Major General Janaka Perera a larger than life Lankan Icon

By Suranimala for LankaWeb

And now the accolades and tributes are pouring out to the single most important high ranking Army Officer Major General Janaka Perera who probably prevented the largest setbacks facing the Army's defences aginst the LTTE and overran them when little chance was given by his mentors for the tumultuous succeses that followed.

In the wake of the Great Commanders before him ,there followed this dedicated,selfless, brave and accomplished Officer and Gentleman whose accomplishments were much higher than his rewards which were far less than what were bestowed upon him in the end, 'criteria unknown'! or best known to his superiors.

All freedom loving Sri Lankans have much to thank him for and salute this brave officer for his many successful efforts at thwarting a ruthless enemy while instilling fear into them.The stand off at WeliOya being a prime example. A celebrity product of his Alma Mater St. Joseph's College where he distinguished himself together with his twin brother as a crack athlete,all round sportsman, diligent student and everything synonymous with his College Motto "In Scientia Et Virtute" the heights he attained are exemplary and greatly respected by all who know him and there is a twinge of sadness amongst many of his peers and admirers that he was not bestowed the much deserved Leadership of the Army which he probably would have carried with great distinction which however is purely academic now.

"The Substance of a Victorious Army Lies In The Quality Of Its Leadership,Strategy Planning,Tactical Decision Making and The Ability to Strike The Enemy With The Greatest Element Of Surprise with Minimal Losses to Cadre Using All Available Resources" a great quote by a Famous War General and this substance was certainly displayed by Major General Janaka Perera.


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