What Victory is the International News Media Referring To?

Suranimala - JSBC for LankaWeb

It is disconcerting and annoying to say the least, this constant reference to a 'Victory'the LTTE are supposed to have won over the Armed Forces in the recently conducted offensive in Jaffna amounting to none but False Propaganda by the pro LTTE factions especially those supportive of anything and everything reported by Tamil Net which eventually reaches certain,Indian News Agencies, Reuters correspondents and the BBC to name a few and then converted into 'readable' headlines regardless of their sagacity and accuracy.

That there were heavy casualties,and a retreat to the Original Front Line while giving up annexed territory coming under a fierce barrage of mortar fire is certainly true and strangely the statistics of LTTE casualties are vague and unclear and almost deliberately suppressed in order to claim this superficial and bogus victory which could be better termed a minor setback as opposed to a victory and as usual some 'Hyenas' of the International News Media, of questionable credibility have jumped at the opportunity to report distorted and garbled information.

It has to be taken into consideration that this War is now being waged by an Army extremely well trained and equipped, whose numerical and tactical superiority is much greater than that of their opposition and a War which poses the eventual possibility of the ultimate demise of the enemy and it seems highley likely that false propaganda and the distortion of facts would be a natural response by a losing entity while taking advantage of a minor setback to fool those gullible enough, and themselves! into believing that a victory was won.


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