Bearding the Lankan Cricketing Lions in their own den?

By The Seeing Eye for Sightscreens International Writing to LankaWeb

It's Darren 'Spoiled Brat' Gough in the limelight again with a commendation from his approving Skip.Nassser Hussein who instead of severely reprimanding him for his recent rather high handed actions is parading him as a hero emphasizing his adulation for many Darren Goughs in his team, quote unquote..

The Sri Lankan Cricketing public are a tolerant lot who love sportsmanship and dignified conduct on and off the field and Messers. Gough and Hussain seem to be taking things rather too much for granted as it may not be to their advantage and popularity ratings to 'Beard the Lankan Lions in their own den'.

Foul language and anger directed at opposing players such as was displayed by Gough in the BCCSL Colts Vs.England game in Kurunegala over a collision with Indika de Saram is inexcusable not only by the precepts of cricket but also by ICC Rules regardless of the circumstances and Hey! are these Gentlemen Playing The Noble Game or are they a bunch of hooligans who take off from their soccer counterparts back home? It would be foolhardy for the authorities to ignore these outbursts and punitive measures should be taken to prevent them in the future.

The current English tour party does not personify the bad boys of international cricket but some of them seem to be making a lighthearted effort towards simulating the title which would spell disaster for the tour.If apologies need to be made, they would be a catalyst towards clearing the air as the Lankan boys are no pushovers while being magnificient cricketers, gracious and magnanimous in their approach to the game and their sense of sportsmanship which significantly was acquired from their English peers.


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