrocities committed in the past, but being subjugated by pressures short of international blackmail as this news item suggests is beyond comprehension.

The recent support of the International Community and many Foreign Powers including the United States with special reference to US Joint Chief's of Staff: Major Paul Marks' recent recommendations and Great Britain's Hon.Tony Blair's assertion that terrorisms must be wiped out,is a clear indication that the Government's present effort to resolve the conflict while preventing the LTTE's attempts to regroup regardless of the supportive attempts of Norway, Amnesty International and the invisible multitude of expatriate LTTE providers will not be compromised and not subject to petty distractions. Unfortunately rhetoric of this nature will continue to mislead and confuse all peace loving citizens of the land as well as overseas and must only be interpreted as rhetoric, as the objectives of the Government of Sri Lanka carries he best interests of all its nationals without compromise.


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