Clayton, Melbourne Tamil Protests against Sri Lankan High Commissioner.

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If the Australian Government sees fit to respect and recognize Major General Perera, Sri Lanka's High Commissioner in Australia and welcome his presence, what right does an alien group of insignificant refugees domiciled there have, to protest his presence or accuse him of war crimes?

They together with their expatriate brethren in various parts of the world while compounding the LTTE problem in Sri Lanka with their false propaganda and fund raising for the terrorists are not only ridiculing themselves but conveying to the world their transparent modus operandi through pleas and laments which in the beginning did evoke a degree of sympathy from the international community but has since been proved mere innuendos and fabrications the likes of which are reflected in the recent protests in Clayton Melbourne against Major General Perera where in this instance thankfully the Australian Government has taken a firm stand in favour of Major General Perera.

Their accusations of him being a war criminal by definition and by virtue of the statistics available, factually fit the ignominious LTTE Leader Prabakharan who with the rest of his cronies have wreaked havoc on the Sinhalese People and causing much suffering to his own community and the term 'ethnic cleansing' if it was ever definable would be reflected in the many atrocities committed by these war criminals against a Sovereign and Democratic Nation of Majority Singhalese and in this instance taken totally out of context.

That these protests are permitted to continue, not only in Australia but also in the United States, Canada, Great Britain and other parts of the world is a cause for concern despite the freedom of the individuals concerned exercising their democratic right but one which is totally misleading and libelous and should be stifled when it comes to false representations directed at Honorable and Respected Members of the Sri Lankan Community holding High Office and Representing their countries overseas as is the case of Major General Perera.

There may come a time when Major General Perera could very well be recalled and re-appointed to his former supremacy as a Highly Decorated General whose bravery, courage and astute execution of his duties instilled fear into the terrorist community in the North and East of Sri Lanka at which time it is more than likely the outcries of these protesters may be one demanding his return to Diplomatic duties which would be a reverse irony of a rather humorous nature where these protestors would then be caught between the 'Devil and the Deep Blue Sea' of their adopted land and their credibility tossed into an ocean of disbelief.

In retrospect it may not be such a bad idea for the Major General to be recalled to his Super Military Status in conjunction with the emerging alliance of a new coalition between the PA and the JVP which would greatly embellish the Armed Forces with his leadership once more and add a degree of invincibility to Military Operations with a permanent solution to a Nation's dilemma in anticipation although there is more than likely to be many protagonists opposed to the smooth efficiency of Major General Perera who would vie for his status with few credentials to show for it.

In response to all protestations of a similar nature though feeble in their outcome, the Sri Lankan Government should nevertheless voice its dissent against false accusations directed at high dignitaries and protect them from embarrassments if any (as these are voices in the wilderness!) and officially respond through representations to the countries concerned to further protect their images and credibility.


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